Wednesday, November 3, 2021

The Savoy



Brook and Maxie talking about Gladys knowing about the baby not being Valentin's. Chase comes in later says he's been studying the case and wants to talk to Maxie. Brook tells him he's being insensitive. Maxie excuses herself to go to the restroom. 

Mr. Mystery Hat guy is looking at his phone, Going to go to The Savoy tomorrow when they are having a big act tomorrow night. 

Pentonville: Cyrus and Sonny.  They are being all mobby "I wish someone had killed you" said Sonny. Cyrus basically tells him someone is coming into town to fill the shoes of the guys blown up. 

AND....THE SHOES are filled by..JOEY NOVAK. He's back. :eyeroll: Whateverrr

THE Savoy: Carly and Olivia go out for drinks. They want to steal Curtis' bartender lol. They talk about how horrible Nina is.  Then they talk about Nedly. Then Leo. Then Gladys walks up to talk to Carly. Olivia gets up. Joey Novak comes by. "HI Mrs. Morgan".. Carly says "Mrs. Corinthos".. they talk about his uncle being dead. Joey goes towards Carly. Curtis throws him out. 

Gladys is out there with Brook's credit card ordering up the drinks ...talks to Austin. She says he's no fun but she is..and she leaves the bar to get a table. He thinks back to when Maxie and Brook were all frantic about Gladys. He's suspecting something. Then Olivia yells at him about Leo..again. 

GH: Anna visiting Valentin. He's doing well after his operation. Concerned about where Peter is. He doesn't care if Victor is his father but he cares about him being Charlotte's and Bailey's grandfather. 


Portia has Elizabeth draw Mystery Hat Guy... Curtis doesn't recognize him. 

Someone named "KIP" is going to help take down Gladys. As per Brook and Maxie 

Looks like Joey knows Mystery Hat Guy. 

Gladys is getting shit-faced and Austin is going to get info from her! 


  1. hmmmm Judging by the look on the face of Mystery Hat Guy, I'm thinking that if he is Curtis' father, Joey ends up in the drink. El Stupido just threatened the wrong man.

    I'm hoping Maxie and Brooklynn let Curtis in on the secret and he helps get rid of the Gladys blackmail by threatening to arrest her. Or else they tell Val the truth and he sets Gladys straight.

    And nasty Sonny definitely seems like he's back. He was really twisting that knife. lol

    1. "Joey ends up in the drink. El Stupido just threatened the wrong man."

      Who is El Stupido? :)

    2. Joey...El Stupido. The stupid one.

      Marshall heard him saying he was going to take care of Curtis and take his business, while he snarled and

    3. "Di says, Joey...El Stupido. The stupid one."

      I know what El Stupido means. :) I thought El Stupido would be Jason or Hiney! :) Dammit now I want to call Joey Novak El Stupido! ROFL!

  2. Kelly's:

    Maxie and Brooky:

    Brooky: Are we talking about a person or a puppy?

    ROFL! Brooky would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Maxie, Brooky, and Chase: Oh stop with the fake acting! Just tell Chase what is going on!

    The hospital:

    Liz and Portia: Oh yes. Draw the mystery hat guy Liz. While you are at it, draw the Tribbles too.

    Vanna: JUST KISS HIM ALREADY!!!!!!!!!! :)

    The Ssvoy:

    Olivia and Carly:

    Olivia: I've barely spoken to him ever since he came back from the dead.

    ROFL! The writers are trolling us again. :) Olivia would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Olivia and Pawtucket Holtster:

    Olivia: Well, I was until I bumped into you.

    Pawtuckt Holtster: Fine. I'll let you to it. Have a great night.

    Dammit Olivia. Stop being a bully!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRR! Now after he leaves you follow him to harass him?!!?!! STOP IT OLIVIA!

    Olivia, Carly, and Gladys: Oh no. Gladys shows up.. UGH! When will she go away?

    Joey Novak and the ladies: JOEY! Man I just love his eyes. :) Joey Novak did you kidnap the Tribbles?!?!?!

    Joey and Curtis: Yeah Curtis! Kick him out! :)

    Curtis and the ladies: Gladys wins the line of the day.

    Gladys: Great I'll be at the bar. My nerves are shot!


    Gladys and Pawtucket Holtster: Oh yes drunky Gladys will tell all. :)

    Portia, Curtis, and bartender lady: Dammit Liz didn't draw the Tribbles. :(

    Portia and Curtis: Oh really Curtis? Mystery hat man looks familiar? Hmmmm. :)

    Flatland prison:

    Sonny and Curtis: They reminisce about their past wuv. Actually, Curtis wants to reminisce, but Sonny doesn't want to.

    Curtis: Sonny Corinthos. How does it feel to return from the dead?

    Writers!!! You keep on trolling us! ROFL!

    The pier:

    Mystery hat guy and Joey Novak: Hmmmmmmmmm.. Do they know each other? Were they past lovas? Does the mystery hat guy know where the Tribbles are?

    1. Seriously, the trolling is out of hand!
      I'm sick of Olivia. What have they done to her? And I really have no use for Austin at all.
      Loved the scenes with Val/Anna. He must have called her darling 6 times, hahahahah!

      Mystery hat really needs to shove El Stupido into the river. I'm with Di on that!

  3. sonya said..."Writers!!! You keep on trolling us! ROFL!"

    lol Yes. I can hear them now. "Oh let's say this and watch them lose their minds.! hahaha"

    Darn tribble stealing trolls. lol

    1. "lol Yes. I can hear them now. "Oh let's say this and watch them lose their minds.! hahaha"

      ROFL! Smart ass! :)

      "Darn tribble stealing trolls. lol"


  4. One deeply repulsive character, Hiney, isn't enough. Now Novak is back. Farther into the darkness GH goes.
    Thank goodness for this blog and all of your comments.

    1. Joey Novak and other thug. They are so cartoonist. My husband was there with me yesterday while I was watching. He can't believe how bad the show is now too.

  5. No Nurses ball and no Stuart Damon special.

    1. I understand about no Nurses Ball, but they REALLY should have done an hour tribute to Stuart. The flashbacks could have been outstanding. I can think of a million right now. Nurses ball with Emily, trying to drop the roof on Rick and Monica, when he told Robin she was HIV positive, the big scene with Monica and her breast cancer, the day he married Lucy, the day he freaking died....sheesh!!!

  6. Joey needs to be gone quickly. Anna looked so beautiful yesterday! Must be because she was with Val. Maxie's eye makeup has been grotesque, as well as her wardrobe. Olivia is losing her mind. I hope we get back to Cassadine island before the end of the week.

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