Friday, November 18, 2022

False Alarm


WU DAY!  Ut Oh, Gladys is going to lose all of Sasha's moolah!! 

Britt and Brad.. love them of course. 

And Liz with the crafty fake out on Esme. LOL She also mentions the sex tape. I love sassy Elizabeth. This story is SO SOAPY. Totally not believable -- but so TOTALLY SOAPY 

Laura and her damn ugly outfits.  SAM has on 1/2 a sweater LOL 

Laura is now the smartest person in Port Charles. And, we see Fake Anna Face 

                                                           LOOK at this LINEUP!!!!!! 


Laura sees Victor on the docks. She says she doesn't want to take the launch with him-- he tells her they are family and have to work together. 

Maxie and Austin at GH. She's suspicious of why he's doing so many operations at GH that are off the books. They kiss and Spinelli sees them. 

Cody wants to talk Britt to breakfast and she's hung over. He also sees her hand shaking. She says it's nothing.  Sam comes in and wants to talk about the necklace. It looks like it actually belongs to Cody. 

Mac, Dante and US Marshall at the PCPD. Marshall yells into the phone they lost Cassadine! FIND HIM! Then Felicia walks in. They talk more about him being sad about Cody. 

Valentin goes back to the safe house to move Anna 'it's not safe here anymore". He says Laura found out Olivia Jerome is in Pentonville. They are going to move her tonight. They make love on the couch. 

Robert and Holly talk in the Metro Court dining room. He wants her to go with him to see Patrick and Robin. She hesitates. They talk..then kiss.  He tells her that he knows where Anna is (news to me!) and he's going to the safe house to see her tonight. Holly gets the address off of Robert's phone. She calls Victor and says she has to meet him. Looks like a set up. 

Holly meets Victor on the docks. She gives him the addy of Anna's safe house. He says he's busy so she'll have to 'turn Anna into the authorities" .. SO WEIRD. 

Sam talks to Spinelli about Cody. He found out he has a juvvie record but it's sealed. 

Austin tells Britt that the top Huntingtons' doctor  from Toronto is going to be in PC today and he set up a meeting. Britt is hesitant. 

The US Marshall is going to pick up Anna and asks Dante and Mac to go with him. They head out. Laura tells Felicia they should be very worried.  I think because Holly is involved. 


Austin bugs Spinelli to see if he and Maxie are compatible according to his dating app. (don't ask, no idea) 

The police break into the WRONG HOUSE-- the tip was not good to trap Holly. 

Victor overhears Britt talking to Cody about the necklace and the ice princess.

Robert finds Holl on the docks and says "you have some explaining to do"... 


  1. The line up for NLG event is epic. EPIC.

  2. I wrote a long post and for some reason an ad took over my page and I lost it all!!! grrr.....

    I'm glad Cody is going to go with Britt. She needs some support. I hope she gets some good news even if it's just a new treatment and she's gone for a while.

    I wonder if Cody covered for Dante when they got into trouble as kids. Sam must suspect something for she wouldn't have called Spin off.

    I also think Spin should rune the test for Austin. If it's no match Spin will be happy. If not, we might have to worry about Austin not protccting Sam if he gets in deeper with his cousin.

    Robert is a sneaky devil. We could all see that coming. hehe I guess we'll be missing Anna till Feb sweeps now but at least Sonya got some Kissy scenes before she left. lol

    I hope Holly tells him the truth so that we can stop Victor.

    And what a great picture of four strong, talented women.

    1. "Di says, I wrote a long post and for some reason an ad took over my page and I lost it all!!! grrr....."

      ACK! I hate when that happens. You should have just copied with your mouse. That's what I do!

      "at least Sonya got some Kissy scenes before she left. lol"

      Hahaha. Yes! She came back to kiss him! And we got a lot more than just kisses today! ;)

    2. I was in the middle of typing so no time to grab my mouse and I thought maybe you might be spiking another fever after their scene. lol

    3. "Di says, I was in the middle of typing so no time to grab my mouse"


      "and I thought maybe you might be spiking another fever after their scene. lol"


  3. In the beginning of the show, I thought it was a repeat at first.

    The hospital:

    Britch and Pawtucket Holtster: He is helping her so much!!!! They need to kiss! Like right now!

    Maxie and Pawtucket Holtster: Yes Maxie he IS avoiding you! :) Now dump him and get back together with Spinny! He wuvs you!!!

    Maxie, Pawtucket Holtster, and Spinny: Spinny wins the line of the day.

    Spinny: I can't imagine either of us would want us to do anything to curb our daughter's independence.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm afraid that I am going to NEED to see a scene where Spinny and his daughter interact together..

    Pawtucket Holtster and Spinny:

    Pawtucket Holtster: Hey.

    Spinny. Hey.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The look of disgust on Spinny's face!!! *Dead*

    Britch, Cowboy Cody, and Sam: Ice princess necklace! It's not YOURS Cowboy Cody! Unless it belonged to your mother, then okay yes belongs to you. But no it belonged to Taub!
    Oh oh now Victor knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN!

    Cowboy Cody and Sam: Sam sees the red flags! :)

    Cowboy Cody: No one is squeaky clean. Not even Dante.

    Oh what the hell does that mean you jackass!!!!

    Spinny and Sam: Oh great now Sam won't let Spinny investigate Cowboy Cody to protect Dante!!! Cowboy Cody is such a manipulator! He is probably lying!

    Police department:

    Mac and Dante: Dammit Mac made me cry! :( I just want to hug Mac!!! :(

    MacLicia: She knows Mac so well!!!!!!! :( This scene made me cry too! :(

    Laura and Marshall guy: Wow this guy is a piece of work! First he has the hots for V.C., (ROFL) and now he is manipulating Laura!!!


    Vanna: Ooooo wuv making! YESSSSSSS! HAWT! Oh oh now they are going to get caught nekkid!!! Oh wait they aren't whew. :) They got dressed. :) Wait Laura told V.C. about Olivia Jerome? WHAT?! I hate off screen stuff! DAMMIT!

    Fake out safehouse: Hahahahaha. They got me good. :) I'm glad this was a fake out.

    Mac and Dante: Mac did you call in the fake tip? Hahahaha! Never underestimate Anna Devane? So Anna called in the fake tip?

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    RnH: Holly is being very sneaky today!!

    The pier:

    Victor and Holly: I knew she would get the safe house address and give it to Victor.


    Robert: You have some explaining to do.

    SEE! I knew Robert's instincts would kick in! Laura just had to bring them out. :) He may trust Holly with his life, but he isn't blind! :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to May 13th 1999* Nik, Liz, and Laura. After Lucky's death.

  4. sonya said: "Cowboy Cody is such a manipulator! He is probably lying!"

    *** Cowboy Cody is just a poor misunderstood man who was raised with no sense of self worth. Now say you're sorry and give him a hug. lol

    I wanted to give Mac a hug too.

    And definitely no kissing for Britch and Austin.😒

    1. "Di says, Cowboy Cody is just a poor misunderstood man who was raised with no sense of self worth."

      ROFL! Well, it's actually true. He doesn't have any sense of self worth. He doesn't think he deserves to be Mac's son.. :(

      "Now say you're sorry and give him a hug. lol"

      ROFL! Once the truth comes out I will! :)

      I wanted to give Mac a hug too.

      "Poor Mac!!! I can't wait until he finds out the truth. Probably in Feb sweeps!"

      "And definitely no kissing for Britch and Austin.😒"

      Oh you don't want them together?! :)

  5. I SO want a flashback with Laura in charge -- with Robert, Mac, and Felicia planning the see how it was planned.

    1. Me too. Queen Laura in charge like she was with her brother in jail

  6. has anyone seen the stonecold and jackal show and how was it?

    1. 4 times - amazing - hysterical plus Bradford's voice is gorgeous

  7. They make beautiful clothing for women Laura and Maxies size. It is discrimination that they are dressed so poorly.

    1. Unless the actresses want to be dressed that way. That is a different story then IMO

    2. I agree about how those 2 are dressed. women with extra weight can be dressed just as nice as thinner women

  8. Friday's show was fun and I was glad we got some scenes with Britt and Austin. But did you notice Sam's clothes? She was wearing a denim skirt and a black lace top. WTH? Is the wardrobe department on something?

    1. Liked the scenes with Britt and Austin. Can't wait till Thursday when his "boss" tracks him down.

  9. How long will Finola be on vacation? Just when it was getting good. She will be on vacation and then JPS will film his other show. We won't see them together again until May :(


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