Tuesday, October 25, 2022

And It's ONLY Tuesday!!


Today is too crazy for me--and since I have no clone or face mask person I have to do it all!! Sorry!! I'll be back tomorrow! 

WHO do you think is in that "Anna" footage?

Holly in a mask

Assistant Mayor lady in a mask? 



  1. ----Cody must have helped Peter steal that necklace - maybe Helena's??? I dunno - I really wanna care but it's like I am disappointed everytime a new 'adventure' or a new 'storyline' with potential starts-------------no consistency or it will be weeks before we see it again...
    -----Frank and the writers have made me dislike Anna AND Elizabeth---------Elizabeth's dramatic comment about not telling Finn 'until I know myself what happened" - ugh...... but I DID notice Finn again today didn't say his wife died of a disease----just 'I couldn't save her'......hmmm...
    -----Ava opening the note and seeing the message did make me laugh out loud - love CS but I enjoyed Nik saying HE had secrets too.
    -----gonna be honest - FF through all Joss/Cam/Dex scenes so they may have saved the world.....
    ----FRIDAY begins November sweeps - what is gonna be the big November sweeps?

  2. A lot of funny one liners today.

    The hospital:

    Terry and Finchy: Terry was going to tell Finchy the truth about where she is going with Liz, but Gregory and little V showed up!!!!!!

    Finchy, Gregory, and Little V: Awww little V is excited about getting her Halloween costume! :D

    Terry and Liz: Yeah Terry wants Liz to tell Finchy the truth! Liz won't until she founds out the whole truth! Come on Liz you gotta tell him what's going on!!!

    Liz and Cam: Awww Liz is acting like a good mama. :) Great scene! Pizza? YES! :D

    Liz: While I don't mind Joss coming over, I don't want her spending the night.

    ROFL! No problem there. Jam hasn't had sex since that one day at Sonny's cabin.

    Finchy, Gregory, and Little V: Ooooo Little V sees a picture of Rikeo!!!!

    Little V: I want to hear it!

    ROFL! So Finchy tells her the story of Rikeo!

    Little V: I'm sorry daddy.


    Liz, Finchy, Gregory, and little V:

    Little V: I made daddy sad.

    Awwwwwwww! I love this little girl with all my heart and soul!

    Fiz: Is this the last hug they will ever have as a couple? Oh she wants Finchy to watch over the boys. Cam will do it, but another set of eyes is good. :)


    Dex and Joss: I like Joss's shirt. Joss whining about Sonny. Of course it's complicated Dex! I think it's more than Michael. Just admit you are an FBI agent!! :D

    Dex: Sonny is an honorable man.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Jam: Wait wait wait.... I thought they already had a discussion about Dex hanging from the meat hook. Cam texted her and I thought they had a discussion about it off screen. Gee they didn't. Cam can see their relationship has changed. So has she. She keeps saying you are my best friend. Which I'm glad so when they break up they can stay as best friends.. Maybe someday when they are older, they can get back together, but right now, their relationship has changed.

    Nina's home:

    Nina and Ava: Drinking early! Gee is it still morning? Ava still loves Nik!!!!! Ava tells Nina about the confession that Nik wrote, but won't tell her about Vampira going over the parapet! You know, just to protect Nina. Ava is alone and looks at the confession note:

    Confession note: Missing something?

    BAHAHAHAHAHA OH VICTOR! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Victor and that note wins the line of the day! :D

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Victor and Nik: Victor wants Nik to break up with Ava very badly.

    Victor: Ava is a delightful human being.


    Victor: You do exactly what I say and divorce Ava, Or one way or another Nikolas I'll take you out.

    Ooooooooooooooooo! Great line. :)

    Safety deposit box:

    Cowboy Cody and Britch: Oooooo the Queen's necklace!!!! Pretty! Cowboy Cody is hot and heavy for it. He won't let it go. He is all turned on. He wants that necklace!!!! I want to know why! He wants Britch to take the Queen's necklace with her, but she won't. She put the key in her bra. Cowboy Cody proved that necklace is real!!!

    1. I laughed too when Ava saw the note, lol! Oh she was mad! I just can't with Nina. She's so abrasive even when she's trying to be nice, and always has an agenda, mostly about her. :(
      Little Vi is too cute for words.
      Could that necklace be an Aztec Princess thing?
      Victor is just messing with everybody. Prince Wimpy Nik needs to boot him over the parapet! And I really hope it's not Holly in the mask. Ugh!

    2. "Julie H says, I laughed too when Ava saw the note, lol! Oh she was mad!"

      Hahahaha she was! I wonder if she is going to confront Nik! Then when Nik tells her about Victor, then she can confront Victor!

      "I just can't with Nina. She's so abrasive even when she's trying to be nice, and always has an agenda, mostly about her. :("

      But, she was being nice to Ava. She wanted to help.

      "Little Vi is too cute for words."

      GAH! She is!!!

      "Could that necklace be an Aztec Princess thing?"

      Hmmm maybe!

      "Victor is just messing with everybody. Prince Wimpy Nik needs to boot him over the parapet!"


      "And I really hope it's not Holly in the mask. Ugh!"

      I hope it is! I don't want it to be Alex!

  3. All I could think of was The Ice Princess. Wasn't that some kind of jewelry?

    1. Yep a big honking diamond that Alex Q had painted black and put on a statue.

  4. I think it's Holly in the Anna mask. Is that a mask in her hand? I didn't watch. Alex would not need a mask

    1. I'm leaning that way too. I think Victor has learned some brainwashing skills from Helena and Peter.

  5. Since Esme isn't dead and Nik knows that, the confession note means nothing right? Is that why Nik looked smug?
    for sure - Holly in a mask controlled by Victor......

    1. I hadn't thought of Esme being alive making the confession worthless, mufasa. No wonder Nik looks so smug.

  6. I wish they would just stop this Crew pairing since it just isn't working. Sorry but Cam is looking prettier than Laura. The winds of Jacksonville didn't help much.

  7. So Holly washes ashore with only the clothes on her back and her Amex card? Within a day she has a new wardrobe and money for mani-pedi's and dining at the Metro Court. Only on a soap!


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