Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Liz ..Surprise

 I see Peter made Drew cut his own arm :eyeroll: Yesterday I mean. 

HERE'S HOPING MY INTERNET HOLDS OUT!! They are doing a lot of work around my neighborhood and things are getting nutty. 

Trina and Joss talk about Joss going all the way with Cam tonight. Trina thought they'd go slower. Um, they go any slower and I'll be in the nursing home before they do it LOL . Joss tells her about Esme joking they needed separate bedrooms and Trina is all "You're having sex for Esme's sake"??  They talk, talk blah blah..Joss leaves for Cam's. 

Alexis runs into Dante at GH when she gets checked out after being in jail. She's at GH to attend a meeting actually, AA. She got her 90 day chip. Dante says it's ok not to feel guilty. 

Maxie and Sam talk at GH too. Sam is waiting for Alexis. Maxie finds out Sam was in Crete. Sam talks about Dante. Maxie might be mad because of Lulu. 

Sonny takes Phyllis to Charlie's. Nina is there and so is Shawn Butler. He's looking mighty FINE!! Sonny asks Phyllis if she like's the bar. She loves it. BUT doesn't really want to manage it. We shall see. OMG! Sonny is a bit jealous of Nina talking to Shawn!! AHAHAHAHA. Shawn and Sonny catch up while Nina tries to talk Phyllis into managing the bar. She finally says yes!! Nina tells Sonny he's as caring as Mike was. 

N'Neka and Curtis talk about the Savoy. The Detroit band that was going to play cancelled.  Portia has a patient that can play that night. Some bass player. Oh then they cancelled. Some shady Mr. Brown is in the club too, I think he's the one cancelling all the acts? He looks like Brooks' old Music producer. Anyway.. the other band cancelled because they 'read reviews on line that mentioned the mob".. Curtis is bummed. The Customer says this could be an opportunity. He manages a guy going to Buffalo but has a night off. Can he play? (It has to be Mystery Hat man, right?) 

Liz's surprise party!! The boys and Violet/Finn are there. Nikolas comes in. He's invited? Um.. ok....Scotty also shows up. Wants Finn to call Anna about Liesl. Finn tells Scott not to ruin the party. Later, Cam talks to Scotty about wanting to have privacy and he wished people would leave. Scotty tells him if he lived at the dorm, he could put a sock on the door LOL AHAHHAA Liz overhears him talking. Then Joss rings the bell. No has has left yet LOL. 


Mystery Hat guy got Music manager guy to get the singer booked at Curtis'?? 

Scotty gives Cam a condom LOL 


  1. Why is Sonny having Phyllis manage the bar his DAUGHTER was managing? I hate they backburner Kristina all the time.

    1. Kristina tweeted Friday night, “I will confirm I shot my last episode at “GH” yesterday. It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I wouldn’t trade one second of it even the not so great parts for all that I’ve learned to prepare me for the next phase of my career. I want to thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart!"

      She's already on to her next job shooting a movie called “So This Is Christmas” with Eric Roberts. So "they" didn't backburner her, she moved on to greener pastures. I wish her well.

    2. Oh no! That's it? Awwww. :( Well, I'm glad it was her choice to leave and she didn't get fired. Thanks Di. :) I wonder if she is going to be recast.

    3. does Sonny ever say Kristina works here or used to work here?

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. Lexi did just put a story on insta though that says "Back with my GH Family" - hard to keep track of!

    6. Also - the Eric Roberts / So this is Christmas movie is from 2013? I looked it up because I was excited for a new project for Lexi.

    7. I checked that and you're right. the article has no date on it and the comments are from this month. I wrote a not too happy reply.

    8. And apology present...

    9. Did Kristina leave town and we didn't know?

  2. It did like Brooks' old Music producer. And I thought the performer was going to be Mystery Hat man too. (sneaky. Well done. writers.)

    And I think your dating Dante is a double neagative too, Sam.

    1. Couldn't place the new guy at the Savoy, but got such a familiar vibe. Was it BLQ's producer? Agree about well done writers.

      And Lol, to the double negative. Dante really deserves better!

  3. Kelly's:

    Joss and Trina: Okay what is with all the talking? Trina is still very wise. :) Joss should get some advice from the Tribbles, IF THE TRIBBLES WERE STILL AROUND! GRRRRRRRRRR!

    Trina and Nik: Trina said nothing wrong. Chad SHOULD be his own man! But yes he does listen to Trina. Nik is right. :)

    Liz's home: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!!! :)

    Cam: So mom. How old are you now really?

    Hahaha. Cam you don't know or are you kidding? :) Probably kidding. I looked up how old she is. Let's see. At first it was November 3, 1982, then they revised it to November 1, 1981. That makes her 40. :) Hey! She is in the 40's club! Well to the 40's club Liz! You will love it. It's not that bad. :)

    Cam and Scotty: Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: If you lived on campus, you could have put a sock on your door.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! When Scotty gave Cam something, I'm thinking did he just give him a condom? OH HE DID HAHAHHAHAAHAHAHA! Scotty wants Cam to be safe. Awwww. :) Great scene. :) I mean Cam IS an adult.. Although I wish they would wait though. I'm going to keep thinking they are going to have sex just because of what Vampira said.

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Nina and Shawn: Oh my! I think I detect a little spark between them. :) Love that Sonny looks jelly! :)


    Sonny and Shawn: Bromance continues. :)

    Phyllis and Nina: Awwww great scene. :)

    Sonny, Phyllis, and Nina: YAY! PHYLLIS SAID YES! Now you can change the name to Lenny's! :)

    Sonny and Nina: Sonny wanted to keep his distance with Nina. He broke his own rule. *EVIL SMILE* :) Sparks flying all over the place.

    The savoy:

    N'Neka and Curtis: We haven't seen a band play yet at the Savoy! Can we finally see it?

    N'Neka, Curtis, and Portia: Boy I got whiplash. :) Oh we have a band, oh wait we don't. Oh yes we do. :)

    Curtis, Portia, and Mr. Brown: I'm thinking this Mr. Brown guy looks creepy and I wonder if he has a gun and going to start trouble. Oh he is going to help hmmm.

    The hospital:

    Maxie and Sam: Maxie and Sam are both wearing strange outfits. ROFL!

    Maxie and Dante: Talks about Santa, but nothing about Lulu?

    Alexis and Dante: They literally bumped into each other! ROFL! A 90 day chip! YAY! I want Alexis to have another storyline, that doesn't involve her drinking.

    The pier:

    Mr. Brown and Mystery hat guy: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Very interesting.. Wait what was that? Is the mystery hat guy high? The way he shook his head. Like he is spaced out. :)

    Sidnote: Awww no Kip today.. :( I forgot to mention yesterday of his hurt hand and the fake gun hahahhaha. I liked that he told Maxie that it was fake. :) Can we keep Kip please? I will take very good care of him. I promise! :)

    1. Scott is a hoot and gets the best lines, I was dying!! Lol!
      Totally agree about Alexis having a story line NOT about booze.

      Same neck ache as yours, regarding the, no band, band, no band. Sheesh!!

      I really liked Nik's chat with Trina. I know some don't line the character or the actor, but I'm a fan! :)

    2. "Julie H says, Scott is a hoot and gets the best lines, I was dying!! Lol!"

      He does get the best lines hahahahaha.

      "Totally agree about Alexis having a story line NOT about booze."

      Yes. Get her in a mystery and in a new healthy relationship. Maybe she can be in cooking school! :) Hahahaha. Wait a second she was going to be in a mystery. Her watch. And then it was dropped.

      "Same neck ache as yours, regarding the, no band, band, no band. Sheesh!!"


      "I really liked Nik's chat with Trina."

      Yeah It was a nice chat.

      "I know some don't line the character or the actor, but I'm a fan! :)"

      I don't have a problem with him being Nik. He is a great actor.

  4. I cannot remember - Nina and Shawn - how well did they know each other? WHY can't I remember? Help, please.
    I want Alexis and Shawn together but rumors swirl she is gonna find someone/professor or something.

  5. Creepy guy in club is the same creepy guy that BrookLynn was trying to get rid of when she first came back to PC.
    One thing about soaps is that there was always a fair share of cheating spouses. Not in a long time on GH. Anyone else think that will happen soon? Mike and Nina seem destined to break that spell.
    The whole 'men in chains' crap is an :eyeroll to me. Least they weren't on today.

    1. I hope you're right Zazu. I want to see Sonny yearn for her and have Carly suffer... aren't I nice? lol

  6. Haven't watched. Any Anna and Valentin this week?

  7. Can someone please tell me why NLG gets a free pass when her old tweets saying disparaging things like d*ck in a dress have resurfaced? Where's the outrage from the soap and other press?

    1. I thought the same thing----------

    2. I'm curious as to what Cassandra James thinks considering how she called out Ingo. Are we going to see double standard?

    3. Sorry, but NLG has never said anything transphobic as far as I know. She is outspoken for all kind of rights. Ingo deserved everything he got including getting fired. ABC is a private company and has every right to terminate anyone who doesn't meet their policies.

    4. Sorry if you weren't informed Linda: - you would think she would have learned by now.

    5. Whatever she said about MTG wasn't transphobic - just accurate to describe that piece of garbage.

    6. THANK YOU...LSV422. You are so right.

    7. Thanks for clarifying that if it weren't for double-standards, there wouldn't be any standards at all for some woke folk. Thanks LindaV!

    8. This is not a case of double standards at all. It is good vs evil. Any more than that is not a discussion for this blog.

    9. I agree Zazu, and anyone who can't see the difference doesn't have a clue. Nancy has been a proponent for worthy causes. And considering her fiancee had cancer last year can't blame her for not wanting be be around someone who wasn't vaccinated. Ingo can really enjoy his lifeguard job now because that is probably the only job he can get.

    10. Linda - there's really no reason to be insolent to those who may not agree with you. One can be a proponent for worthy causes and still be ill-mannered and obnoxiously rude. Nancy is one of them. And no one said anything about Covid, so no need to move the goalpost to that.


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