Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Down The Stairs

DR O is all blonde!! She, Scotty, Britt and Cody are at Charlie's talking about Peter's necklace they found.  Britt talks with her mother about accepting Cody (at the bar) Dr O wonders if Britt told him about her diagnosis. Britt says no, it's private.

Cody talks to Scotty about giving him another chance after he punched him. He says that Britt is important to him and he knows Scott loved his mother. 

Carly and Sam talk about Drew and he walks up. Drew interrupts and doesn't let Carly tell her about them because they can't be a couple because of the insider trading stuff. 

Spinelli and Sam talk about Society Socials and that he should pull the plug before the FBI starts investigating. 

Alexis calls Jordan because she got a letter from the serial killer. Jordan and Dante come in. The letter seems legit. The killer seems to have a hit-list. They talk about whether to publish it or not. Jordan tells Alexis not to. They take the letter.

Alexis calls Greg-- she made a copy of the letter and shows him. 

Joss and Trina talk about their respective weekends. Joss isn't "feeling" that way about Cam even tho they slept together. Trina tells her about the comic con. 

Elizabeth doesn't believe anything her parents tell her about Reiko and pushing her down the stairs. She says they gaslighted her. Then she starts having flashbacks. Her mother says it's time for her to remember. Scenes with "Reiko" and yes, Liz pushes her down the stairs. Well, she kinda falls.. not really PUSHED PUSHED. Anyway, Reiko had a concussion and needed a blood transfusion. She got one and that's how she contracted the disease that killed her!  Liz is angry because her parents drugged her, programmed her then abandoned her because of their reputations. She leaves. 


Britt starts coughing when swallowing; her disease is showing up again! 

Jordan tells Trina the killing are connected to her


  1. Yes, Liz didn't actually push her. Reiko wanted to stop Liz from telling Finn and Liz's mom and they were tugging at each other. Reiko fell. Liz didn't push, or try to catch her. Truth be said I doubt Liz could have stopped the fall since Reiko lost her footing tumbled forward.

    But the fact that her mother "programmed her" to forget is terrible. I still think thye're holding back something.

    That being said they are still moving forward nicely and keeping our interest.

    I wonder if all those kids were extras or staff and their children getting their Hallowe'en treats?

  2. A lot of funny one liners today.

    Montery CA:

    Liz, Jeff, and Caroline:

    Caroline: These accusations hurts.

    ROFL! Ohhhhh it's all coming together nicely. It was an accident Liz!!!!! You didn't push her!

    Flashback: It's funny that they don't show Liz's 15 year old face! Hahahaha. I know they can't, but it's still funny! :)

    Reiko: Your young Elizabeth. I don't expect you to understand.

    OH PLEASE! That is so lame!! Shut up Reiko! I don't like you. Now after Liz left, why the hell was Caroline smiling?!?!!?!?! There must be more to the story!!! Are they lying? Did Jeff really push her? Or did Carolyn? Are Liz's flashbacks fake? Did Carolyn brainwash the fake flashbacks in Liz's head?

    Port Chuckles:

    Alexis's office:

    Alexis and the letter: The letter that the hooker wrote wins the line of the day!

    Letter: You got my attention. You want to be next?


    Alexis, Jordan, and Dante: I am glad she called Jordan and I'm glad Dante is there. Chase should be there too dammit! He should really be reinstated as a cop!!!

    Gregory and Alexis: Ooooo Alexis is no dummy! Very good at making a copy of the letter. :)

    Town square:

    Sam and Carly: Oh yes since they are besties, Sam really really wants to know the skinny on her and Drew!! :D

    Sam, Crew, and Spinny: Why do we always have to hear Spinny talk about his daughter?! Why can't we see them together?! GAH!

    Sam: I'm glad they are together.


    Crew: Oh this is so stupid to keep them apart.. Can't you think of anything better writers? *Facepalm*

    Carly: I'd lie with you anywhere.

    Oh my!!! Carly!!! ROFL!

    Sam and Spinny: Spinny! Just listen to Sam!!!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Britch, Cowboy Cody, and Balbrecht: Dr. O looks great as a blonde!!!!! YEAHHHHHHH! :) Although the bangs not so much. Ooooo Scotty knows about the DNA test!! :) Now so does Dr. O. Way too many people know about this, so this makes me think Mac isn't the father.

    Scotty: So now who invited you?


    Scotty: You can't ride 2 horses with one behind.

    ROFL! Oh oh Britch coughing.. Hey covid is still around you know! So fake coughing is not good. And hey I thought the Huntington's disease was a lie! I guess they had to change that because the actress is leaving. I like how Dr. O and Scotty looked at her with concern while she was coughing. Awwwww. :)

    Carly's house:

    Joss and Trina:

    Joss: Being close to Cam is always nice and he is one of my favorite people.

    ROFL! Is he a dog? You are not talking like you two are a couple Joss!

    Crew: Oh now they are gonna act like they are teenagers hiding their relationship.. Oy!

    Jordan, Joss, and Trina: Oh oh. Joss is in danger from the hook killer! Oh hi Carly! Is Joss going to leave town to hide? Witness protection program?

    1. sonya said:" Did Carolyn brainwash the fake flashbacks in Liz's head?"

      ***I wouldn't be surprised. She probably found out and even if Liz was with her when she fell, maybe Carolyn gave her a "bad" blood transfusion on purpose. She may have programmed Reiko too while she was recuperating. (Sorry but she has a mean face. I shall call her Pepe...(La Pew Face)

    2. "Di says, I wouldn't be surprised. She probably found out and even if Liz was with her when she fell, maybe Carolyn gave her a "bad" blood transfusion on purpose. She may have programmed Reiko too while she was recuperating."

      Ooooo a great theory! :)

      "Sorry but she has a mean face."

      She does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      "I shall call her Pepe...(La Pew Face)"

      BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Great nickname.. "I shall call her" I'm rubbing off on you! Hahahahaha!

    3. A little reciprocity was bound to happen eventually. lol

    4. "Di says, A little reciprocity was bound to happen eventually. lol"

      Hahahaha! True! :D

    5. I think Le Pew is the face I'm making through this story. Horrible the way they've ruined Jeff...just like they did with Rick.

    6. Pepe! Loved that skunk. I'm on board with the Le Pew face, lol! I have one too. The writers have made Liz's folks really sneaky and unlikable. But I'm liking the story!

      I think Dr. O looked great as a blonde. :) I loved her animosity to the Cowboy. I don't like him either Dr. O and he's up to no good. Not liking Britch displaying Huntington's symptoms. Hits too close to home for me. Bah!

      Great line Sonya about Cam being a dog. HAHAHAHAH! Seriously Joss!
      Hallmark and Carly certainly were acting like Junior High. There was some serious eyerolling from me. :)

    7. Speaking of funny one liners--Liesl said "son of a female dog" in German when Cody walked in. I don't think anyone caught that.

    8. "Watchingsince78 says, Speaking of funny one liners--Liesl said "son of a female dog" in German when Cody walked in. I don't think anyone caught that."

      No I didn't catch it. I missed the beginning. Then when I watched it online, something was wrong with the video. It kept skipping it. So that is what she said? ROFL!

  3. Elizabeth; the hookster; missing Lucy; rescuing Charlotte; diamonds; Esme; probably rescuing Ethan and more. Jeez Louise.

  4. Interesting about Liz's parents. They seem like HORRIBLE people. I don't think Jeff used to be horrible. Kind of full of himself and ladies man is all I remember. Although I am not sure I watched all the time back then.

    1. That is how I remember Jeff. A real ladies man, so the fact that he cheated on his wife is real believable.

    2. Jeff was a bit of a hot head as played by Richard Dean Anderson. But he truly loved Heather as played by Mary O'Brien, even after she was institutionalized after she mistakenly took the LSD meant for Diana. It wasn't until it was revealed that Steven Lars was his son (I think that came right before Diana was murdered) that he began to view Heather with different eyes when he realized the totality of her machinations. The performances may be great, but this story may go down as one of the worst in GH's history. It makes absolutely no sense. And it's horrible the way they've trashed a legacy character from the days when GH had 10 plus million viewers every day. I keep holding out hope that this story will get better. But so far...nope. Her parents seem like the worst people on earth. Not even remotely likeable. I guess that's the risk when you just thrust an old time character onto the canvas without any build up.

    3. I was pissed when they trashed Rick Webber for the Nurse Teresa/Laura storyline a few years back, too.

    4. Exactly Kevin. Rick liked women too and cheated but otherwise good guy

    5. I agree with all of you. My first episode of GH was Leslie helping Monica birth AJ during a storm, and I think everything mentioned by Diana Taylor had already happened. But I remember Jeff and Rick being good guys who loved the ladies. There is definitely something up with Liz's mom!

    6. For me Liz's parents were trashed years ago when Liz first showed up at Audrey's house. They were more about being doctors overseas than taking care of their daughters so Jeff's character fell of his pedestal when Liz was a teen.

    7. I kept looking at "Reiko" and tried to picture Richard Dean Anderson and her together. Nope. I don't mean to be mean, but it's like they picked a random person from Walmart to play that part. She delivered her lines with the excitement of a checkout clerk. I'm guessing she wasn't much older than Liz, although if she was a doctor, she would've been in her late 20s at least. Jeff would have been in his 40s. Not saying an older man can't be into a younger woman...but there was no set up here. So I can't buy that RDA or even William Moses' Jeff "hooked" up with Reiko. I'd love to sit down with the writers and point blank ask them what in the eff they were thinking. There are a myriad of better ways they could've addressed this and her parents absence over the years. Still holding out hope that there's going to be a twist that will make it all make sense...but if y'all remember the convoluted Laurelton murder the time they get to the punch, most people will have tuned out or have fallen asleep.

  5. The whole Liz story is one big mess!


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