Thursday, October 20, 2022



Victor is in the PCPD for questioning.  Martin comes in, they tell him Lucy is missing. 
Jordan asks Anna if she thinks Victor would murder Lucy Coe. Anna says: YEP!

We see a body on the shore, dressed in black.. could be Lucy or Holly. Body hand moves. Body goes to Q Boathouse. 

Olivia still wants to buy the Metro from Nina. Nina's like NO! Then Olivia storms off. Sonny comes up. 

Ned and Michael argue about Valentin. Michael is like: Can you trust him? 

Portia and Curtis are looking at wedding venues at the metro (on an iPad)..TJ isn't paying attention because he's texting Willow asking how she is.

Willow is on the patio at The Q house. Then she goes in while Ned and Michael are arguing. Olivia comes in. The voices get high. Willow clutches her stomach and looks faint. She goes out of the house and walks to the boathouse. She sees footprints, opens door, screams. Then Olivia and Michael run out and they see the body. Olivia "OH my GOD". 

IT's M-CAT Day and Marshall gives Epiphany a rose. She's really nervous.. She blames him for encouraging her to take them. They talk and she finally is confident. She kisses Marshal. He's all giddy. 

CURTIS asks Sonny if he got tested for Alzheimer's because he's not sure about getting tested because of his Dad's genes. But he says he might start a family with Portia so it might be a good idea. 


TJ and Trina go away for their weekend to Comic-Con 

Drone footage shows someone who looks like Anna shooting Lucy (must be a mask or Alex) 

Robert finds Holly in the boathouse 

LOOKS Like Carly and Drew will get a location shoot!! .. "SUPER COUPLE" LOL okay..This episode will air tomorrow. 


  1. FINALLY we have cameras on the pier! I really think it's Alex come back BUT it would make more sense that Holly is programmed by Victor and wearing a mask....I think Lucy's shooting is different than the hooker - Victor would have no interest in Trina's people so I am sticking with the assistant DA - great ending either way.....and Victor COULD be working with Alex----and get Anna in jail...
    ----Anna was on my last nerve today-----trying to apologize to Martin with tears.
    -----Nina is more annoying and I feel she is going to spread rumors about Willow and TJ and then look stupid------------------------------------unless TJ and Willow DO get together!
    ----how much longer is Willow's first trimester and is Spence in jail 3 months????
    ---- I wish Curtis had a better storyline.......I love him so much...
    -----don't care about Trina and Rory now -----too much 'vet' activity going on...
    ----YES ET advertising SUPER COUPLE for Drew and Carly is hysterical.

    1. hmmmm Sasha was wearing a blue plaid top in tomorrow's previews. And the film that suddenly appeared could be a deep fake if it looks like Anna. I couldn't see that.

  2. Michael is my least favorite character on this show. He was shot in the head as a child (so, there must be some brain damage), killed his step-mother with an axe handle, never graduated high school, let alone gone to college, and, he is lecturing Ned on how to run a corporation?!

    And, to make it worse, Ned just takes it! I cannot stand Michael.

    1. I feel your pain with the Michael situation. He is a putz.
      Nina is my least favorite character. Delusional and so un-self aware. Worse than Carly and I NEVER thought I'd say that. Every time Nina is on I want to ff or scream or both, lol!

  3. Metrocourt lounge:

    Sona Ninny nanny goat: All lovey dovey! :D

    Purtis and TJ: TJ texting Willow and not Molly? TREEJ! :D

    Curtis and Sonny: Oooo I think it's a good idea Curtis if you do take that test, I mean if you are going to have children! Well, I mean more children with Portia! :)

    Nina and TJ: Oh I'm glad TJ remembered HIPAA!!! Nina he can't tell you anything!!! TJ puts Nina in her place! ROFL! Love it!

    Nina and Olivia: Nina you don't expect Olivia to be in love with you do you?

    The hospital:

    Mr. Hat man and Piffy: Oh poor Piffy!!! She is so afraid!!! Come on Piffy snap out of it. This isn't like you!!! Do you want a hug from a Tribble?

    Mr. Hat man: A valiant effort is not a failure!

    DAMN STRAIGHT! YOU TELL HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mr. Hat man, Portia, and Piffy: There ya go! Now you got Portia being there for you! Awww. :) Why is Mr. Hat man so shocked that Piffy kissed him? I mean they have kissed before right? I mean they ARE dating..

    Mr. Hat man and Portia: I'm so confused. I guess he and Piffy aren't dating? But they sort of are? I... *Shrug*

    M-Cat room: Piffy all smiles when she sees the first question! ROFL! SEE! You know the answer Piffy! COME ON! :D

    Police station:

    Dante, Robert, and Marty: 3 handsome men in one room! :)

    Marty and Anna: Anna feels all the guilt feels! GOOD! You tell her Marty!

    Calabrina: Oh so they ARE going on that trip. Will something bad happen at the trip? Will the Hook person try to hook Trina?

    Video of the drone: There is a camera at the pier! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Is that Holly? Is it a brainwashed Holly who shot Lucy? Looks like Holly! Marty says Anna! So it must be Alex? I'm so confused!

    Q breakfast nook:

    Ned, Michael, Willow, and Olivia: Oh look! Willow is showing now! ROFL! And of course Willow isn't going to tell Michael about TJ texting her! TREEJ! :)

    Nedlia and Michael: Olivia wins the line of the day.

    Olivia: You sound like a couple of children on the playground! You started it no you started it.

    BAHAHAHAAHAHA! They do!!!! :)


    Willow and ???: What the hell was that scream about? She screamed like someone hung from the rafters!

    Q Breakfast nook Part 2:

    Geez! Willow didn't see a face? Was it the angel of death? Was it the headless horsemen?


    Michael, Olivia, and ???? Michael with a wimpy weapon! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Did Olivia see a headless horseman or angel of death too?

    Robert and Holly: HOLLY YAY!!! ROLLY!!!!!!!!! :D Emma Samms looked a little shaky.. :(

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to the police station* Matt vs Spinny! Great scene. I love when Spinny says my apologies and Alexis says oh oh. ROFL!

    1. Next super couple....bwhahahahahah!
      Ok that's out of my system. Thanks!
      Olivia was so on point with everyone today. She made me smile.
      I just wanted to slap that smirk right off of Neener's face. God she is SO ANNOYING!
      So glad Martin gave Anna the business. Serves her right. So now we have Alex back? Somebody with an Alex mask? (please writers, just say NO to the mask)
      Piffy will kick ass on the MCATS. I can feel it.
      I'm a little sick of Willow, but at least she looks a little pregnant now. Especially since Esme is giving birth Monday, lol!
      So fabulous seeing Holly! I hope Emma was acting, I thought she looked shaky, too.

    2. "Julie H says, Next super couple....bwhahahahahah!"

      They are not supposed to tell us!!! WE are supposed to tell them!

      "Olivia was so on point with everyone today. She made me smile."

      She is a smart Italian cookie!!! :D

      "I just wanted to slap that smirk right off of Neener's face. God she is SO ANNOYING!"

      ROFL! TJ did a good job taking that smirk off. :)

      "So now we have Alex back?"

      I hope not!!! UGH!

      "Somebody with an Alex mask? (please writers, just say NO to the mask)"

      I rather have someone with a mask than have Alex back.

      "Piffy will kick ass on the MCATS. I can feel it."

      Oh she will!!!!!!

      "I'm a little sick of Willow, but at least she looks a little pregnant now. Especially since Esme is giving birth Monday, lol!"

      ROFL! TRUTH!!!

      "I thought she looked shaky, too."

      Yeah. :(

  4. Me either Zak, hope the hook gets him. He's so unlikeable

    1. There is no TJ and Willow! She's a pregnant patient with cancer and every day she ignores her treatment she's one day closer to dying. Why wouldn't her doctor be concerned, especially one who knows her.

    2. "Di says, There is no TJ and Willow!"

      If Nina doesn't stop meddling there could be a TJ and Willow!

      Willow: No Michael. I'm not cheating on you with TJ!

      TJ: No Molly I'm not cheating on you with Willow.

      Then BOOM! TJ and Molly have sex. Self fulfilling prophecy! Hahahaha! :) I mean after the cancer is gone and the baby is born of course. :)

    3. I only mention it cause it's now gettin a little creepy with TJ - he wasn't that close to Willow in the past ------- feels like writers are overdoing -------however if this is make Nina look bad I am IN! I kinda see Willow screaming aloud to Michael and everyone "I have cancer'.......

    4. There's nothing creepy about it. He's a concerned friend and doctor. And the writers are widening the lens on family and friends because we were getting boxed in with the same people in conversation all the time. People whined and whined that they didn't want Willow with Michael all the time and she needed another storyline to show us what she's capable of. We got it. Time for us to stop whining about the changes and give them a chance to finish the story.

  5. I'm thinking Holly may have been brought there by Victor on his yacht and put overboard because he wants to break up the Robert/Anna duo who are investigating him. Throw a monkey wrench into the works, so to speak.

    1. Yup, Victor is all smug at what he did. That is obvious.

  6. OK, so either Victor found Alex, or it's Holly programmed and in a Anna mask. Yohann must have planted "evidence" in Anna's house. Guess Valentin will have a plane crash and be "dead" for awhile.

    1. I hope they do not use the "mask" storyline. I think those are idiotic.

    2. They are idiotic but so is bringing someone back from the dead. It could be anyone if they just used a computer generated deep fake.

  7. I think the hook is either Esme's nanny aka Alley Mills, or Rory.

  8. I am in agreement about Michael. So annoying.
    This Anna does not act like Anna. How is she able to launch any investigation. Or is she an eternal WSB agent.
    The hookster story is stuttering. A story like that should be hogging airtime until it's resolve. Makes it more interesting.
    Yesterday and today were good shows but there's just too many things going on all at once.

  9. THIS is why I could never for a soap because I would ask common sense questions as the writers are around the table:
    ---so wait a minute - ANNA DEVANE doesn't have security system with cameras all around her house? Victor's guy is just walking around the house
    -----so wait a minute - in a few hours, it's time to declare Lucy dead but Jason wasn't declared dead for days and days????
    -----so wait a minute - isn't it time for Austin to show up again?
    ----our fans aren't gonna understand these things...

    1. They would throw you out of the writer's room in a heartbeat for being so logical, lol!

  10. emma samms looks great and crew is far from being a super couple.they are a dud

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