Thursday, November 17, 2022



Oh geesh, so it seems ol' Elly Musk fired a bunch of people, locked them out of the building (or in some cases, IN and they couldn't use their badges to get out of the parking garage LOL)!! Anyway, Twitter may not survive much longer. Where are people going? It seems like the majority are on Mastodon. I'm there as 

When you sign up for Mastodon, you have to choose a server. You scroll down on that first page and choose one. I just happened to pick mindly social.  If we are both on that server, it's easy to find and follow each other. Just use the #GH hashtag and put it in your bio. If you're on another server, put my address in the search and you'll find me. We'll get it sorted out. 
Eventually LOL 

So, Mastodon isn't as user friendly as Twitter, that's for sure. I'm not even sure it has the capacity to do our live tweets. We'll probably crash the site. Seriously. They are already struggling. 

SO!! There's always this blog-- I'll update daily as usual. Also, FB page : 

HOW was today's SHOW?? I'll have to watch it in the morning. I have a hugely busy day tomorrow. I'll see you at 3 when GH is over!! 



  1. I always check here first anyway. So glad you're going to keep updating it.

    And today's show was good. You'll really enjoy the Liz scenes. She was fantastic.

  2. Thursday's show was decent. Good things were Esme and Elizabeth! LOL And we saw a flashback of when Lucy was shot and saw who did it. It confirmed what we pretty much already knew. Laura feels something is off with Holly. So some good scenes yesterday!

  3. Don't forget Mrs Wu reeling Gladys in!

  4. Not a tweeter I am happy here with your blog. And FB.
    A reveal of what we already surmised. On we go....


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