Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Right as Rain...


Holly burns... Robert puts a blanket over her.. yells NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. EMTs come. They medevac her out. OMG so, in the ambulance, Felicia comes out and Holly sits up!! "I'm all fired up"! IT WAS A RUSE! :Clapping:! LOVE IT. They explain that Robert and Holly faked the drugging. Felicia met Holly at the cabin the night before, gave her flame retardant stuff and gel and yada yada. Felicia also brought her a change of clothes today and her passport/fake papers. Oh, Mac wasn't in on it so he didn't have to lie to Jordan.!! Interesting. 

Savoy: Dr O grabs Cody's arm..drags him away. Offers him money to leave. "Britta needs her mother now" Cody says they are over, that Britt made it clear. 

Savoy: N'Neka bartends. Ava and Britt are at the bar. Cody is there, Nik walks in. Ms Wu talks to Victor (who texts "get necklace, Holly expendable) She's flirting with him. Nikolas goes up and talks to Ava. Britt is sad she's not married or with a man. Then she stumbles. Wu thinks she's drunk and tries to take her out of the bar. Britt starts to fight back and stumbles again.. Victor helps her out. They want to call her a cab. She says no..she's NOT DRUNK. Victor looks at her and is like: OMG you're not drunk, you're sick! He says: "Faison's legacy"!!!!!!!!! Britt lunges at him.. Dr O slaps him.. they tussle. Finally Victor is dragged away. 

Trina tries to sneak out of her house but Marshall's on the patio and catches her. They talk zzzzzzzzz Oh yeah, Portia and Curtis talk too zzzzzzzzzzzz.  I think Portia wants to have Marshall tested because she doesn't think he's Curtis' father. 

Chase asks Brook where the letter is for his PCPD job. Brook says she didn't do it an doesn't want to until they get Linc. She says she loves him like no other. They argue. Then he says they are done. 

***** OMG part of this is that Holly gave Selina Wu a diamond to 'dose' Victor up and punish him. Not kill him, just punish him. She tells her that he has her son. Wu agrees. 


Victor finishes his drink..gets a text that Holly is disabled but the necklace is missing

Holly and Robert say goodbye, she gives him the necklace


  1. Did he drink it all? I thought he took a sip and then smashed the glass in anger - SOOOOOOO good today (except Chase and Brook were so-so) great show - I truly thought Laura was in on it.....guess not....but were the medics on scene in on it? I will go back and watch again tonight - so good!

    1. No, I think he finished the drink right before he got the text saying that the necklace was missing. Love that Ms Wu drugged Victor for Holly. Can't wait to see what the drug does to him.

  2. What a great episode. (ABC in Boston cut the first 20 minues so that we could watch 20 minutes of a plane landing because the royal spoiled ones are going there for a few days. Lots of listening to ABC reporters hearing themselves speak....during such an exciting episode. pfttt Fortunately I have other options. lol I switched over to city tv.))

    I found they were moving things along very quickly. Loved Chase giving Brooky the boot and telling her like it is. Hope he gets reinstated soon)

    I loved the fire scene so much, and really appreciated that the writers granted my wish and showed us the back story.

    Ms. Wu was a great co conspirator. Victor really is a member of the ninth circle- the sleaze. I snickered when he drained that glass.

    Cody seems very concerned about Britt. I thnk he'll follow her. I was also so happy to see him turn down Mudder's offer. He truly only wants what he thinks is rightfully his.

    I think Portia is thinking that Marshall was misdiagnosed. Wonder if she'll try to get a DNA sample.

    Hopefully we'll see how the drink affects Victor tomorrow.

    I think I may rewatch this one later too.

    1. I'm with you on Portia thinking Marshall was misdiagnosed.

      Damn, Cody had to go and make me like him today. Turning down Liesl's money and then getting Victor away from Britt.

    2. I know. He made me like him too. I really think he'd do anything for Britt because he feels she also got the bad end of the stick with her father too, and her life.

  3. What a great show today!!!!! There were a lot of funny one liners today!

    The cabin:

    The Scorpio brothers: Robert wins the line of the day.

    Robert: Get out of my way before I belt you one.


    Jordan and Mac: Where oh where is the necklace? Oh where oh where could it be?! :D

    The ambulance:

    Felicia, and RnH: I KNEW IT!!!! Most of us knew it!!!! Do we know our soaps or what?! :) I was cheering and clapping. I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no! Mac is kept in the dark?! Well, someone has to tell him the truth eventually! Felicia dressed up as a paramedic! FUN! Reminds me of the old days! Love seeing the flashbacks!!!!

    Felicia: Holly Flambe!


    Ms. Wu and Holly flashback: OH MY! I love seeing this flashback too!!!! :D Deliciousness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RnH: Time to say goodbye! :( Well Holly uh you should really tell Robert that Ethan is his son before you leave. Uh Holly! TELL HIM DAMMIT! GAH!!!

    Purtis's home:


    Portia: No Ne'ka gets her pies and all kinds of things from her Savoy suiters.

    ROFL! She has Savoy suiters?!?!?! :D

    Mr. Hat man and Trina: Great scene! Always love their scenes..

    Mr. Hat man and Portia: Hmmm good question Portia. I wonder if Mr. Hat man really has schizophrenia or Curtis is really his son hmmmmmm..

    Q home:

    Brooky and Chase: No Brooky don't make excuses. Chase is right you took away his choice!!! I'm glad he broke up with her. He needs to become a cop again! Really soon!

    The Savoy: N'eka!!!! YAY! Damn I really want to call her N'keta! ROFL!

    Dr. O and Cowboy Cody: Great scene.. Oooooo Cody knows something is wrong with Britch.. Well, nobody is going to tell you anything Cowboy Cody! You blew it big time.

    Ava and Britch: That was weird that Britch bumped into her. Maybe she didn't mean to do it and it's because she can't walk really well. :(

    Ava, Britch, and Nik: Britch can count how many men she slept with on one hand. ROFL! Oh uh Britch I don't think Ava really wants to know that you slept with her brother. Ewwww. Anyway Nik and Ava having eye sex.

    Ms. Wu and Victor: Ooooooo. This is interesting.. Very tasty. :) Velena!!!!! :D Then they showed that flashback of Ms. Wu and Holly, and no wonder we have a scene with Ms. Wu and Victor! Drink that drink Victor! :)

    Ms. Wu, Victor, Britch and Dr. O: VICTOR HUSH! Don't tell people about what is wrong with Britch!!! Ooooo A Dr. O slap!!! :D

    Dr. O: Touch my daughter and I'll kill you.

    Ooooooooooo don't mess with Dr. O! :D Hey where is Scotty?

    Britch and Dr. O: Sad!!!! :(

    1. I was reminding myself what the 9th circle was...(in Dante's Inferno) It's reserved for the worst of sinners; those guilty of treachery and betrayal towards loved ones, close friends, their country, and their masters. They're encased in ice and can’t move. I'm wondering if that drug will lock him in, like Ryan, unable to speak or move but able to hear everything. That would serve the him well.

    2. "Di says, I was reminding myself what the 9th circle was...(in Dante's Inferno)"

      Yeah I have to remind myself too.

      "They're encased in ice and can’t move."

      Ohhhhh! That's right.

      "I'm wondering if that drug will lock him in, like Ryan, unable to speak or move but able to hear everything. That would serve the him well."

      Oooooo! I didn't even think of that.. Interesting twist!!!! :)

  4. Does Ava know that one of the guys Britt slept with was Nik?

    1. Yep. I'm pretty sure she added a - "slept with your husband" at the end.

  5. I don't think Marshall is schizophrenic. It's pretty much unheard of for a schizophrenic to have one episode requiring hospitalization and then be fine forever after, staying on his meds. But really, what doctor wld keep refilling those meds and not find it odd they don't need adjusting? Pretty sure Marshall should have had more symptoms over the years, requiring changes to meds. But it makes no sense no matter how I think it out, bc even if misdiagnosed in all the years since a doctor should have probed further, bc this doesn't add up. Who knows where the writers think they're going with this...

    1. I think he was used as a guinea pig in the mental hospital. They put him on meds that would keep him calm and doctors just kept refilling the prescription.

  6. can Robert tell Martin and Valentin that Lucy is alive?????????

  7. Tristan Rogers and Emma Sams still have it. That last scene was poignant, almost like a wave goodbye to the GH we once knew. Tristan Rogers is 76. He's not going to be on GH forever. And so goodbye scenes like this are all the more meaningful...because like you in real life, you never know is this is the last time you'll see them. The story was clunky and a bit truncated...not sure how they get Anna free now and figure out where Lucy is. Is she in the same spot as Ethan?

    1. I agree with you. It was like a tip of the hat to 1980s "GH."

  8. And how is Holly going to find Ethan now? Maybe I missed something?

    1. Yeah that's my question! Even tho Robert said Victor is going to let it go and forget about her, that Holly can get Ethan out, it's still strange. Unless Victor let's Ethan go? *Shrug*

    2. Or no longer remembers her or Ethan. lol Thanks to ms. Wu.

    3. "Di says, Or no longer remembers her or Ethan. lol Thanks to ms. Wu."

      Deliciousness! :D Although how is Holly going to find him then?! Oh I know! Spinny! He can find anybody! :D

  9. I just loved this episode. Quoting Dante's Inferno, Holly and Mrs. Wu in cahoots, just FANTASTIC! Everybody above has said it all, but I even tolerated Cody yesterday, lol!

    Felicia being in on the caper was perfect, and if Mac finds that should be a scene! Britt broke my heart, and Dr. O was fierce. Holly and Robert's farewell was beautiful and yes, I expected her to try to keep the necklace. That's what she does. I so wish we could have 1 little scene with her and Ethan. (Robert's son, lol!)

    Saying it again, I just loved it!

    1. "Julie H says, I so wish we could have 1 little scene with her and Ethan."

      So do I!!!

      "(Robert's son, lol!)"

      YES! :D

  10. I also liked that Robert had to remind Holly to return the necklace. LOL

    1. hehe Yes. I said, "Nice try Holly." I was looking for him to check her pockets when he hugged her. lol

  11. I agree with everyone that yesterday's show was outstanding. Just to see those wonderful vets front and center was amazing.. Tristan looked really good yesterday, too - can't believe he is 76. So glad I got to meet him! He is just as charming in person. BLQ deserves everything she gets for being deceitful. Poor Brit - hope she gets sent away to miraculously recover like Jordan did and come back some day.


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