Monday, October 3, 2022

How's JAIL Treating Ya?



Joss and Trina are in Charlie's...they can't find Dex on any social media platform. He's still "missing". Trina wants to know why she cares so much anyway. Joss hedges. Trina tells her about the Gallery being closed. 

Dante goes to Pozzluo's to see Sonny and ask where Dex is...Next Kristina comes in and asks about him because she doesn't like her new bodyguard. Sonny says she'll take who he gives her. She says she won't. Oh she's sassy.  WATCH THAT SCENE! LOL she and Dante compare mothers!! 

Liz and Greg talk about Reiko. Greg says they weren't really  talking when Reiko died. That's about it for that. 

Finn, Robert and Alexis await news of Diane. Finn tells them she is doing ok, not awake yet but not going to die.  Liz and Finn go check her vitals. Alexis thanks Greg for waiting with her. Then Sonny walks up and Alexis introduces Greg to him. 

Sasha goes to see Maxie and they hug. Sasha needs an outfit to wear for Brando's funeral. She only has the one she wore to Liam's. Maxie will help her out. Maxie gets an outfit for her. She tells her that it won't be easy but Sasha will get through this. She did when Nathan died. 

Carly and Drew :eyeroll: she wakes up and he had gone running. They talk about sleeping and techniques to sleep better. No I am not joking. Oh then they get breakfast in the room and he comes out of the shower in a towel. Oh brother.  He got her an interview with the local news station. 

Spencer gets hit by that guy in jail (he looks just like Brando). Anyway, finally Cyrus shows up and saves Spence. Spencer thinks it's a set up. Cyrus wanted to be able to "save" him. Cyrus says they are family. Spencer is like "I don't care". 


Joss goes to see Sonny and sees that goonie guy with the big knife instead

Robert and Dante list the clues to the killer: Sonny, Jingling noise and no bloody clothes. 


  1. -----Carly and Drew are annoying - he is on my last nerve trying to flirt -----it's like a bad Hallmark movie and I don't even like the good Hallmarks.....Honestly I think LW asked for a storyline completely away from PC but it's boring - no chemistry
    ----Maxie was WONDERFUL with Sasha - so real-----
    -----weird that Alexis didn't tell Sonny that Greg is Finn and Chase's dad - Chase is dating Sonny's goddaughter for crying out loud....
    ------we all know Joss is gonna find and save Dex.....
    ------I LIKE that Kristina likes Dex but we never saw or heard "Dex is guarding you 24/7"---he has been with Sonny and was protecting Diane kinda/sorta
    ------interesting concept that Spencer thinks Cyrus planned Book's attack - I don't....but I like them together!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -----so I also read Liz flies to wherever Finn and his wife were living when she died----why go away to a place from years ago? Maybe it's a rumor --------but that takes money and time away from your kids LOL
    -----maybe I missed this but is anyone trying to find WHERE you can obtain the poison on the hook? cause that would be a clue....

    1. A bad Harlequin movie has more action. lol

      Loved the scene with maxie and Sasha. Like you real.

  2. I absolutely have to watch GH tonight on Hulu because it has Cyrus. I have so missed him. The scenes with him and Spencer should be good. And with Kristina also, we don't see enough of her.

  3. The Jacksonville storyline is as painful as the Nixon Falls storyline was. SNOOZE FEST. I was much happier thinking the plane had crashed and this was all in Carly's comatose brain.

    1. yep at least Nixon Falls had Lenny and Phyllis!

    2. Yeah I wish it was a dream too. :(

  4. Florida:

    Crew: Drew!!!! Did you really have to come out in just a towel? *Drool* :D Whew glad he put his clothes on. :) I'm glad he is there to help Carly. Now stop talking and have Zex!!!! Preferably the way Vanna did! ;)

    Port Chuckles:

    Sonny's fake restaurant:

    Krissy, Sonny, and Dante:

    Sonny: You got it?

    Krissy: No I don't got it.

    I thought for sure Krissy would yell at her dad and whine about how he is controlling her life like her mom is. But nooooooooooooo. She eventually kisses him on the cheek!!!! Great scene. :) Love Krissy and Dante comparing mothers! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Who's mom is worse? Hmmm! ROFL!

    Jail library:

    Bully and Spencer: GAH! Did they really have to reshow that bully hitting Spencer with that book?! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR LEAVE HIM ALONE BULLY! WHOA CYRUS YAY!

    Bully and Cyrus: The bully wins the line of the day.

    Bully: You are a regular walking after school special.


    Cyrus and Spencer: Spencer soooooooooo suspicious of Cyrus! ROFL! Come on Spencer. He is your uncle! :)

    Maxie's deception office:

    Maxie and Sasha: So sad. :( Maybe the Tribbles can cheer you up. Or Badger Bob. Who is going to be the next Conservatorship? Probably Gladys! Can we hurry with this though? Poor Sasha can't do anything!!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Joss and Trina: Joss you really should chill out about Dexxy poo or Trina is going to think you are interested in him.. Which of course you are. :) Joss isn't even saying we are friends.. Man Joss if Cam was here, he would be jelly and suspicious.

    Joss, Trina, and Krissy: DAMN! Even Krissy is talking about Dexxy poo!!! Krissy is interested in Dexxy poo too!!!! :)

    Joss and Trina: And off Joss goes to be with Dexxy poo! :)

    Sonny's fake restaurant part 2:

    Joss and Carver: Oh oh. Carver has a knife! We have to protect badger Bob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We don't need to protect Joss. She can handle herself. She is her mother's daughter. :)

    The hospital:

    Gregory, Alexis, and Finchy: DIANE IS OKAY! YAY!!!!! Uh Finchy, HIPAA!!!!!!

    Gregory and Alexis: Awwww they are friends. :) Friends can turn into more!!!! :D

    Gregory, Alexis, and Sonny: Hmmm. How come Alexis didn't introduce Gregory as FInchy and Chase's dad to Sonny?

    Gregory and Finchy: Yeah no Gregory, Liz isn't asking about Reiko because she is insecure!

    Fiz and Diane: DIANE!!! We get to see her! YAY! Hmmm. What's with the tubes? is she in a coma?

    1. not a coma - Liz even said she is able to wake from surgery---loved the ending montage-----interesting that she remembers a woman - hopefully they will show more of the attack so we will see it----

    2. "a regular walking after school special." lMAO That was funny.

      And I think Joss is worried because she knows if Sonny suspects him he's probably dead meat. Can't wait to see her reaction when she finds him. Look out Sonny!! And I hope Dex's guard is wearing a cup. lol

    3. "mufasa says, not a coma - Liz even said she is able to wake from surgery---"

      I know, but what was with the tubes? Ava didn't have that. Or did she? I don't remember. ROFL!

      "Di says "a regular walking after school special." lMAO That was funny."

      Hahahaha yeah it was! :)

      "I hope Dex's guard is wearing a cup. lol"

      ROFL! I hope so too!!!!

  5. you know IF Esme IS Felicia's kid and Cody IS Mac's kid--------that makes Esme and Cody something?????? although with Mac has Cody's dad, I am rethinking that the writers will change Esme being Felicia's??????????????

  6. SO happy to see Cyrus. I hope he is a 'man of God' for getting out of prison purposes only. He and Spencer together are a big plus.
    Ryan in the previews. Esme is close. I fear she is the hookster. Or not.
    Poor Maxie needs wardrobe help.

  7. Wasn't 'Book' a temp recast for Brando a while back?

  8. I had to fast forward Carly and Drew-so incredibly uninteresting. Drew has nothing to do but be at everyone's beck and call. Maxie was great with Sasha but does she not have a little time to get those roots done? Nicer outfit, though. Like Cyrus interacting with Spence.

    1. Maybe Kristen is trying to grow her hair out and is happy with her look, and her clothes ( which she may help choose) because she's comfortable. Daily body shaming is unnecessary.


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