Monday, November 15, 2021

Hi Dad.

 MONDAY@!! Oh and we have a little wet snow here in Rochester. BOO..nothing sticking yet though. It's coming. Got the long coat out to walk Tillie!! 

Brook Lynn and Chase outside of Kelly's. He presses about finding Louise. They go in to get warm and eat. She tells him the entire story about her pregnancy. Says she had the baby in a hotel because she wanted Val to see he didn't have all the power. 

Curtis asks the MysteryHatMan who the hell he is. He answers "The person you've been searching for your whole life'. Curtis shows him the sketch, asks what he's doing. Says Linc was in his back pocket and he probably beat up Joey Novak. He is Curtis' dad... Curtis is all torn up.  Marshall Thomas is the guys name. Curtis says there was a grave, yada yada. Then the guy says he gave Curtis a lawn mower for his 3rd birthday. Curtis says that there is nothing he could say to explain how he made them grieve for years and years. REALLY GREAT STUFF. Dad says it hasn't been safe to come forward until now. 

GALLERY: Portia, Cam and Trina..wonder where Curtis is. Esme (looking smashing) walks in with Spencer. Nik is there with Ava. Portia tells Nikolas that she hopes Spencer can teach "his father a thing or two" LOL. Joss is at a volleyball practice btw. 

GH: Valentin is walking outside his room, on the phone with Char and Bailey. Anna comes up and so does Robert. They banter about Victor and if the WSB should offer him a deal. 

Then Valentin goes to a guy's room who was a guard on the island (Why would he be at GH?? who knows). He has a needle full of air and he says unless the guy talks, he will inject him. Anna runs in...(it's obviously her plan) -- he says he turned sides and knows where Peter is. He tells them Cassadine Island. 

Scotty is at the jail, talking to Victor about Liesl. Robert comes in. Scotty is Victor's lawyer..tells Robert he will call a press conference about Peter August, the WSB not dealing with Victor and Victor will also tell all the WSB secrets he can. 

GLadys is getting meds for her migraines that Brook Lynn is giving her and runs into Brando and Sasha. They ask her to go to the Gallery exhibit with them. She's thrilled. While there she sees Kip, the guy that played "Paulie" waitering! LOL! She's like: UM HEY, PAULIE!! 


Gladys finds out that Kip is an actor

Curtis throws his dad out but this dad leaves a family photo behind. 

Victor is let out of jail but won't tell Scotty where Liesl is


  1. Kelly's:

    Brooky and Chase: Oh come on Brooky! Just tell Chase the truth! You can trust him! Hey who is that blonde hair lady with the black glasses? :)

    The Savoy:

    Curtis and Marshall hat guy:

    Marshall hat guy: My name is Marshall Thomas Ashford. And who I am? Is your father.

    DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! Oh this was a fantastic scene. They do look alike. Great casting. Donnell Turner, BRAVO!!!! *Standing O* Curtis can't call his brother or his mother! CALL AUNT STELLA ASAP CURTIS! Oh so that is where they got Thomas's name from. From daddy's middle name. Too bad I can't call him Mystery hat guy anymore. Ah well.

    The hospital:

    Brasha and Gladys: Sasha's belly bump is pointy. Oh Gladys you do not have a migraine. You are such a faker.

    Russel's room:

    V.C. and Russel: At first I'm like who is this guy? OH! It's Russel.. :) Then I wondered if that was sodium pentothal that V.C. had.. Man Russel has nice eyes. :)

    V.C., Russel and Anna: Great scene!!!! Vanna are a great team. :)


    V.C. and Anna: I love when V.C. speaks French. He is so sexy when he does it.. Anna wins the line of the day.

    Anna: You're such a flirt.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! :) Oh hi Robert. :) Yes you 3 can work together. :) Robert has nice eyes too. :)

    Port Chuckles Jail:

    Scotty and Victor: Hmmm new bromance? :) Sictor? :) Come on Victor tell Scotty where his little Liebchen is! :) HI ROBERT! :)

    Art gallery:

    Chad and Vampira: Chad happy to see Trina, and Vampira jelly. Be careful she might make her palm bleed again!

    Portia and Trina:

    Portia: Be careful with that one.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yes mama is wise and smart. :)

    Gladys and Kip: OH OH!

    Sidenote: KIP! :) I was looking him up. The actor's name is Artie O'Daly. Someone on soap central website put up the actor's short film. It's very interesting.. I must warn you.. You do see his cute butt. :) I'll have to go to the beginning of part 1. :)

    1. Portia is a very wise mama, loved her comment about Esme!

      Took half the show for Marshall to confess he was Curtis's dad, but what great scenes and acting from both men. Loved it!

      And you know, I really believed BLQ's story, and Chase should have, too. HOWEVER, I'm not complaining because it would be really nice if one of PC's finest actually solved a case. Especially after the jail guard let Victor go and locked up Scottie. Another corrupt cop at the PCPD. Sigh....

    2. "Julie H says, Portia is a very wise mama, loved her comment about Esme!"

      Yes love her comment! Love Portia!

      "Took half the show for Marshall to confess he was Curtis's dad, but what great scenes and acting from both men. Loved it!"

      Yes! Bravo!! Donnell Turner better win an emmy! :)

      "And you know, I really believed BLQ's story, and Chase should have, too. HOWEVER, I'm not complaining because it would be really nice if one of PC's finest actually solved a case."

      Yes please and thank you!

  2. WHERE is Taggart?
    WHERE is Mac?
    That is all for today............#justtiredofsameosameo

  3. I'm glad Marshall finally told him he's his father but why couldn't he have told why he left. I hate they we may have to wait months for that. And yes,Curtis should call Aunt Stella and ask her what the heck is going on. (Although he may have faked his death for all of them.)

    Loved the Scotty/Victor scenes and hehe the fact that Victor's guard left him locked in the cell.

    Also loved the flirting between Anna and Valentine.

    Esme is losing her touch. Trina's mom saw right through her. lol

    I hope tomorrow moves quickly and we get some movement on Cassadine island and the Gallry drama.

  4. Didn't watch yet. Billy Miller was on "The Rookie" last night. Played a beat up man in a hospital bed. Maybe was on for 5 minutes.
    This artist featured on GH is the real deal. Has worked with National Geographic for a long time trying to save our wildlife. The book looks great.

    1. I know. I put up a link an article on him a few days ago.

      I noticed Billy last night too.

  5. All I can say is Donnell Turner was today's MVP

    1. Agreed! The actor who played Marshall was also great. I got choked up right along with him. Excellent scenes all around!

    2. Great scenes and excellent casting for Curtis' dad!


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