Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Tuesday The 22nd


GUESS WHO is FIVE this year!!?? That's right!! Tillie the Terror! When we rescued her we knew she'd be in our hearts but not this much!!  That's a SHORT Hair...LONG Hair composition! 

So, THE SHOW... !! Yesterday was wild!! SO much happened I could barely keep up. I was thinking that Britt's Huntington's diagnosis has to be real now, right? BUT!!! If Kelly DID come back it could have been that Austin was in on it and paid off the expert!! So, see, it could still be soapy 101. It would be a horrible thing and Austin could never be redeemed (ahahaha) but that's the only way I could think of that this could be fake. 

I do believe the Thanksgiving show for GH will be AFTER Thanksgiving due to the many interruptions we've experienced. *sigh* so frustrating. 

Well, report on what happens today please!! Holly's in BIG TROUBLE ! FOR SURE! If you'd like to read about PALOMA hit this link: GH WIKI 


  1. I don't want Austin to have lied but it DOES make sense - no one ever questioned the 'doctor' who could be fake - and if was working for Olivia Jerome or something, that makes sense he had to do it.......cause I want KT to come back......the only thing is that she DOES have all the symptoms of shaking etc.......but it would be soapy -----hopefully if it was a set-up we will see the flashback where Austin is told to do it or hire the doctor OR maybe Victor hired the doctor??????

  2. Tillie is the cutest thing! Bummed about the Thanksgiving episodes, but oh well.

  3. Anyone else lose the first 10 mintes for a news interruption?

    1. No. What news interruption?

    2. They interrupted to tell us the news update that was posted this morning about the incident at the Apple Store. The article I read early this morning actually said "2 minute read" at the top of the page and ABC in Boston had to break in and repeat it right after GH started.

    3. Ohhhhh okay. Don't they always break in?

    4. For live news, yes. But this wasn't even live.

    5. "Di says, For live news, yes. But this wasn't even live."

      Oh my! Yikes!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TILLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    There were some funny one liners today.

    The hospital/Britch's office:

    Cowboy Cody and Britch: Cowboy Cody why do you act like a teenage boy? Mac will shape you up once he knows the truth about you being his son! She isn't talking about the necklace you jerk! She is trying to tell you she has huntingtons!!!

    Britch: You know, his brain is in a jar.

    BAHAHHAAHAHAHA! She would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Cowboy Cody, Britch, Robert, and cop: Cowboy Cody! Give the necklace to Robert!!! He is your uncle even though he don't know it.

    *Britch grabs the necklace out of Cowboy Cody's hand and hands it to the cop*

    It's pretty funny. Britch gives the necklace to the cop, the cop gives it to Robert, then Robert gives it to the cop. What is this? Hot potato? ROFL!

    Dr. O and Britch: Britch tell mudder what you found out. :(

    Nurses station:

    Robert and Cop: Ooooo I love spy scenes!!! Someone is watching Robert and the cop! Robert wanted the cop who is with him to handcuff the briefcase to Robert!!! :D

    Spy on the phone with Victor: Victor has got a spy to spy on Robert!! Delicious! :D

    Mildew: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Mildew and Carly:

    Michael: She decided to find her birth parents.

    *Carly pees on herself*

    Now what Carly?! Now what?! Mildew tells her about Nina thinking that TreeJ were cheating! Carly tells them Nina thought that something was going on between her and Brick. Carly leaves.. Yeah I bet she is going to go see Nina.

    TJ and Willow: Awwww friendship. :) Now after the baby is born and the cancer is gone, I hope TREEJ starts! :D

    The pier:

    Holly and Victor: Oh Holly you will find a way to get the necklace from Robert!! Holly wants to talk to her son!!!! Victor wins the line of the day.

    Victor: I'm afraid he can't come to the phone right now.


    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Alexis and Sante table: Alexis is being a good reporter! :D Oh hi Nina!!! Yes yes ask Dante about Vampira for Ava! Awwwwwwww.. :)

    Alexis and Sam: People are giving Alexis the runaround. She wants to print the hooker's letter!! She is calling Jordan to leave a message about it!

    Dr. O and Nina: Dr. O's bangs are so much better. No Dr. O Nina didn't ruin the relationship of Mildew.. I wish!

    Nina and Carly: Oh what is going to happen here? Will Cujo show up? Will they have a brawl? Nahhhhhhhhhhh. Carly is just going to nag her to death. Nina will nag her to death too.


    Blaze, Linc, and Brase table: Linc is so slimy!!!! Brooky you better tell Chase the truth about what Dante wants from you! Or he will hear it from someone else! Linc keeps touching Blaze yuck!!!

    Chase and Blaze: Even Blaze is giving Chase advice!!!! Chase you ARE a cop!!!!!

    Linc and Brooky: Linc is managing an 18 year old.

    Linc: She is no virgin.

    Oh? Why Linc? Did you take her virginity? You slime!

    Dante and Chase: They talking about Brooky.

    Dante: Maybe she doesn't have to write that letter.

    Chase: What letter?

    SEE BROOKY SEE?!?!!? You can't keep a secret for long!

    1. I wonder if Brooke will give in and agree to keep her mouth shut if Linc gives her back her songs.
      And I really wanted Britch to tell Cody the truth. I would have thought she was talking about the necklace too, but he still should have just shut up and let her talk.....Tell mama, Britch!!

    2. "Di says, I wonder if Brooke will give in and agree to keep her mouth shut if Linc gives her back her songs."

      Maybe! I mean she is desperate to get her songs back. I hope she doesn't believe him!

      "And I really wanted Britch to tell Cody the truth. I would have thought she was talking about the necklace too, but he still should have just shut up and let her talk....."

      Yeah he should have shut up and let her talk!!!!

      "Tell mama, Britch!!"

      TELL HER!!!

    3. Looking forward to today. Looks like Britch will spill all to mama. This story is painful to watch as my aunt has Huntington's. It's an awful thing.
      Cody is an immature idiot. If I was Britta I would have beaned him with the computer monitor.
      I think Robert Freaking Scorpio is setting up Victor with a fake necklace. And Holly is in on it!
      Yes, there will also be much nagging today between Cujo and Neener. I will be rooting for The Cuj. Neener's busybody activities are officially out of control, lol!

      Happy Thanksgiving!

    4. AGREE completely - it is a set-up
      watch this:

    5. Thanks for the link Mufasa! :)
      Love Kathleen Gati, she's so classy.

  5. Tillie really is a cutie! How old was she when you rescued her Karen?

  6. I am a solid crazy dog lady and Tillie is exceptionally adorable! I've had my rescue Ziggy for 9 years and he is a dude. No snuggles or kisses unless coerced.
    The BLQ story must go away.
    On to today's show.


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