Monday, November 14, 2022



Sad to hear of John Aniston's death. I'm not a Days watcher but even I know he's a legend in the genre. 


TEMP NIKOLAS! GEESH!! TEMPS are the new recasts or what? Anyway, the windows are boarded up in Esme's room. He goes downstairs and Ava is there. Ava tells him Esme is back in town. "We have to find her before the police do"!! 

Up in Es room.. she throws her breakfast on the floor.  She tries to charm Dimitris. 

Curtis gets the genetic testing results back today. Marshall, Portia and he are all at GH. Jordan walks about the corner. She wants to talk to Portia in her office. Portia lays into her about wanting to interrupt her and the DNA results. Jordan says she just wants her to know Esme was spotted in town.  

Test results are in; Curtis is in the clear. Portia says it's weird he has NO markers tho. 

Dex tries to hide in Joss' room as the RA girl tries to get in. Joss was afraid of bedbugs and she was going to check. Joss tells her it's fine. Adam comes around the corner and says "well you SAID you had bedbugs" so he outed her to the RA. She says it's nothing. Then he hears a noise coming from her room. Joss says it's a cat she rescued. He tells her ok, and to put in a good word with Trina for him. Joss goes in and Dex is on the floor. Fever. Joss has to get antibiotics. 

Liz gets a voicemail from Jeff, telling her to call him. Carly BARGES into Liz' house.. demanding to talk to her. She wants to know about Esme. She's on her way to tell Josslyn. Oh! BUT She sees Liz with her photos. "Scrapbooking"? Liz says no, just decluttering. Carly grabs a photo: These your parents?  Liz says she hasn't seen them in 25 years before going this past week. Carly tells her not to burn the photos because she might regret it. Liz tells her to leave. She's reevaluating her relationships. Carly goes. Liz lights a match. Then we see CARLY on the porch--SHE STOLE A PHOTO OF JEF AND CAROLYN!!!!!!! OMG! 

Trina and Spencer at the Jail. Trina talks abut the letter. He says he always believed in her and did what he did to save her.  They talk about him not trusting her to be in on the plan. She's disappointed he didn't believe enough in her to let her know.  Watch the scenes because they were tough to write up! LOL.. basically Trina says she had feelings for Nikolas and he HAD to have known that and he didn't show the same back. He finds out she went to the Comic Con with Rory. 

Finn goes to a meeting and Alexis is there. She thinks he needs to tell her what's bothering him. She says he has to talk about what's bothering him. He tells her about Reiko's affair. She says "can't you talk to Elizabeth about all this"?? He says it's complicated. They see Jordan ...Jordan says she didn't know Liz checked herself out of the hospital.. Finn was like WHAT? WHY ? WHAT HAPPENED????????????? AHAHAHAHAHAHA. 


Carly interrupts Joss

Jeff Webber is at GH but Finn sees him first

Elizabeth shows up at Wyndemere 


  1. I thought the Nicholas fill in was great. And anyone else think Esme bouncing off the bed on her stomach was a little too much for someone who's supposed to be pregnant?

    Esme sure can make those puppy dog eyes. lol But Demetrius didn't budge. lol

    hmmm Not one marker. And these are new markers since Marshal was first diagnosed. More definitive, I would say. So does that mean Marshall is not his bio dad, or , as I've long suspected - Marshal was misdiagnosed.

    I guess Carly is going to be roped to help Dex now as she won't want Joss getting in trouble.

    A cat, eh Joss. You're more polite than me. I'd have told Adam to mind his own business.

    Can't wait to see the run in between Liz's father and Finn.

    1. "Di says I thought the Nicholas fill in was great."

      Yeah I thought so too!

      "And anyone else think Esme bouncing off the bed on her stomach was a little too much for someone who's supposed to be pregnant?"

      Yeah I do!!!! That is the 2nd time she has done that. Stop doing that!

      "I would say. So does that mean Marshall is not his bio dad, or , as I've long suspected - Marshal was misdiagnosed."

      Yeah I was thinking either of those things.

  2. "Sad to hear of John Aniston's death."

    Yeah. :(

    "I'm not a Days watcher but even I know he's a legend in the genre."

    Yeah I am not a Days watcher either, but I know he is a legend..

    Jail waiting area:

    Sprina: Very heartbreaking! :( Oh and Trina wins the line of the day.

    Trina: Oh give me a break!

    ROFL! No Trina, Spencer doesn't think so little of you! :(

    "Karen says basically Trina says she had feelings for Nikolas"

    You mean Spencer! ROFL!

    The hospital:

    Finchy and Alexis: Ooooo Alexis looks great in that coat! I love the coat. It looks so wintery/Christmasy. I'm glad they are still friends. Great scene.

    Jordan and Portia: Well, I'm glad Portia told Jordan about Curtis's test results.

    Curtis and Mr. Hat man: Oh man! Now Curtis has to wait to open the envelope so Portia is there. Thanks a lot Jordan!

    Portia, Curtis, and Mr. Hat man: YAY! No Schizophrenia for Curtis! :D But that doesn't mean Trina won't get it. She should be tested too. For a split second I thought Mr. Hat man wasn't Curtis's son, but I also was thinking maybe Mr. Hat man doesn't have Schizophrenia! Hmmm.

    Jordan and Alexis: Jordan you have to make time to talk to Alexis in her office.. You promised! Stop harassing Portia and talk to Alexis!

    Finchy and Jeff: DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNN!

    Liz's home:

    Liz and Carly: Well Carly is right about that if she burned the pictures she might regret it. Of course Carly took that picture! She knows that Liz will regret it and wished she had a picture of her parents. Too bad it wasn't a scene with Laura, but I'm just glad they didn't argue. :)


    Repunzel and Temp Nik: Oh look the baby has been desorassed more! ROFL! Wait a temp Nik?! I didn't know there was going to be one! I wonder what happened with Marcus Coloma. I hope he is okay.

    "Karen says, ! TEMPS are the new recasts or what?"

    Hahaha. Thanks to Covid we get a lot of them. I hope Marcus don't have Covid!

    Nik's man and Repunzel: Oh here we go. She is using her feminine wiles on him! :D

    Ava and Temp Nik: When she was leaving and near the door, and he was near her, I felt chemistry! Yowza. And this Temp Nik looks like Johnathan Silverman.

    Joss's dorm room:

    Joss and RA: No no! No bed bugs. Just a rumor! ROFL!

    Joss and Adam: Just a rumor Adam! ROFL! Oh yes she has a little kitty. I'm surprised Adam didn't ask to see the kitty! :) Ooooo Adam likes Trina! BAHAHAHAHA! Sorry Adam she has a boyfriend, and is in love with someone else!

    Joss and Dex: I thought they were both going to fall on the bed! Hahahaha!

    Joss and Carly: Carly looks so maaaaaaaaaaaaad! What's the matta Carly? Are the Tribbles missing again, and you think Joss stole them?

    1. Oops forgot something. Liz told Carly 25 years! Hahahahaha. It's so funny! 40 Year old Liz and 60/70 year old Finchy! Hahahaha. 70 year old Finchy is funnier hahahaha.

    2. Lol. I like Rapunzel better than Vampira.

    3. I'm confused. How are we getting Finn being 60/70? Do we know how old Finn was supposed to be when all this is occurring? I do not like this storyline. At all. One of the worst ever.

  3. Can Carly get any more obnoxious? Think Marshall is not Curtis father and all Portia does is whine.

    1. Yes. According to all the haters she can be anything but less obnoxious regardless of what she does.

    2. Well, if Marshall is not his father, I don't think he knows. He seemed pretty jubilant that Curtis didn't have the markers.

  4. Have they ever even acknowledged that Jeff used to be married to Monica? It would be a great opportunity to give Leslie Charleson more to do as the OG of GH!

  5. Nikolas' temp resembles MC but creepier. He did his job.
    Oh Hatman. Surely there will be countless conversations about him not being 'dad', or that he's been lying all along.
    Calm down Trina. He did it all for you.

    1. That was disappointing for me.. we have waited long enough. I did like his comment about not having hair products.

  6. Of all people they put Carly knocking on Liz's door (yes and barging!) How about Laura? All the folks that think Snarli is better than she used to be, we still see hints of Caroline Benson.

  7. I'm now an occasional Days watcher, and very glad I caught the episode last week where John Aniston appeared, looking very fragile, but obviously treasured by his cast-mates.

  8. There has to be some significance to Carly taking that photo of Liz' parents. Knowing Jeff's wandering this what the show is trying to set up? I guess we'll see if she meets Jeff. She can tell him she briefly dated his son lol.

  9. I agree that Carly was obnoxious but that is her main trait. TempNik was better than our regular whispery weak Nik. Haha, Finn and Alexis still have chemistry, more so than he does with Liz. Trina was a bit loud with Spencer. Love the way he looks at her.


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