Monday, November 22, 2021

No Vax-Jax is Off

 MONDAY! And it's cold here--snow in the air! I think we are due for some inches tonight? Not sure. We know it's coming soon! 

Sasha's baby is taken to the NICU. She's still being operated on. She passes out. Brando has to leave the room. 

Brando sees Maxie and sobs. She hugs him, tells him to hold on to the first time he saw the baby. He says it was wonderful. But he's scared because the baby isn't breathing. Yada yada, Sasha is ok and he goes to see her. The doctor says they can't see the baby. I think it's because he's probably been airlifted out? 
Weird part of the show: No Gladys? Huh? 

Nina and Sonny at Charlie's... Nina tells him that Sasha had an emergency C-Section. He says he's going to the hospital. Nina says ok... gets really upset. Sonny turns to go and sees her shaky, sitting at the table. Hesitates. GOES BACK to sit with her!! OMG!! They talk about Sasha and the lie she told Nina. They talk about people lying. Nina says that when she met Mike, he was the kindest person she had ever known and she couldn't lose that. SUCH GOOD DIALOG you must watch!! 

Jax tells Carly he's leaving town. Blah Blah Blah... whatever. He's out. He says he probably won't be home for Christmas or Thanksgiving. All Carly does is yell at him about Nina. MY GOD SHUT UP!! 

Cassadine Collapse: Peter gets up and picks up a rock to bash in a passed out Drew's head. Drew fights back, Peter runs. Britta is not doing well but yells for Jason. He's in the part of the tunnel that's sealed off. Drew tries to dig him out. Not happening. 

Back in the house, Peter is leaving and Robert stops him at the door with a gun. Anna stops on his hand. Next scene Peter is chained. They ask where everyone is. He says the tunnel collapsed. Robert keeps a gun on him. Anna calls Valentin...tells him what's happening. He almost breaks down but doesn't tell her about Bailey. Anna goes to the tunnels. Gets everyone and Drew wants to stay to dig out Jason but the tunnel starts caving in again. 

They got to the house . everyone is sitting around saying how they want to kill Peter. Search and rescue is coming for Jason. 

Valentin doesn't believe Chase that Bailey is his. Chase acts really mean to Brook and says he has a DNA test to prove it. They argue. Brook sells the fact that yes, Chase is the Dad. Valentin is heartbroken. Chase and Brook Lyn leave. Chase in the hall: I know that Peter is Baileys' father and Maxie is her mother. They talk about the whole ruse and why they did it. 


Jax walks in and sees Nina and Sonny talking. He tells her to be careful

Valentin makes a phone call (revenge on Brook?)

Peter talks the idiot WSB agents into letting him call Maxie. He says he's coming home to her. 

The end is a shot of the tarot card, laying on the ground. 


  1. so the tarot card-----wonder if a tarot card from any old deck will work? cause Peter's gonna ask to see Drew and try to train him and then 'where is that tarot card'?
    still think Valentin shoulda been told THE TRUTH - cause he WOULD understand.......of all people...WSB agents are very stupid....
    guess we don't see Jax and Joss saying goodbye......

    1. "Mufasa said WSB agents are very stupid."

      In the 1980's they weren't... 2021 they are now.

    2. that is what I meant! Gosh, Anna, Robert, Frisco, etc. were SOOOO good....these people are pitiful!

    3. Yeah Mufasa they ARE pitiful!

  2. Cassadine island cave: Of course Hiney is still around and kicking UGH! I'm so glad Dr. O and Britch are okay. Jason, well, I don't know. Maybe the Tribbles are in the caves too. ANNA AND ROBERT! YAY! The heros. :) Dr. O wins the line of the day.

    Dr. O: Perhaps you would like to ring for tea and crumpets?


    Casssadine island home: Yes poison! Drain cleaner! WHATEVER! Just KILL HIM! Oh I guess he will just go to jail... Yes jail so that we will never see him again.

    WSB and Hiney: NO YOU IDIOTS! DON'T LISTEN TO HIM! He can escape you know! I can't believe those guys let him call Maxie.. Unbelievable!

    Port Chuckles:

    Rice plaza:

    Jax and Carly: Yeah I'm not calling them CarJax. He doesn't deserve it.

    Jax: I'm leaving town.

    Goodbye. Ciao. Sayonara! Hope you never step foot in Port Chuckles again. Oh Carly hush up, and let him go!!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Sonny and Nina: Oh what a great scene. BRAVO! I wonder if Laura Wright watched the scenes of them today. :) Nina and her talk about people controlling her.. WOW! :) So good.

    Sonny: What we had in Nixon Falls, was not love. It was a lie.

    Suuuuure Sonny. Keep trying to convince yourself of that.. Good luck with that.

    Jax and Nina:

    Nina: Sonny doesn't think of me that way.

    Sure Nina. Keep trying to convince yourself of that. See how far you go. :)

    Jax: Then what did I just walk in on?

    HAHA EXACTLY! :) Jax can see it.. I can see it. :)

    Nina: You saw a man comforting someone in need.

    NOT! :)

    Nina: Sonny and I don't have a future.

    Oh boy. I feel a forshadowing coming.

    The hospital:

    V.C., Chase, and Brooky: Great scene!!! :) Chase you are the sweetest guy, but Brooky needs to tell V.C. the whole truth and nothing but.

    V.C. on the phone with Anna: Awwww. She knows something is wrong.. Love them.

    V.C. on the phone with revenge: Hmm I wonder what he is going to do.

    Chase and Brooky: Awwww I love Brase! :)

    Brasha: Oh no! I don't want Sasha or the baby to die. :(

    Brando and Maxie: GREAT SCENE! Brando is a wreck. The actor is doing a great job! Great acting right there!! :)

    Maxie on the phone: Love that she was talking to her mother on the phone.. Asking about her kids. She can't talk to them right now because they went to sleep.

    1. Great show yesterday, and Dr. O had the best lines. I'm with her...DRAIN CLEANER!!!

      WSB made me sick letting sicko Hinny call Maxie. What the ever living hell??!!

      VC broke my heart. I wanted Cujo to just shut up. BLQ and Chase were fantastic as were Brando and Maxie, and there was enough eye acting between Nina and Sonny that made my head spin. In a good way, lol!

      If Jason is out (which I don't think he is) I think Drew and Britta might make a good couple. I think I might have seen a spark between those two. :)

    2. "Julie H says, Great show yesterday, and Dr. O had the best lines. I'm with her...DRAIN CLEANER!!!"

      Hahahaha. Yeah that was really funny too. Okay she wins the lines of the day.

      "WSB made me sick letting sicko Hinny call Maxie. What the ever living hell??!!"

      I know! I couldn't believe it!!

      "VC broke my heart."

      Yeah. Mine too. :(

      "I wanted Cujo to just shut up."

      Yeah tell me about it.

      "BLQ and Chase were fantastic as were Brando and Maxie,"


      "and there was enough eye acting between Nina and Sonny that made my head spin. In a good way, lol!"

      Haha love their scenes! SO GOOD! :)

      "If Jason is out (which I don't think he is)"

      It's a head spinner! :)

      "I think Drew and Britta might make a good couple."

      Drew and Britta? I don't know.. Hmmmm.

      "I think I might have seen a spark between those two. :)"

      Oh? :) I haven't yet. Maybe I will see it soon.

  3. I will not believe Jason is dead unless the producers release a statement about Steve Burton. I think it will be mum's the word until February sweeps. when Jason returns to town.

    Also, did you catch Drew's mention of the other woman who was being held captive? I think Victor is holding Holly for leverage over Robert.

    1. Yes I was thinking Holly but i don't know if the actress can come back, so maybe they'll go with hayden. I much prefer Holly.

      I'm also thinking ? Jason may only be gone a short time as it hasn't been long enough for the 2nd shot to kick in yet if he got vaccinated. I'm hoping it won't be that long though.

    2. I was thinking and hoping it was Holly, but yes, I read that she's a covid long hauler. Best wishes to her.

      Pretty sure St. Jason will be back, I just don't have a clue when. :)

  4. As a GH lifer, an occasional commentator and a lover of this blog I think I've been clear that I CAN NOT stand the Peter storyline. But my hair is on fire thinking about how the powers that be allowed yesterday's script plot point. A known stalker, abuser, who is also a murdered, kidnapper, etc. etc. and who is finally in custody should never be allowed by the acquiescence of law enforcement to contact the victim in the case. Made my skin crawl.

    1. Made a lot of people's skin crawl.I guess the next step is to let the stalker out on bail so he can finish off his victim. that seems to be the way it goes these days.

  5. Confirmed by Soaps In Depth website.......Last airdate for Steve Burton was Nov. 19th. Let go for refusing vaccine.


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