Friday, October 7, 2022

Highlights From Yesterday's Show

 NO GH TODAY--- BASEBALL So I watched HULU for yesterday 

Yesterday's GH .. 

WU! yeah!! And Cody says he doesn't want to cheat at cards? UM..why ahahahahaa. OKAY. 

Liz/Finn...Terry and Yuri! Seeing Chase sing.  So don't care about Liz/Finn and I'm so angry this story has Finn's dead wife in it.  Yuri has a bearded dragon too. 

OZ is on with Jordan and Robert. OMG he was a lawyer?? NICE!! I'm glad Robert was on. 

How the hell did Esme get into the PRISON AT NIGHT? AHAHHAHAA.  She says she has a Ryan going to be a Grandpa?  Hm, guess we will see. She doesn't tell us her plan. 

Chases' song was good but singing on soaps is SO not my thing. 

OH! Oz is down!! HOOK strikes again! 


  1. I forgot that we had baseball.. I don't want Oz to die! I like him!!! Well, since we have no GH today, I'll copy and paste my comments from October 6, 2016! Then make new comments, then have Flashback Friday. Oh and forgot to mention yesterday with Chase singing. I love when he sings!!!! I just want him to be a cop again. He can be the singing cop! :)

    "Q boathouse: OH!!!! Ned and Olivia have been sneaking around?!!?!?! :0 HAHAHA YAY! They are back together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT! At first I thought it was Killion! My mouth dropped.. Then when I figured out it was Ned and Olivia, my mouth dropped more! :) Ned wins the line of the day!

    Olivia: You see this? This is exactly what I said would happen.

    Ned: That someone would slap it on the door of the boathouse?


    The floating rib:

    Morgan and Nelle: Oh my!!! Kissy kissy!

    Nelle: NO!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! The way she said no, it's like Morgan is a dog hahahaha. No Spot no! Get off the counter! No Spot get off the chair! ROFL!

    The metrocourt restaurant:

    Julian, Ned, and Olivia: HAHAHAHAHA! No Olivia Julian didn't put a hook on the door!!! That was Moron Morgan!

    Griffy and Anna: Great scene!!! Griffy you are only human!!! Don't punish yourself baby!

    Crimson: Killon eye sex! :) Killon kissing! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! NOW she is cheating Morgan! ROFL!

    Alexis's home:

    Alexis and Julian: ALEXIS! Why didn't you change the locks?!!?!?! GET OUT JULIAN! GAH!

    Alexis and Anna: Listen to Anna!!!! Change the locks! Call the police!!!!!! Get a police dog!!! The police dog can mangle Julian's legs!!!!

    Church: Oh great scene with Sonny alone and with Griffy!!! :) They are both struggling!"

    New comments.

    Hmmm so Morgan put a hook on the door eh? Is it the same hook the hook killer is using? Hmmmmmmmmm. And no I'm not saying Morgan is the hook killer. :)

    Flashback Friday: *Jumped into my time machine to go to January 4th 2008* Maxie has a breakdown at Kelly's because of Georgie's death. :( Oh and Felicia came back.

  2. I think Esme hooked Oz but not the others......she can't be the attacker cause she is a regular....sadly, I am thinking it IS Holly...Esme didn't have on bracelets...
    If Esme isn't preggers, then I don't get what her plan would be - she is going to be arrested right for her part in videoing J and C???
    Karen you are right - Esme getting IN and OUT of Shadybrook and where is her money for getting around town is BEYOND stupid.
    Oz coulda been SO interesting - he was great in his exchange with Jordan and Robert.
    Where is Austin, Maxie?
    Yep, Brook Lynn is gonna do something so Chase can't get back on he force----bye bye Chase and Brook Lynn even before they got started....

    1. "Mufasa says, Oz coulda been SO interesting"

      Yes he could have!!!!!

      "he was great in his exchange with Jordan and Robert."

      HE WAS!!!!!!

      "Where is Austin, Maxie?"

      Probably still giving that guy a needle. We probably won't see him or what is going on for another month.

      "Yep, Brook Lynn is gonna do something so Chase can't get back on he force----bye bye Chase and Brook Lynn even before they got started...."

      UGH! What a waste!

  3. I think Holly is the "hooker" too. It is time for her to come back. Although that would be so OOC for her.

    1. No it can't be! Yes very OOC! I don't want her to be! :( I mean what would be the reason? Unless she has been brainwashed. Hmmm.

  4. I think the Hooker is either Rory or Alley Mills, who I think is going to play Maggie, not Liz' mother. It would make no sense to introduce her without bringing Jeff Webber back.

    1. Yes. Maggie makes a lot of sense. She is doing the stabbings for Esme. ??

    2. No not Rory. He isn't a woman. ROFL! Has to be either the ADA lady or Maggie.

    3. I'm thinking the character Ally Mills is playing is going to the the hooker too.

  5. Karen, thought it was just me I FF through the singing

  6. I think the Hooker is the assistant ADA who lost the case. (I have been enjoying "GH" more frequently of late, especially now that Esme is back.)

    1. It had to be someone Diane didn't recognize. She would be very familiar with the ADA's face, I would think. What about Laura's sneaky assistant, if we're looking for someone we know.

    2. "Di says, It had to be someone Diane didn't recognize."

      Well, Diane said she doesn't remember her face. I'm sure she will eventually.

      "What about Laura's sneaky assistant, if we're looking for someone we know."

      Yeah I was thinking about her too, but isn't she tall? Hmmm.

    3. Not taller than Diane though. But it was just a guess.


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