Monday, October 17, 2022

Is It Monday?


AGAIN????? what. Time--whips on by. 

FLORIDA: Don't care. I guess Virginia needs to be moved. Bobbie goes up to talk to Drew.  She's worried about her daughter.  Then she checks in her room. 

Peyton apologizes to Carly.  She's ashamed of her actions. She's just so sorry. They make up. That's about it. 

Drew and Carl talk about Florida. Carly says she was a miserable daughter. Has regrets. 

Mac, Felicia and Scottie talk about Dominique's son... Mac tells Scotty he might be his. Scotty can't understand. They explain about Leopold and Dominique. Scotty has no idea if Dominique had a kid. But he thinks Cody Bell is BAD NEWS! 

Britt and Cody at Kelly's.  Talking about Lack of Texts.  She mentions that she knows Mac might be Cody's daddy.  He doesn't think he's good enough for Mac Scorpio. She's trying to tell him to get the DNA testing done. She talks him into it and called Mac. They'll be getting it done soon. 

Personally I wish Elizabeth was on instead of 1/2 this. 

Anna and Lucy talking about Victor and Victor overhearing.  Lucy basically spills their whole plan. She tells Anna she also told Marty the entire plan. Anna's angry. Lucy says she's doing a great job.  Lucy leaves in a huff and says she won't stop seeing Victor. 

Valentin knocks on Victor's door.  Victor knows something is up. He tells Valentin it's time to "reward him".  Valentin has to leave NOW right NOW to go see Charlotte. On Vic's private plane. 

Lucy goes to Victor's room.. he says 'star of the show" .. 


  1. The most uninteresting stories take center stage.
    All I wanted today was for Anna to be Anna and rip that necklace off Lucy's neck. Oh well.
    Really don't care about Cody's parentage.

    1. me too!! Just rip it off. I also think the scenes were SO SHORT again. I hate that

  2. THE funniest line of the day - maybe the week - is when Anna "You can't have your cake and eat it too" and Lucy replied "DUH that's the point of cake" - I am SOOOOOO gonna use that line......
    ----wonder if the listening device is only live?
    -----the ONLY purpose of Carly in Florida and singing Kum Ba Ya with Peyton is LW wanted a storyline only for her away from others-----------she hasn't changed and still won't tell Willow and Nina the what was the point?
    ------boring day BUT lots of vets so I am happy.......
    -------don't think Mac is the father - maybe SCOTT is?????Cody is growing on me when he's not cocky....
    ------Yep, Valentin is gonna go off screen and film his new show-----Victor will hold him hostage BUT how much longer CAN Victor stay?
    ---------no Esme/Austin/Liz and the list continues to grow...

    1. And, how many times can Victor kidnap Valentin?

    2. "Mufasa says, Valentin is gonna go off screen and film his new show"

      YUP! But a temporary missing V.C. is :'(

    3. So true about the funniest line of the day. I loved it and yup, I'm stealing it too! LOL!

  3. Somebody is after Lucy. Must be Victor, but looks like "the hooker", and I still don't think Valentin is Victor's son.

    1. Me too - especially if he wants to kill Valentin

    2. I don't think Victor has said one word of truth since his arrival.

  4. Jacksonville Florida:

    Bobbie and Drew: Awwww Bobbie.. Good mama wants her daughter happy. Love Bobbie's dress!

    Payton and Carly: Oh come on! Payton was all GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR at first, now she is all candy and roses? No no no! Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Carly and Drew:

    Drew: How does that make you feel?

    Is Drew a therapist now? Is it time to go back to Port Chuckles?

    Port Chuckles:

    Chandler Mansion:

    Anna and Lucy: It's really too late anyway Anna!!!! Victor knows all now!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Mac, Felicia, and Scotty: SCOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! MAC AND FELICIA YAY!!!!!! :) Oh I like that Felicia is sticking up for Cowboy Cody. She is right though. Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: This whole thing. I'm sorry, but has left me flat footed.

    ROFL! Poor Scotty! :)

    Metrocourt hotel:

    V.C. and Victor: Oh oh! V.C. don't get too trusting and comfortable with Victor..

    Victor on his phone: Oh oh. He is going to try to kill V.C. isn't he? EEP!

    Victor and Lucy: Oh Lucy why did you have to go back?!?!! You better be careful!!!

    Chandler Mansion part 2:


    Anna: We have a Lucy problem.

    ROFL! You have a Victor problem too!


    Cowboy Cody and Britch: The only thing interesting in this scene is Cowboy Cody agreeing to take the DNA test and calling Mac, and wanting to help Britch with that Hiney's box.. Why Cowboy Cody? Why?! You got something in that box that is yours? Hmmmmmmmm?

    Sidenote: I have been meaning to show you this.. An interview with Marcus Coloma, Charles Shaughnessy, James Patrick Stuart, and THE TRIBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D This is from Aug 29th. I don't know if anybody saw this.

    1. I was so glad Lucy got all up in Anna's case. Serves her right, lol! And Mufasa above had a great line of the day. :)
      Anna "You can't have your cake and eat it too" and Lucy replied "DUH that's the point of cake" OMG, best line ever, and I'm going to use it too! :)

      Cowboy Cody is as crooked as a dog's hind leg. I'm with Scottie, run Mac, run!!

      Drew as a therapist is an insult to the original character. He's got great abs, though! :)

  5. This week's promo! OH MY! :D

  6. Why are the playing Anna and Valentin like they are dumb....WHY....

    1. Anna's dumbness began years ago when Cesar was still alive. She cried in front of him. Since then the character has been weakened and "dumbed". Lately it seemed she was coming back.

  7. Too funny that Esme is gone 2 weeks or whatever and looks 6 months pregnant and Willow isn't showing at all.


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