Sunday, November 7, 2021

Sunday Surgery: The Ties That Bind


I think the dialog department must stay awake at night typing because this show has so many characters with SO many words!! LOL I've peeked at other soaps and GH by far, beats them out in the narrative department. Sometimes that's a good thing-- sometimes not so much. Great movement on canvas this week with good humor so I was a happy camper. 

Grab ya coffee or beverage of choice and let's do this! 

The ties that bind. Father's sons... Mother's and daughters... prisoners and groupies... husbands and wives... the past and the present. GH was full of it this week!! I especially liked the movement of everyone. No longer to we have people in rooms of just 2 for the whole show. I've noticed way more people in scenes lately. They popped for some extras too! 


ACID ATTACK OF THE WEEK:  Oh yeah... Obrect using the materials at HAND throws it on Peter. YEAH everyone!! Well, until that idiot makes it back into the boat-house and causes chaos. 

HARPOON OF THE WEEK: It's not often I can say "harpoon" ...which is a delightful word!! Anyway, after dousing Peter with acid, Dr. O flees to the boat house and Britta, thinking she's an intruder, shoots her in the sternum. Hopefully not a life threatening injury because I can't live in a world without Obrect. 

WUSSY OF THE WEEK: Even Britt was begging him to let loose.  Um, Jason didn't take the shot!! WTF!! St. Jaysus of Jaysus didn't take the shot that could have freed everyone? Um.. derp. He actually sets down his gun and now we have to watch Petra for another how many weeks? Color me depressed. 


GIDDY OF THE WEEK:  Well, this was a delight!! Carly was actually happy for Sam, showing her happiness and doing it in an INSIDE VOICE!! WOW!! Sonny also approves of Dante and Sam. It was a cute scene full of champagne. 

UT OH OF THE WEEK: Um.. Olivia!! We know you're in the cups but... !! And poor Nedly. After funding and entire National Geographic show for you and buying you a cute pic from the Gallery, sees this?? Thank goodness Robert knows how to take a punch. A note about the painting Ned gave Olivia. There's a scene where she gets very drunk and dials the Animal shelters to give money because she sees a really sad commercial. It's hysterical. I couldn't find the clip on You Tube but here's a link to Twitter to watch:  CRYING FOR DOGS 

PUNCHES OF THE WEEK: Who beat the living daylights out of Joey Novak? Most assume it's Sonny. We say Mystery Hat Guy lurking and looking at Joey on the docks. He must be some OG style mobster that knows how to use brass knuckles or something. I didn't even see a baseball bat!! Anyway, Sonny takes advantage of the situation, tells Novak to give him his territory and wants him to disappear. Sonny got to puff out his chest and talk about "hubris" and pretend he's still a giant gangster. We know Mike's in there, so keep trying!!  

So, Esme is in volunteer mode to be close to Ryan. Is she his daughter or his groupie? Based on Harmony's talk about being in the cult, I'm thinking she's some serial killer wanna be. Notice how she's trying to get Cam, Joss and Spencer into a cabin together? That's ax-murderer material. I'm here for it. 

TALK OF THE WEEK: Ok, if you read historical romance, you see what happening here. In a nice web of what's expected as opposed to what is wanted, Spencer is drawn to Trina in ways he doesn't yet understand. No one has really spoken to him as bluntly as she. He wants her approval. He already has a girlfriend that he talks about and seems to care about so why this? Oh that's the beauty of these types of love stories. Slow burns and realizations that come with time. Trina is saying words rarely heard by female soap characters: I'm worth better; I don't need anyone by myself and DO BETTER. :clapping: Love her. 

BIZZARO OF THE WEEK:  Oh, Elizabeth had the strangest week. First, the writers do great and remember she is an artist who did do some police sketches at one time. She draws a pic for Portia who uses it to identify Hat Guy as the same person that came into GH and also asked questions about Curtis at the Savoy. SO good. BUT! Then in a weirdly edited segment, Liz is suddenly talking to Carly about Nina and how she should get revenge. Why? Because Nina kept Sonny away from  his family. (which she sure did with Jake Doe/Jason back in the day) "I would seek revenge on whoever hurt my family"...and gives a sinister look. There was a spoiler for the day that she was supposed to be talking to Terry so I can only imagine whatever triggered this was left on the cutting room floor. 

PAROLE OF THE WEEK: Alexis gets sprung by our governor of NY and she's a little stunned. Everyone was telling her to take the deal and now, it was just handed to her. I'm hoping Shawn and TJ/Molly stay at the Lakehouse with her!! 

DEAL OF THE WEEK: So, after the whole "in the van' trying to record Nikolas, Shawn decides to take the money he's offering and call the Hayden thing off. I think the writers wanted it DONE with if you know what I mean (wink). Shawn gets a huge chunk for a "non-profit" and is free to go out and investigate Naomi's death. Hopefully from Alexis' lake house :) 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Give it up for Nicholas Chavez. Way to own the character of Spencer! Wow...just a really great scene. Normally when guys cry it can go one of two ways; over done or cringy. This was neither. It fit the dialog perfectly and was executed with a chef's kiss.  Much to my surprise, Spencer is giving up the "title" and fortune after his talk with Aunt Alexis and mostly, Trina.  The best part of this? Spencer's developing depth of character He's not a one-note spoiled rich kid. Hopefully we will be in the front seat for his journey on his own. 


Obrect throws acid on Peter's hand but gets speared by Britt in the boathouse

Jason lays down his weapon for Peter

Dante and Sam show off their partnership to Carson. They approve

Joey threatens Carly at the Savoy, is beaten within an inch of his life outside

Sonny takes over the Novak territory

Gladys spends Brook Lynn's money. Franco is hoping she'll spill some secrets 

Elizabeth lends her support to Carly to seek revenge on Nina 

Esme shames Josslyn into wanted to go all the way with Cam

Shawn takes the deal with Nikolas and gets money for a non-profit 

Alexis is granted a pardon

Anna and Valentin offer Victor a way out 

Esme tells Ryan that everything is going according to plan

Ned bankrolls a National Geographic art showing in Olivia's name at The Jerome Gallery

Olivia grabs Robert for a kiss; Ned punches him

SCOOPS:  Victor makes a deal, Liz finds Cam and Joss get busy and Sonny meets with Ms WU!! 

That's a WRAP!  You think we'll have the Trivia Contest?? I'm also wondering what Esme's next move will be  once she finds out that her Prince gave up everything.  Laura is due to come home. I'd like to see Sonny deal with the fact he just took over a giant chunk of DRUG Territory from the Novaks. I know Sonny... Drugs? The horror!!  Hopefully Mystery Hat Guy will out himself soon too. Sprina are the highlight for me lately. 

See you soon! Cheers!! 

See ya during the week! 


  1. Great SS! Thank you for explaining that awful dog painting. It seemed so weird and I have no recollection of that prior scene. I feel very bad for Ned at this point. If Olivia feels they “have been separated for over a year” then she needs to move out already. I’m not loving her recently.

    1. Me too. Yup, Ned made a big mistake but she did forgive him and now sounds like she didn't. I too was confused about an ugly dog painting. lol

      And, Ned is at this point just looking out for the best interest of Leo and she is in such denial.

    2. Oh, I totally remember that scene with Olivia crying about the animals! Thanks for the link, it was just as good to watch the second time around!

  2. How long has it been since Curtis has seen his Dad? IDK. Maybe his Dad, or maybe someone else.

    Loved the Spencer scene. Finally seeing some good acting from him. MAYBE he will turn over a new leaf thanks so Trina. We shall see. He really does like and respect Trina deep down.

    Peter...... Nothing good to say there EVER.

    Shawn giving up the Hayden thing when he's been so obsessed........ Makes no sense.

    I didn't see the Liz scenes, but sounds like some terrible terrible editing this week for that.

    Glad Alexis is out of jail. Hope they give her a good storyline. More Alexis and less of The Three Stooges needed

    I still think that Esme is a "serial killer wanna be", and not Ryan's daughter. I feel that everyone doesn't need to be related like they are always.

    I love Obrecht too. She won't die

    And, Robert did kiss Olivia back. lol

  3. Thank you Karen as always for all that you do each and every day. You are very much appreciated!!!!!!!!

  4. I remember that earlier drunk Olivia scene well! She watched the dog rescue commercial (implied to be the one with the sad Sarah McLachlan song) and called in to save ALL the dogs. LOL It happened way back when she and Ned were falling for each other.

    I think Esme is a groupie but someone on Twitter came up with what I think would be a good idea (although it's too late now). What if Esme is really Lila Rae Quartermaine, Skye's daughter? That would've been great. A next-gen Tracy to bedevil the Q's. Oh, well.

    I mostly enjoyed the past week but it made NO sense for Liz to be on Carly's side. I suppose it could be she feels powerless that she can't get justice for Franco.

    Going forward: Let's get Drew back to Port Charles, have Carly find out about Sonny and Nina's relationship, amp up Esme's schemes, and -- for the love of God -- kill Peter once and for all.

    1. Lisa was recently in SE Michigan visiting her mother and tweeted that her mother is fostering a litter of kittens and were looking for people willing to adopt.

    2. That is awesome. Lisa seems like a great person.

  5. Great SS as always! I also appreciated your sass this week, a standing O for you.

    I too, don't want to live in a world without Liesel, talk about the horror!

    NC was fantastic this week. I wanted to slap and hug him at the same time, lol! What a find he is!

    I'm ready for Drew and company to come home, and for the love of all that's holy, it's time for PLP's demise!

  6. Thanks once again, kd. I noticed all the extras too. It was so nice to see.

    And I definitely need Obrect in my world too. Such a delightful character.

    And thanks for that twitter link....”You don’t drunk dial” lol She plays a drunk so well.

    I’m sure dumb Joey didn’t even see the incapacitating blow coming because it was an older man and Joey thinks he’s a big bad gangsta. OG guard for sure. Love that Sonny used it though. It was a good effort to be the big bad again while inner Mike held him back. lol

    I’m still assuming Esme is a groupie. Learning her trade craft. Trying to lure her prey to a cabin in the woods. My inner bad girl is hoping Ryan is able to turn on her eventually.

    kd says...”
    Trina is saying words rarely heard by female soap characters: I'm worth better; I don't need anyone by myself and DO BETTER. :clapping: Love her.

    I also love Trina and her assertiveness. And I love Joss’s assertiveness too. Men are allowed to assert themselves all the time and they’re called strong, and good leaders. A female does it and she’s a bi a tch.. You go girl!

    I agree with your bizarro of the week. That was out of character for Liz, in the hospital too. Although maybe she was triggered by something and is back to where she was when Franco was taken from her. They need to work on their continuity.

    I’m loving that Alexis is out. And I think she should stay at the Lake house too.

    Nicholas Chavez definitely came into his own as Spencer in that scene. Can’t wait to see where he goes with the character now. (Esme is going to be so PO’d. )

    P.S. Can’t wait for the meeting with Mrs. Wu tomorrow.

    1. Di, I agree Esme is going to be really POd with Spencer. Wonder if she will first try to sweet talk him into changing his mind and if that doesn't work go full Ryan on him.

  7. I too was screaming at Jason BUT I thought he didn't shoot Drew because of Monica, right? Her SON, Drew? So I was kinda okay with it.
    Look Peter is never going away - cause of LW - at LEAST have the WSB put him in jail somewhere - the WSB and Alexis and Val and everyone look like idiots cause they can't catch him.
    It's Curtis' dad but somehow related to mob/protecting his son --------funny that Sonny just went with it - I don't trust Joey N though - he is an actor/character from a 40's movie isn't he?
    Gladys - go away - I don't find her funny at all....if Sasha loses the baby, then Brando will go work for Sonny-----if she doesn't lose the baby, I see no purpose in Sasha and Brando....
    Esme- still think Ryan's daughter.

    1. I meant Joey - the actor - I know he isn't that old - but gosh he reminds me of the 40's movies.

    2. It is cartoon mobsters. My husband was in the room watching the other day and that one guy comes up "Joey, how ya doin?" So stupid.

    3. Lindie - THAT is it - I couldn't find the right words!!!!

  8. Another great SS! Thank you.
    It did seem like a busy week on GH. Lots of characters and things going on.
    The actress who plays Trina is quite gifted. IRL she certainly had her choices of colleges to attend. She is just beginning.
    They will never kill Hiney :-(
    Enjoy Sunday while it lasts. Silly time change.

  9. If they want to keep the actor who plays Peter, can they just kill Peter and bring him back as another character? I'm at the stage where I don't care how Peter dies just as long as he does - and with no resurrections. I want his body to be dissolved in a large vat of acid. Too bad Liesl didn't have a big vat to dump on him.

  10. News this morning that Ingo is out but it's not because of covid. ( I've read 2 articles so far. You may want to check it out.)

    1. Thanks for posting this. He really is a POS. Just reading it brought tears to my eyes thinking about how many people out there are as ignorant as he is. Won't miss him one bit.

    2. Good riddance! It really does seem that he was asking to be fired. I won't miss the actor or character one bit.

    3. Wow, just wow. Thanks for posting the link Di. Won't miss him AT all!

    4. Yes. He may try skating around the health issues but this was a line you can not cross.



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