Friday, October 28, 2022

Don't Hate Me But...


Yep..another day! My Dad is coming in and well.. he tops GH --SORRY!! I'm not even sure when/if I'll get to Sunday Surgery. We shall see. 

Yesterday's show was sure a romantical bed-hoppin' one , no?? And Trina seeing Spencer was a riot LOL 

Here's hoping the most important thing on GH in years doesn't happen today and I'll miss it. 

Points to Ponder: 

Laura EVER coming back? 

The Hooker on Hold because Holly washed up? 

Does ANYONE like the Chase Singing thing? 

Did you love Georgie as much as I did? 


  1. Don't like the singing stories. I have 2 daughters, grown now, and the Georgie story is so true

  2. Of course your dad is more important!!!! :D

    "Points to Ponder:

    Laura EVER coming back?"

    I hope so!!!!!!!!

    "The Hooker on Hold because Holly washed up?"


    "Does ANYONE like the Chase Singing thing?"

    I do! Ever since he sang at the nurses ball in 2018 singing feel it still, I wanted him to sing more!!! Cus that was HOT! But I want his singing to be part of his life, not his whole life! I want him to be a cop again!!!! Stupid Brooky! GRRRRRRRRR!

    "Did you love Georgie as much as I did?"

    ROFL! Yes. Reminds me of a young Maxie. :)

  3. I have zero interest in Chase's singing, or him and Brooklyn as a couple. Let him be a cop again, please. Georgie cracked me up! Laura needs to return ASAP.

    1. His singing is Meh.... I like them as a couple but the singing part is dull for me too

  4. OMG! Won't spoil it....but really Alley Mills?

    1. Not a negative thing...but wow, did NOT see that coming even though I know R***** M*** is retired. I can't believe we got two legacy characters back in the episode. And i have to say William Moses looks exactly like how I would've envision an older Jeff Webber looking. I'm here for this...I hope this isn't a short-term thing.

    2. Well it definitely jumped out that way. I was shocked as she was barely on yet. And I didn't see that coming either but it should make for some interesting eps. And I said the same thing about Jeff Webber. Great choice. I hope he's here for a while too.

    3. Yes! With Jeff and H****** back, things could get interesting!

  5. Don't read if you haven't watched------
    BEYOND frustrating Michael is not with Willow at her appointment - clearly they are trying to push TJ and Willow bonding------------
    I am happy Olivia will have a storyline-----but really, H is back? and we have so much going on and a new storyline------when was the last time we discussed the hooker attacker????? Wonder what will be stirred up????
    -Wondered when someone would mention insider trading....
    at least Valentin is on Monday and isn't dead.....
    bye bye Cam----------
    Crew just ain't doing it for me - but I like her name Carly Spencer...
    finally--------so we were all led to believe Liz's parents were still overseas and they are just in California?????????? Remember when Franco tried to find them OVERSEAS before the wedding but just found Sarah????
    ---wonder if the pop star with Chase is someone we 'know'...

  6. Some great one liners today.. Some funny! If you haven't watched GH today and want to be surprised, DON'T read my comments.

    Montary CA: Huh?! Liz's parents aren't overseas anymore? I am so confused.

    Terry's car:

    Terry and Liz: They showed a flashback at a young teenage Liz! Great question Terry!! Is teenage Liz still in there? :) Oooo Terry are going to meet Liz's parents at a coffee shop.

    Coffee shop:

    Terry on the phone with Britch: Terry is on the phone with Britch work related, and when she comes back, Liz's parents are gone! Geez what the hell kind of people are they? What has Jeff become? Just walk out on Terry? That leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

    The Webber home: Liz breaks in! Oh oh the alarm went off. Okay I can see her parents wanting to come home because of the alarm, but not even telling Terry what is happening? They should have had Caroline stay, while Jeff goes home. I don't like Caroline and Jeff already. Ooooo pictures! A picture of Aubrey!!! :D Yup Jeff comes in to look at the alarm. Jeff you could have texted Terry to tell them of the alarm! Jerk! Where is Caroline? Right behind you? UGH! Really bugs me.

    Port Chuckles: Good morning Port Chuckians!!!

    Oscar's meadow: Today is Oscar's birthday. :( HAPPY BIRTHDAY OSCAR! Drew went to visit awwww. :) Joss went to visit him too! It's been 3 years since he has died. I'm glad Oscar wasn't forgotten!

    JossCar: Awww I miss Josscar! She talks to him about how she is dating Cam now, but things are changing with them. And she knows she should talk to him about it, but she is afraid he won't be able to handle it!! :(

    Q mansion:

    Brooky's bedroom:

    Brase: Yeah enjoy it now Brooky. Your relationship is on borrowed time.

    Olivia and Chase: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Olivia sees Chase naked and she draws the sign of the cross! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Q breakfast nook:

    The Q family: Of course there is more argument from Michael and Ned. Olivia is all embarrassed because she saw Chase naked. She says she forgot to knock on the door hahahahahaha.

    Brooky: We can say every women in this house has saw my boyfriend naked.

    ROFL! And the camera pans to Willow hahahahahaha.

    Olivia: I don't think Monica has.. Hahaha. And this is her house.

    ROFL! Olivia would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Chase: Alan gave it to her.


    Mildew and Chase: They went outside. And of course Michael has a phone call..

    1. Comment were too long.. Ah well.

      Willow, Chase, and Olivia: Willow kissed Chase on the cheek! I still love my Chillow.. I always will. I want them back together! Since Michael is on the phone, Olivia is going to drive Willow to her baby appointment. I thought Olivia was going to say that Chase can drive her.. Damn too bad she didn't.

      Ned and Brooky: Father and daughter scene. Love it. :)

      Ned and Drew: Damn Drew was so nice to Ned.. Then Michael walks in.

      Ned, Drew, and Michael: All hell breaks lose!!!!!

      Carly's home:

      Crew: All lovey dovey! :)

      The Tribbles: HI TRIBBLES! It's been awhile. Good to see you!!!! :D

      Carly and Bobbie: Bobbie has carpal tunnel on her wrist and it hurts. Carly helping her with it. I think it's a good idea to become a physical therapist Carly!!!! Yeah!! :) Carly is thinking about all the last names she doesn't want to use anymore.

      Bobbie: So what's left?

      ROFL! Ooooo Carly wants to be Carly Spencer!!! Made me all tear up! Awwwwwwww! LOVE IT! :D

      Carly, Bobbie, and Joss: Now you gotta tell Joss you are going to be a Spencer! :)

      Liz's home:

      Jam: Oh oh! They broke the rule!!! Oh they are busted anyway.. HI FINCHY HAHAHAHAHA!

      Cam and Finchy: Cam wins the line of the day.

      Cam: She doesn't need you to be her hero, because she is already her own hero.

      YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Cam what a smart young man you are! You deserve a standing ovation! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh wait Cam just had to tell Finchy, that Liz is in the same town as her parents are.. Ah well. Who cares. He deserves a metal for talking about how Liz is her own hero! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

      The hospital:

      Britch and TJ: TJ is worried about Willow! Awwww. :) TREEJ!!!!! :D

      Britch, Olivia and Willow: Britch had to tell Willow that TJ wants to observe her checkup.. Willow says of course we are friends. Uh huh.. TREEJ! :D

      Willow and Olivia: When Olivia said that she can be in the appointment with her until Michael shows up, Willow says no and acts strange, and Olivia noticed.

      Willow, TJ, and Britch: Willow might be in the 3rd stage of cancer. Really you are surprised Willow? You were warned. *Facepalm*

      Olivia, Finchy and strange woman: Olivia has a bad feeling and then this strange woman appears with two cops, who is wearing jail garb and knows Olivia. Olivia screams! WHAT THE HELL? I'm like who the hell is this woman? And on Twitter Mufasa says recast Heather.. SHE WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! RECAST HEATHER! Well she has got the mannerisms down pat. Very good! Finchy didn't know who that woman is. Great ending!

      Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to April 22nd 2005* Oh look! Little Michael is REALLY alive!!! There are 2 parts to it.

      Sidenote: Check this out. It's pretty cool. Holly slaps Luke and Victor, split screen.

  7. Haven't watched today's yet but I just read something I need to share. Ally Mills has been recast as Heather Webber. Saw this on FB. Look up Heather on Wikipedia. Has her as Heather starting in 2022.

    1. Oh. I love Robin Mattson. Think maybe she's ill??

    2. Yes, I have heard she is having some health issues and has retired. My guess is they were waiting awhile to see if she was healthy enough to return. I bet we would've seen her when Franco died, if she was.

  8. I will admit it: I loved Friday's episode. I will overlook the fact that Liz grew up in Colorado and not California. I suppose Jeff and Carolyn could've kept the same passcode.

    I loved the scene with the Q's and Ned telling Drew to knock off the "nice guy act." LOL It seems like the writers are listening to the fans somewhat with all the lovin' on Thursday, Drew showing some backbone on Friday, and ESPECIALLY Cam's conversation with Finn. Someone telling Finn to back off is long overdue.

    I even like Carly taking Spencer as her last name. Now I wish Michael would change his to Quartermaine.

    It looks like they are rebuilding the Webber family to be a thing on the show. I hope that is true.

    1. Loved all those things too. And I'm hoping Drew gets involved with saving someone from the hooker and his SEAL backbone makes a resurgence. A man can be soft spoken and still speak with steely breath and commanding eyes, and instill fear in his enemies without yelling or hurting them.

      As for the password, as people get older they're probably glad they have the old one. If you change it all the time, as recommended, it becomes harder to remember which one it is. lol And if they're not passing it out it should be safe.

  9. I forgot to mention; WHY do we have Heather again? Is this because of the Jeff Webber coming back thing? It's beyond HORRIBLE when we have SO MANY dropped story lines. Would be nice if Heather is the "hooker", but it wouldn't make any sense at all. They just need to finish the story plots they already have going on. Please.............

    1. Totally agree! They are going deeper into more stories without resolving existing ones, which there are too many of. Seems chaotic.

    2. 100 percent - finish Liz's story (which began Jan 9) and move on-----hooker story hasn't been mentioned in over a week---------------

  10. I know the show is overloaded and the cast is bloated. But I'm not going to complain about the re-introduction of two legacy characters from the show's heyday. 1976! Heather was the age of Josslyn when she was introduced and today she's being played by someone who is 71 years old. Boy do I feel old. Jeff Webber is Steve Hardy's son. Steve Hardy is the heart of General Hospital. It's been a giant missing whole that they haven't capitalized on this over the years. You know how every one hears "Wiley" a million times today? Well that was the case with Steven Lars in the late 70s/early 80s. The character was revisited briefly in the early 2000s, then again 10 years later and maddeningly they made him a murderer? William Moses looks uncannily like an aged Richard Dean Anderson - great casting. Jeff was a bit of a hot head so it will be interesting personality wise to see what the character is like all these years later. I'm willing to give Alley Mills a chance as Heather. My only complaint with Heather is that they've allowed her to become a cartoon over the years. In her prime, Robin Mattson's Heather was lethal because of how delivered her icy cold lines. She only turned into a cartoon when she came back in the 2000s. I personally preferred Mary O'Brien's interpretation of the character. I wonder what the virginal Anne Logan is up to lol.


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