Tuesday, September 29, 2009

General Hospital: CoStars and Fans React to Greg V's outster

Oh, Twitter was a BLAZIN' last night, wubbers! Tweets all over in support of Greg Vaughan. Many fans were excited to hear JJ is coming back to play Lucky but many more seemed to be upset that Greg is leaving a role he'd come to own in the past years. Will this be a boon or a backlash? Fans are already pissed about so many things, will this just drive some of the newer fans away? After all, JJ left the role in 1999. Ten long years ago. That's enough time for a whole new generation of GHers.

CoStars of Greg's are tweeting their support. Here's a few that went out last night:

@1SteveBurton: God bless Greg V and his family. Sucks! He will be missed.

@Tyler2929: Everyone give GV your blessings please. He gave Lucky justice while he was ther

@DerkCheetwood: Our thoughts are with Greg V and family he will be missed by all.

@lisalocicerogh @greg_vaughan Greg, you'll do great wherever you go.. But I will miss your smiling face terribly

@brandonbarash: I'm deeply saddened by this news, @greg_vaughan. Not gonna be the same without you next door. Your star will shine wherever it lands.

@nancyleegrahn: Heartbroken about Greg. However, this is a guy who worked constantly before GH and will continue you to do the same after GH. He is an amazing gentleman, a dedicated father, a committed and talented actor who is loved and adored by his cast. He will be fine!


@TRACYSELF: WubsNet IMO JJ is Lucky the boy while GV is lucky the man, it doesn't really matter TPTB will ruin it & not use anyone to full potential!

@FrankStrovel: WubsNet Woke up this morning and dreamt I'd died and a younger guy replaced me.

@Janicedotkay: WubsNet wonder how jj's lucky will look w/jmb's lulu. he still looks so young! feel bad for gv. gh did this b4. remember stephen martines?

@RockGypsy@WubsNet On the Lucky switch. Guza needs to remember that lightning doesn't always strike twice and it wasn't the actor it was the material

@joyamberbrown: @WubsNet I heard this is TG's last hurrah as Luke. Makes sense the timing with JJ's return if it is only for six months like some are saying

That's an interesting concept. LOL... we all know TG wanted Ethan as Luke's kid, since "Luke" basically hates "Lucky"...how will THAT play out!? Lucky will still be a cop. How will they rewrite all that animosity over the years with the characters? Goodness. The key is and always will be the WRITING! That's probably why there's a nu-Cassadine surge. Bring on a baddie they can both fight.

I would also like to say how many people have been saying that Greg V is one of the nicest guys at fan events. A lot of you have photos with him and stories to tell. It's going to be a hell of a ride. As I've said all month, the dang spoilers have been all over. The Cassadine pull-backs-- was that all getting ready for this? Because although Greg found out MONDAY and JJ is back THURSDAY you know talks were going on way before now. I also still say Nathan Parson's days are numbered unless they can get he and JJ to click as bros.

Wonder about the future of Liason? For sure they are going to go with L&L2 to see if the "permanent lock" will still fit between Becky and JJ. LuSam fans? What do you think? JJ with KeMo? hmmmmm. This promises to change many dynamics, doesn't it?

Given this week, with all the outs on AMC, the rumor of OLTL's demise--casting shifts all over, it's clear ABC is scrambling to save what it has. Either that or it wants soaps to go out with a lot of noise!


  1. I know htis is suppose to be about Greg Vaughan BUT:
    1) of all the casts comments NLG really resonated with me. She is always so well spoken. Seems like a genuinely sincere person.
    2) If this is Tony Geary's doing, coupled with him supposedly being responsible for the character of Ethan, I say show him the door ASAP.

    Speculating on whether JJ will have chemistry with characters like Sam or Ethan lets not forget adult Lulu. GV seemed to have an amazing realtionship with the kids that play Cameron and Jake...I hope JJ does as well.

  2. ok i posted the ethan thing last night as well. i cannot picture them in the same room with each other, i have a feeling ethan will find out luke isnt really his father. ive been saying forever they need to give lucky a story, and at least now he will get one. this is just bittersweet. the only thing im concerned with is jj has been on the record saying he would never return cause gh has changed lucky so drastically, and he wont do anything aginst his religious beliefs. im assuming thats why he only is doing 6 months for now, and think that alot of stoylines are going to change from this one bit of casting news.

  3. I am actually deeply saddened by this. As I stated on Twitter yesterday. I apologize to all JJ fans but GV is MY Lucky Spencer. I have been watching forever, so I know both actors in the role. I just think that Lucky has evolved so much since JJ left and GV made the role his own. As for JJ with JMB..this will be interesting. I will say this, for me, R.I.P LuSam. Without Greg Vaughn in the role of Lucky, there is just no point in going there.

  4. If the rumors on the Internet are true and this is Tony's last go around, then l think they should let him leave without taking any other bodies along!
    I am sorry but if TG is the professional every one claims he is, then he should be able to act against any one who is decent and the drug addiction story line proved to me that GV can act. If there were no good storiesp between Lucy and Luke, blame the writers. I would think it is insulting that now that GV is gone, Lucky is going to have a new, meaty, storyline! Why couldn't they have at least allowed GV the shot at taking on this storyline.
    Honestly, I am 45 and have been watching GH since I was 12 and this is the most upset I've been since Laura disappeared in that darn fog!!!!

  5. The Frons Debacle. That's what this all is. GV is a great actor, but I don't think that the characters of LnL have clicked since JJ left the role. JMO. Just don't know if the childhood Lucky can be the adult Lucky.

    I would almost prefer that this is a Cassadine plot.

  6. With what has been going on with ABCD the past few weeks/months this falls in line with all the other pink slips and stunts being pulled all around.

    While this is exciting, will this make a change needed? Will Lucky become more than a whipping boy for Guza? Will there be chemistry again with BH and TC? Is the core essence of Lucky still within JJ and what will his direction be? Will he paired with Liz? Would this work? Now, will the ratings go up because of old-school interest? Will this HOLD people's interest at all?

    I have reservations about this because I don't like how many people have lost their jobs in the past few weeks at ABCD. *I* do not believe for ONE MINUTE that Greg Vaughn decided to vacate the role. No way. He was forced out. Pink slipped, shoved out of the way because finally TPTB were able to coax JJ back as Lucky. GV would not have left this role when he is married, has one child and is expecting #2 in a few months. No way in hell.

    I hope this brings what TPTB want and expect because I can say this, if this doesn't do anything, doesn't pull in old/new viewers, this show will be toast. This is a stunt to bring in viewers. Lucky did not disappear and suddenly was found to kick off a new story. JJ will be thrust into the crapfest that is Lucky now and will have to make due. It is not going to be like when Brenda came back with a huge tale to tell which continued even after she left for LV. This is subtle and unplanned.

    I welcome Jonathan Jackson back, even with my reservations. I welcome original recipe characters back with open arms. I have tears for Greg and his family and I wish him the best of luck in getting a new role elsewhere and a healthy baby in the next few months.


  7. Well, I can sure tell you all that I gasped when I read about this on my twitter this morning. Didn't do that with Sarah.
    How heartbreaking for Greg. Especially when he hung around for a show that wasn't giving him ANYTHING to work with. What, 2 months of being on drugs was the only story they could tell about Luke and Laura's only son?!?

    I am assuming that they are wanting to put Lucky and Liz back together and figured that the only way fans would accept this, was if the original Lucky was back. Especially with many JJ/Becky fans switching to Jason/Elizabeth fans saying there is only one Lucky and it is JJ.

    What they probably don't understand is, that it may be too late. They have lost a lot of fans that have been fans FOREVER. All the newer fans only know GV as Lucky and he is a great guy.

    All the best for JJ, with this role. It is hard to picture him having as good of chemistry with Cameron and Jake and Lulu as GV did, but only time will tell.

    Oh man. LOVE YOU GREG!!

  8. I am saddened that GV is leaving. JJ will always be the kid Lucky. I also do not want any limitations on what he will do as "Lucky" based on his religious beliefs.

  9. Also, even though it does not related to GH, I would be very sad if OLTL ended its run. I have been watching in on my VCR/DVR since 1988 and when I was off from school or work since 1980 (as well as GH).

  10. I weighed in early as a gut reaction but have now had more time to think this over. I do NOT like this move.

    I do not think JJ will have the same chemistry with the kids or even looks the part of a dad.

    I do not think JJ has the look of a cop. Picture him staring down Jason.

    I fear if JJ has only signed on for 6 months then in 6 months we will be saying good bye to Lucky AND Liz. Becjy Herbst has to be very nervous.

    Someone said JJ is a highly religious person who will not take on certain storylines. I respect this but Lucky is not the same innocent teen he was when JJ played him. He is a recovering drug addict who has spent time in Sam's hottub. Again, I can not picture JJ in this role.

    Greg Vaughn had the talent and was committed to GH. I doubt this is a cost savings for GH as JJ would demand a salary equal to or more then GV. I think it is a ratings come back stunt - like the 'real' Greenlee. If they wanted a come back stunt why not Ned, Dillon, Anna, Robert, Skye or any host of other integral characters.

    Alan, Georgie, Ric, Ned, Dillon, Skye, Bobbie (essentially) gone. I expect Edward, Lucky and Liz to be gone soon. (where has Max been?) But we are still stuck with Rebecca, Ethan and Kate...

  11. I'm one of the "new watchers". My mom watched all the time when I was kid but I only really got back into it in 04 for about a year and during the metro court hostage crisis. I think Greg Vaughn is a nice guy and nice to look at - but I quite honestly I think he is boring. He is just so whiny and boring and blah, I FF thru all his scenes. Could be the actor, could be the writing - either way I am hoping that the "new old" Lucky will spice things up a bit.

  12. You know, I was getting excited because SJB was leaving, but then they do this. How awful.

    Don't they know how loyal soap fans are? AMC tanked with the Greenlee stunt, that same can be here. JJ looks like he's 15, I really don't see how this is going to work? Is he going to be best friends w/ Michael?

    Ridiculous. This puts GH permanently in the grave for me. And this is coming from someone who thought the Liz rape/ LnL2 love story was their best story.

    Very sad and I'm very disappointed.

  13. If the rumors are true and JJ is only back for 6 months, this is an even bigger slap in the face for GV and for the viewers. We are supposed to (re)invest in this guy only to have him be gone in 6 months? It would be different if the Lucky character had been completely off the campus for the last ten years and JJ was now just returning for a short run, but this is not the case. This is just ridiculous. I've said in the past that TG coming and going as he pleases has only hurt the show and if this is truly TG's doing and his "last hurrah" than he will be taking the entire show with him. TPTB have made a huge miscalculation...

  14. I love GV but they write him terrible. the only good storyline line was the drug one. he has talent. hopefully with JJ back the show will be about spencers, webers,and quartermanines. with sonny ,jason and their worthless halves(claudia and sam) on the back burner.

  15. Ok, so here's a thought. Maybe, just maybe GV's exit is the result of a mutual decision between GV and TPTB. Soaps are great for the actors; but they are definitely restricting as it relates to pursuing other interests. GV is a great actor and he is highly likely to find success outside the walls of GH. So long as he wants to do that and puts forth the effort. Perhaps though he just wants to spend some time with his family, given the fact that he did just become a father recently. Maybe there is a personal situation with GV that we are not privy to that made it necessary for him to leave. My point is that we as mere fans just can't know everything.
    As for JJ. All I can say is Welcome Back! I for one am anxious to see him again. Remember, he is an exceptional actor and deserves credit for that.He is the one who built the foundation for Lucky and made him a memorable character for us all to enjoy. No matter how you feel about GV, him and TG just never had the same chemistry as father and son that TG and JJ do. I sincerely wish GV all the best for future success; but think TPTB made a great move.
    Just my opinion...don't hate me, please!

  16. Stampin'GHmom
    GV's tweet that tptb decided to move ina different direction certainly does not make it sound like this was of his choosing...

  17. GV's co-star's reactions also don't make it sound like this was his idea. As far as your point about GV not having the chemistry with TG that JJ had, I think a lot of that had to with how the character of Lucky has been written and the storyline. Who is to say that TG and JJ would have had the same chemistry given this material?

  18. when i found out last night, i couldn't believe that GV was being ousted in this way, but then i read this post and all of the fan tweets, and i was reminded of what happened with Nikolas #2. I had really liked him, but they wrote him well. My mom and i agreed that Tyler Christopher couldn't have played out the storyline that was written for the character at the time.

    My feelings about this switch are essentially the same as they were for the Nikolas switch, although Tyler Christopher didn't look 16 even when Nikolas was supposed to be that young. I am sad to see GV go, but I want to see where JJ will take the character over the next 6 months. I do, however, want to know what his religious beliefs are that they might limit storylines. Is he another Kirk Cameron, deciding that Mike can't have a key to Kate's apartment because that would imply that they're sleeping together?

  19. the animosity between Lucky and Luke was even worse in JJ's final years on the show with the rape reveal and all. So why would that change? It wouldn't make sense for him to resume the role and be his "Cowboy" again and be the son he wants Ethan to be.

    I still bad for GV. I felt like he brought some maturity and warmth to the role. He had great chemistry with the kid that played Cameron, Becky Herbst and Genie Francis in the short time they were together. He truly felt like the son Laura raised.. something Jacob Young never could capture.

    If anything good comes out of this recast, I hope it's that Ethan is toast. Luke reveals that he was tipped off by Holly and they scammed Ethan together. It sure would make Luke look smart again, something he hasn't been in awhile. He can go back to Lucky and Lulu and apologize for playing things close to the chest and that he would have never cheated on Laura back then.

    I also bet Jake will turn out to be Lucky's son now. Besides, Jason needs some angsty to stare and blink about while Sam consoles him.

    I always assumed that JJ was close to Genie Francis as well as Geary.. maybe that means we're gonna get an announcement soon about her return.

  20. friscowannabe you are SO on the money.

  21. friscowannabe you are SO on the money.

  22. I would say according to GV this is NOT his decision..at all.

  23. Man, last night was one bombshell after another. I am upset about the OLTL rumor, those TPTB are so stupid. Why not plan to cancel all the soaps while they are at it. AMC and GH are two candidates for cancellation.

    OLTL is an excellent show, and now it can be totally off the wall weird in the future eppys. Love weird shows!!! I could see my show once a week on SoapNet as a possible compromise.

    I feel terrible about GV's leaving. However the timing of this bombshell is alittle suspect to me along with the OLTL rumor. GV can act, and I agree with NLG, he will be fine. Just love him.

    There are a couple more actors that could go, but no, it has be GV. The writing for the character has been horrible, and will continue to be horrible for the coming of JJ. Man, bad news, more JJ means more RH, no more GH for me evah!!

  24. just when u think the tptb can't be any stupider!

    I feel so bad for GV he's been shafted soo many times its ridiculous!

    JJ is going to bomb on GH. He was Lucky in the 90s when it was a different show! How's he going to play Lucky as a cop!

  25. Also if TIIC wanted to bring JJ back it should have been Helena keeping Lucky prisioner all these years and any number of excuses of why they don't look alike. Way to go GH - NOT!

  26. The return of JJ provides a great opportunity for the writers to switch Ethan's paternity to Robert. It makes just so much more sense. I'm still pissed that they made him Luke's son. It makes no sense and does in the memory of two great couples -- Robert and Holly and Luke and Laura.

  27. Hated hearing it just sad and that for some reason TPTB think having JJ will be like the second Coming of Christ. its the writers stupid. its the writers who make the show back. all mob and nothing else KILLs the ratings. GV good luck and hope a Good soap picks you UP.

  28. so will we see "the real Lucky returns 'promo. ABC is gotten to such a low level. Scabbies made GV great with good writing ONCE the BAD writers came back GH rating went right down the toilet. yOU don't fire the actors when the show stinks.


    JJ isnt' going to be the miracle and like "the real Greenlee returns" GH will be sorry that let GV go.

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