Friday, November 19, 2021

Welp, Hang on to Ya Hats....

 Sasha's screaming, Liz seems to think something is wrong. They get the doctor and do an ultrasound. Emergency C-section. She's got a placenta abruption. It happened probably when her water broke. 

OMG BROOK TELLS Valentin the baby isn't his!! They are sobbing!! OMG!! He's so upset that she would do this to him over stock. She says it wasn't she has to explain it all to him. 

Nina is at GH for Sasha..runs into Maxie. Maxie is frantic. Maxie says if Valentin finds out maybe he'll help them! Nina says: unlikely LOL Nina realizes that her making Sonny love her is like Brook making Val love the baby. 

Chase is starting to piece things together while drinking at the bar. Has flashbacks to talks with Brook. He calls the PCPD to get the EZ Pass records from Brook Lyn's car. He finds out it was Beecher's Corners. Bobbie is in Charlie's too and says how nice Beecher's Corners is..she was there Memorial Day. He asks why. She says she sees no reason not to say anything now. But she was going to deliver Maxie's baby so Peter couldn't find her. OH MAN....Chase is going to figure this out!! Bobbie says Maxie wanted to protect her baby from Peter. 

Sonny and Carly. Carly pushes him and pushes him about making Nina pay. He says if the do that it will be "denying who I've become"!!! Carly almost faints!! Sonny does a lovely speech about being Mike and being scared not knowing who he was and the only friends he had were Nina, Lenny and Phyllis. OMG This is so good. He's quiet and just being sincere. Carly's not even ready.  Sonny starts to tell her about Nina and then BOBBIE WALKS IN. He's like OMG! HI! I gotta leave..see ya. LOL . Later she wonders if Jason is the reason Sonny is upset. Carly says no. Bobbie says "oh that's good because 3 in a marriage is not a good thing" Pffffffft. 

Willow and Michael. Willow is BOXING AHHAHSHSA. She tells him about the park and Nina and of course, his rabid mother.  They decide to go to NYC for the Thanksgiving Day parade. 

Cassadine Island: Everyone is in the tunnel. Drew and Jason follow. Dr O Says they are going to collapse at any minute. All of a sudden they are lost and Drew comes out with a gun and holds it at Peter. Jason shoots Peter in the arm when he goes to pull the card out. There's a shoot out. Then the guard gives up. Then PETER IS GONE. of course. Then he's back shooting! The entire tunnel collapses. 


Nina ends up in Charlie's looking for Phyllis...Sonny walks in

Baby is born.. Mondays show has Sasha hemorrhaging

Chase comes into Brook/Val's room and says HE'S BAILEY'S FATHER!! He's going to protect The baby too! OH wow 


  1. Brooklyn and Chase were never an item, correct? Never hooked up, correct?
    So Chase has figured out that Bailey is Louise?

    1. Sure looks like Chase figured it out. About time someone did.

  2. Cassadine Island:

    The caves: So much talk no action.. Oh look a stand off.. Oh look Hiney shot in the arm. Meh. We have been disappointed so many times, that I am putting my guard up. Jason and Britch hug and it looks like he wanted to kiss her. Oh look a cave in.. Meh. Hiney can escape it I'm sure..

    Port Chuckles:

    Boxing gym:

    Mildew: Blah blah blah zzzzzzzzzzz. Oh look the gloves says punch. Like Mildew are a couple of idiots that don't know what to do with the gloves. Oh wait.

    Charlie's pub and restaurant: YES CHASE! I love that Chase is a detective and is figuring the truth out about Brooky!

    Chase and Bobbie: Oh great scene!!! :) Love it!!! Thank you Bobbie! :)Now Chase you just have to find the Tribbles.

    Rice plaza:

    Carson: Oh great scene. No Carly things are not back to normal! Come on Sonny! You and Nina were more than friends!! You are in wuv with her. Tell Carly!!! OH! OH! HE IS GOING TO! Oh crap hi Bobbie. :) Well Sonny got out of their quickly ROFL!

    Carly and Bobbie: Poor Cujo so confused and sad. Oh I can't wait until she learns the truth! :) *Evil look*

    The hospital:

    Nina and Maxie: Maxie wins the line of the day.

    Maxie: When it comes to the truth, isn't it like better late than never?


    Sasha's room:

    Oh man! Sasha is yelling loud! :) Time to get Laborio out!!

    Nina, Maxie, and Brando: Wait wait. Come on Brando. You and Sasha have a name for your baby! Laborio! Why did you say no when they asked if you named the baby yet? Was Laborio a joke? I hope not. I want to call him Boris!

    C-section room: Man that cutting of the abdomen looked so real!! BRAVO!

    Brasha: I don't want Sasha or the baby to die. :( Sure at first when Sasha overdosed on drugs, I said goodbye!! It didn't bother me if she died, but now, she has a baby and is with Brando.. I want both of them to LIVE! The baby awwww. :)

    V.C. and Brooky: What a great scene!!!!!! V.C. is devastated!!! He broke my heart! :( TELL HIM THE REST OF THE TRUTH BROOKY!!! Don't make him think it was only because of ELQ stock!!

    V.C., Brooky, and Chase: CHASE! Awwwwwwwwwwww! You are so sweet! :(

    Flashback Friday: Still a tribute to Alice. *Jumps into my time machine to go to April 23rd 2010* Alice as jury foreman.

    1. Oh and I keep forgetting to mention that the other day when Gladys and Brando brang Sasha to the hospital, and Gladys was talking to Brando, I'm thinking has she changed? Hmmmm. I mean the way she was talking to him.. Hmmmm.

      "Karen says Baby is born.. Mondays show has Sasha hemorrhaging"

      OH! Thanks. I thought it was the baby that was hemorrhaging!

    2. lol Actually the phrase of the day for me went to Dr. O when she was thanking everyone, including Jason and he said Credit goes to Drew and Britt, and Liesel said: ":I know I was just trying to be inclusive." lol

    3. "Di says, lol Actually the phrase of the day for me went to Dr. O when she was thanking everyone, including Jason and he said Credit goes to Drew and Britt, and Liesel said: ":I know I was just trying to be inclusive." lol"

      Hahaha yeah that was really good too, but Maxie's line killed me! ROFL! Oh Maxie!!!! Hahahaha.

    4. I liked that one too, but I picked Liesl for mine cause it was so out of character for her. lol I liked everything Maxie said.

    5. "Di says, I liked that one too, but I picked Liesl for mine cause it was so out of character for her."

      Yeah that's true hahahaha.

  3. When Gladys came to town claiming her son was dead was there ever any mention of who his father was?
    They will all escape and Hiney will be gone...again. They will never kill him.(Hope I'm wrong).

  4. I thought that they were going to have a tribute to Stuart Damon? Did I miss it? (I admit, I don't watch very much anymore, but touch base with what's going on with the show).

    1. No they haven't had it yet. I don't know when they are going to have it.

  5. I taped the Talk today (ugh) because they had the SoapHub awards. Laura, Steve B. Won for favorite actors on GH, N. Chavez (Spencer) won for best newcomer and GH won for best show. Of course Laura had to mention her handsome boyfriend, gag! I like the depth to Sonny now. He is really bringing out the harpy in Carly though.

    1. Yup. Signifys Peter isn't going anywhere. This is ruining my favorite show GH for me. Cam barely stomach things.

  6. Does anyone know for sure if Steve Burton is leaving GH? Or is this all just a plot for November sweeps about the vaccine?

  7. I heard a fan suggest an idea that I found kinda interesting. Instead of writing Jax out, recast the character with William DeVry (ex-Julian), and eventually re-pair him with Alexis. Those two definitely had chemistry and they wrote Julian into a corner, so this possibly would be a good way to restore a popular pairing.

    1. Kevin, I love this idea! Also, if Steve Burton leaves he can be recast with Billy Miller. How crazy would that be?

    2. Yeah Kevin I saw that post.. THAT would be very interesting. :)


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