Sunday, November 21, 2021

Sunday Surgery: Have It Your Way


One word to describe this week? WHOPPER. was a rootin' tootin' whopper of just everything! Babies being born, babies being outted, daddy reveals, guns, goons, girls and some Nixon Falls fallout thrown in. Phew! Kept a blogger busy!! 

You know we must eat a Whopper or a Whopper Jr. in honor of today's show! I chose the above photo because I liked it. That is all. LOL 

DADDY OF THE WEEK: We all saw this coming but when it hit, it was a whopper!! In a reveal that seemed to span 7 hours, Marshall Ashford told Curtis he was his long "dead" father. Curtis was stunned and couldn't believe they grieved a man still alive. His mother, aunt and brother all went to the funeral and gravesite. Aunt Stella ended up raising them. With two powerhouse performance, this was an amazing set of scenes. Kudos to both Donnell Turner and Robert Gossett who made this all worth the wait. Now, get Aunt Stella in there who's going to kill him for real after all this! 

DADDY TWO OF THE WEEK: This took some twisty turns. It seems Gladys was all ready to go and tell Valentin the truth after being locked in the storage room. (see below). Brook Lynn panicked and at the same time, Chase had a mighty lightbulb go off thanks to Bobbie. Bobbie filled him in on Beecher's Corners and the fact Maxie was to give birth there to protect Louise from Peter. Ding DONG!! Just as he realizes this, Brook Lynn is breaking down and confessing that Bailey is not Valentin's daughter. Valentin reels at the information. She's going to explain WHY she did it when Chase walks in and says-- the baby is HIS!! A good soapy shocker but a bit puzzling. Why not just tell Valentin at this point? I mean...he hates Peter...he's a Cassadine and ????? I mean? Anyway, it was a good thread that just kept giving on Friday.  

WEDGE OF THE WEEK: Oh, schemer you! Trying to embarrass Trina by locking her in the storage room at the Gallery, she instead traps both Gladys and Sasha. Comedy ensues until Sasha's water breaks. Brando eventually finds them and gets Sasha to the hospital. But not before Gladys realizes the last person she saw was Brook Lynn (searching for Leo) and thinks it was her behind the deed. Meanwhile, Esme is not happy when Trina walks out and her plan just went all to hell. 

WATER-BREAK OF THE WEEK: While in the storage room, Sasha's water breaks and she goes into labor. This all leads to her going into GH to give birth. At first, it's all routine. They talk about names ("Mike" will be the middle name) and she's walking around. Next thing you know, there's a placenta abruption and Sasha's in for an emergency C-section. The baby is born, taken to the side (we don't hear him cry) and we see Monday that Sasha is hemorrhaging. You know these two were too happy, right? 

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WANDERER OF THE WEEK: Leo sneaks out of the Gallery and everyone is frantic. After a nice gratuitous Dante shower scene, we are all over looking for the lad. Leo was looking at an octopus photo when he left so Ned thinks it's good to search near the water. Ava's security tape confirms that's the way he went. Leo is found laying on the dock, staring into the water. Very very good scenes of ASD by the way. Ned says he read that spectrum kids are often drawn to water and that's where first responders look when rescuing them. Dante agrees. A tearful Olivia realizes she's been afraid this whole time and she and Ned have a lot of talking to do. I thought this sequence was so good and yes, I did tear right up. 

DEAL OF THE WEEK: Scotty got a great showcase for his comedy and acting chops when he pretended to be drunk and got some info out of Ava about Victor. Victor and Scotty teamed up to get a deal with the WSB to grant immunity. Scotty was all ready to have Victor hold up his end of the bargain by telling him where Liesl is. DOH!! Double crossed by a Cassadine? Who would have thought!! 

CAROLINE GOES CUJO OF THE WEEK: It happens almost every week with this chick and it was no different now. First, she has a nice quiet (yes, QUIET) convo with Phyllis. Was she trying to make friends with the new lady? Naw, she wanted Nixon Falls intel on "Mike"!! Phyllis was wisely trying to tell her to let it go but you know--CARLY. Off she went to town square where she ran smack-dab into Nina and Wiley. Willow had let them have some cocoa because Wiley was thrilled to see Gamma Nina. What ensued next was Carly screeching and yelling about restraining orders and having Nina's head on a platter. Willow actually stepped in and told her to calm her ish down. Then guess who came into the park next ?? 

SONNY'S CONFESSION OF THE WEEK:  Oh boy!! Squee!! Sonny sees Nina...Carly sees Sonny seeing Nina. All hell breaks loose. When they are finally alone, Carly goes on and on and on about Nina 'paying the price'. Carly is absolutely baffled by Sonny's lack of anger.  Sonny's still calm and not moving an inch. Why? He finally tells her that Phyllis, Lenny and yes, Nina were his friends and anchors in Nixon Falls. He stops short about the romance stuff because Bobbie walks up. It was coming tho!! Carly knew it and we knew it. Maurice was sublime in these scenes. I love how they are playing his conflicting Mike-Sonny personas. He knows Nixon Falls was a good thing for him. Nixon Falls is the metaphor for the life not led. It's getting good! 

SEXIS SCENES OF THE WEEK: I didn't know how much I missed them until now. With Sonny being all Mike it was just great soap. He asked how she was, forgave her for stabbing Dante with the needle and basically was a decent human being. Even Alexis noticed. More please. 

COLLAPSE OF THE WEEK: Fitting "END"? For the whole Mind-Mapping?? Who knows. It's Cassadine stuff (they never die) and it involves at least 3 people that have been presumed dead a total of at least 1-2x each. do the math. Anyway, all you need to know is that everyone (Liesl, Drew, Jason, Britt, Peter and some guards) was in the tunnels under Cassadine Island. People shooting. starts to collapse. If you know that Burton is off the show due to non-compliance then you know he will be buried and presumed dead. I guess until the COVID thing is over or if he caves and gets the vax. My one big take away from all of this is that I like Cameron playing Drew. Peter's not dead yet so... I'm not jubilant at this time. Maybe next week? 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Father and Son. Like I said, Donnell and Robert just hit this one out of the park. The tears...the photo... it was so good. 

LOOK OF THE WEEK: Be the girl that Spencer looks at like this. He was so proud of Trina. Not even Esme's digs about her could turn that off. 

LINE OF THE WEEK:  "Believe me, I don't want a third party in your marriage". Bobbie to Carly. Thing is..CARLY was the third person in her marriage with Tony!! LOL 

FUN OF THE WEEK: And a nice surprise! Gladys actually moved the story along after finding out that Kip was fake. She helped Sasha with her labor, bought some celeb mags, got Valentin thinking about Brook's deception and did it while being funny. She even made me like Brando a bit. 

KAREN OF THE WEEK: Carly on the phone to the PCPD about Nina was so "I'm calling management"!! LOL 

NEWS OF THE WEEK: Laura Wright, Nicholas Chavez, Steve Burton and Cynthia Watros were on CBS' The Talk to receive fan-voted awards. Laura and Steve took fave actors on a soap, Cynthia and Laura got the fave feud and Nicholas Chavez won fave newcomer. One fun note: Laura Wright said she also loves "Sonny and Nina"!! 


The Gallery Ark Show from National Geographic was a success

Kip is found out to be a cater-waiter and Gladys is pissed. 

Leo goes missing and is found on the pier; Olivia realizes he needs to be looked at by a specialist

Esme thinks she locking in Trina but really locks in Gladys and Sasha 

Sasha's rushed to GH and complications hit with the baby 

Chase figures the Louise plan out; tells Valentin he's the daddy 

Carly catches Nina with Wiley; melts down; Sonny tries to calm her but makes things worse

Willow, Michael and Wiley will go to NYC for the holidays

Mystery Hat guy is Marshall Ashford; Curtis' "long dead" father

Nikolas realizes Victor cut a deal; Ava panics

Scotty gets Victor out of jail but doesn't get the information he wanted

Dante takes a shower 

Sonny and Alexis have a chat about love and life

Phyllis moves into Charlie's Bar; decides to give Carly some advice 

All hell breaks loose on Cassadine Island and the tunnels collapse 

SPOILERS: ***THERE will be a rerun on Thanksgiving Day and No new GH on Friday due to football+**  Sasha is in danger of dying,  Olivia apologizes to Austin, Cassadine Island survivors crawl out of the wreckage. ALSO: Ingo Rademacher's last air date is November 22nd.  Get all your scoops on Diagnosis Daytime. 

A huge week. The show is getting so good at having the cast interact, I almost forget what it was like when we only had 2 in a scene day after day. Characters really move from set to set as well. Things are coming to a head with Leo, Cassadine Island, Baby Brando, Baby Bailey, Nina and Sasha and Esme. These are the exciting days. I'm loving the Nina and Sonny story and his journey post Nixon-Falls. The other shoe to drop is the exit of Steve Burton which will probably be another 'presumed dead' deal until all of this blows over (if it blows over).  
Only three shows next week...then feast!! 



  1. COVID is not going anywhere, so I guess Steve will just look for someplace that doesn't require a vaccine. What I am confused about is him saying he caught COVID from someone on the set if he's not vaccinated. Anyway......

    I do like Cameron as Drew. Easy on the eyes too!! (I made a rhyme)

    I wasn't sure that I like the NuSpencer because I like Nicholas Bechtal, but he has really grown on me.

    Valentin broke my heart this week, as well as Olivia on the docks realizing and breaking down about Leo. I think Brook Lyn should have just come clean anyway about Bailey/Louise. Valentin would protect that little baby with his life. He will be even more hurt when he finds out the real truth.

    Carly Cujo and Gladys can go. Tired of the 2 of them and their screeching.

    Thanks Karen. Happy Sunday and Happy Thanksgiving this week!!!!!!!!!

    1. We had one employee contract covid and that was after his vaccine. In my experience, a vaccine stops the plague…not allowing you to contract said disease after a vaccination. I’ll wait on all of the nice people to jump on me fo expressing my option.

    2. Lol….for instead of go. Auto correct 😳

    3. "colette says, In my experience, a vaccine stops the plague…not allowing you to contract said disease after a vaccination. I’ll wait on all of the nice people to jump on me fo expressing my option."

      No that's not true. :) Vaccines don't stop from getting sick, it makes the sickness not severe.. One time I got a flu shot, and I still got the flu, but it wasn't that bad. I'm so glad I got the flu shot! Whew. :)

  2. Just re-watched the scenes with missing Leo. Broke my heart. My son is on the spectrum and we lost him once in a new city. Scariest 2 hours of my life. I think he was only missing for about 30 minutes in reality but it was the before and after. My son got wandered off from the playground and followed the footprints that are painted on the ground leading to the school. I drove around and around screaming and asking people. The cops were driving around. I was so afraid because the highway to Canada was right nearby. A lady picked him up in her care and brought him back to the playground. I felt like the worst mother ever. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. The actors did a very realist job with those scenes. I agree.

    1. I cannot even imagine. I’m sorry you went through that.

    2. I agree. My son is ASD as well but never had an impulse thing to wander. It would be awful. I thought the best part was them finding him, yelling his name and him not even looking up

    3. Yup, so fixated on the water and looking for the octopus to not hear anyone calling him. So far, they are doing a good job with this ASD story line. If that child actor is not on the spectrum he is doing a great job acting like it.

    4. lindie, my son is ASD also and him wandering off was one of my greatest fears. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I read someplace that the child playing Leo is on the spectrum, I can't remember where right now.

  3. It was an exciting and fast moving week and your SS captured it all! I really hope Sasha doesn't die. I know the cast could be thinned out a bit, but still. I like her and the way she handles Gladys.

    BLQ really needs to tell Valentin the truth, and oooh boy did I get teary eyed for him.

    Thoroughly enjoyed Maxie telling off Austin, who does nothing for me. It was nice to see the old Maxie!

    Best picture goes to Trina and Portia. So natural between a mom and daughter. I loved it!

    1. They did a great job casting for Trina's mother and the 2 actresses have great chemistry together as mother and daughter. Just love Trina. I don't like how Spencer deceived Trina like he did, but hopefully they redeem him and he ditches Esme. Of course, Esme will then "go Ryan" on Trina, but it is soapy goodness after all. Esme is the new Nelle I guess.

  4. Thanks for the great SS, kd. It certainly was an exciting week. You've commented on everything I liked.

    I noticed that the doctor said the abruption likely happened when Sasha's water broke. Makes you wonder if her having to wait to get rescued might have made the consequences worse. Liz did notice the problem as soon as she finally got to the hospital.

    Can't wait for tomorrow to see what happens in Crete. Hopefully it won't be a rock a day rescue.

  5. I don't think Steve B IF he is leaving, is leaving because of vaccination - I think he is tired.........having said that, writers, COME ON -Sonny for NINE MONTHS was thought dead and Drew for THREE YEARS was thought dead - can you NOT do something different? Make him on special assignment for WSB /say goodbye to people...........HOW can the writers keep regurgitating the 'dead' storyline?
    WHERE is Taggart? and Mac?
    I think Brook Lynn is gonna tell Valentin the truth and have Chase still claim to the be the father to get Gladys off their backs......Valentin would understand since he takes blame for Peter.....If she lies about Chase, I am gonna be upset!
    sorry - still don't like Nina and Sonny together------she would NEVER do well with his mob life........but I DO like when Sonny has a touch of Mike, but not completely.
    and even in her mind, Portia completely dropped Trina's fatherhood secret - not even a touch of remorse when she and Curtis are together.

    1. I think Real Andrews is immuno compromised because of his cancer he had and probably prefers to stay off set. I don't think JJY is vaccinated but??? The fatherhood secret is looming I think but maybe when Stella comes back and the DNA Tree thing comes up?

    2. Yup, Real Andrews would be immuno compromised with a cancer diagnosis. Best he stays off set.. Who do you mean by JJY. John J York?

    3. I forgot about Real Andrews being immuno compromised because of his cancer. I know I was very glad that my last round of preventive chemo was just as covid reached the US. My two guys - my ex and my son - would have wrapped my in cotton and never let me leave the house if I were still having chemo. Not they let me leave the house much anyway.

    4. I understand that, but he is traveling and working with his company so he is around people all the time. Maybe he doesn't want to come back.

  6. Thanks for the long and luscious SS!
    You are so right Karen...Sasha and Brando were too happy. Extended happiness not allowed on GH.
    Didn't I read that SB said he is now fully vaccinated and staying? That's what they want to keep our interest. So he will probably be assumed dead again until he is not.
    It would be great if they can keep up this momentum even after Nov. sweeps.
    Hiney too will disappear again. He really should be DEAD.

    1. It may or may not have been in the comments here. I don't really read much else about GH. But again, I am not sure. Sorry. It would be something that TPTB would dangle so we can keep guessing.

    2. This vaccination stuff with Steve Burton could be a ruse to keep the viewers watching????? IDK

    3. It's in lots of articles followed by a ? *click bait*. And people make guesses all the time here and on every other site. That's something I would never repeat as a given though. I have speculated that they won't tell us because they want to keep the fans going, and they want to have Jason's fate be a surprise. Otherwise we wait till it comes out of Steve's mouth or TPTB.

    4. That's why I said I wasn't sure. What fun would it be if we all knew what was to come. But if they publicized the fact that Hiney was going to die I'd be delighted. Not going to happen.

  7. Line of the week: every time Valentine called Anna "Darling". Swoon.

    1. Yup, swoon city. He loves calling her darling and she is not stopping him. Or calling him a flirt when he gets aroused by her bad deeds; like sticking that guy with the needle. lol

    2. In my head JPS just did if that first time - wasn’t written. Maybe not but lemme have my fantasy!


    ROFL! She sure did go CUJO! :)


    Hahahahaha. She was that too. :) I REALLY need her to see those pictures of Mike and Sonny together. :) I REALLY need her to hear Nina on the stand or Sonny talking about their relationship at Nixon falls. I REALLY need for Carly to see Nina and Sonny talking really close. :)

    "One fun note: Laura Wright said she also loves "Sonny and Nina"!!"

    Yeah I saw the clip! Haha. YAY! :)

    "Dante takes a shower"

    ROFL! And it was glorious. :)

    "THERE will be a rerun on Thanksgiving Day"

    Yup! It's the episode February 5, 2021! Nina first learned Sonny was alive in Nixon Falls.

    1. Why don't they ever show old Thanksgiving episodes or something? I'd love that. Too lazy to find them I guess

    2. "lindie says, Why don't they ever show old Thanksgiving episodes or something? I'd love that. Too lazy to find them I guess"

      Yeah I know.. They really should. :(


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