Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Soaps On Tuesday November 24th: ABC Semi-Porn!

I'm back in the recliner again (to the tune of Aerosmith!)

AMC: OUCH. I got nothin'.

OLTL: Todd tells Danni right off she's his. That's Todd! I take it he saved Tea from Ross' strangle hold. I missed it yesterday. I still see Joey Martin when I look at Ross. Wonder what Starr will do w ith her newly found sister!? I hope they hate each other at first!! Love some good soap dramazzzzzzzzzz.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: I saw yesterday's show. I personally liked it. I think it was the ensamble work. The set was kinda funny...but Kirsten Storms was fab. LOVED her humor in all of this. Franco and Geary were wonderful. I do actually like the staged crime/artist storyline. They could have made him just another mob thug but didn't. (see I can give it to the Guza when it's warranted!) Ok, on to the important stuff: wardrobe. WHAT THE HECK? Sam? Spanxx? Maxie was way underdressed, imo. Lulu looked nice in her emerald green.

LINE O' THE DAY: "Your panties are already half way down your thighs"...good laws. Franco to Maxie. LOL. I am not sad Maxie is doing it with Franco. Come on, it's a soap, Franco's on for about 2 seconds--and what the heck.

Today's show: Maxie and Franco. His mystery woman is VANESSA..great name. "I make everything up". I think Guza is channeling Guza while doing Franco!

Sam's boobalage is spilling out. LOL.

JJ with Bruce Weitz! WOOT! JJ hasn't taken my advice to shave however. Oh well, can't do everything. Love JJ and Sonny as well, although it's HUGELY different than GV's vibe. I have to think it's a new character almost if that makes sense. CAMPING TRIP MEMORIES!

I LOVED their talk today..yeah! very good. LukeSon memories. JJ did a fabu job today. He really sold me on the explanation. Loved his take on Justice. "maybe in someway my badge levels the playing field for people who don't have power".

Olivia's outfit matched her wall color today. I also heard some trolls showed up to the Entertainment Weekly boards when they were talking about Franco to bash Lisa LoCicero, BB and even a writer! WHAT THE HELL? Good lord, do you people really REALLY want the "soap fans' reputation to get even MORE sterotypical? How classy--posting trash about ANY actor on a major entertainment board when they weren't even dishing about them...!! Bad form. I don't care if you hate an actor or character, it's just so sad there had to be a dang war over there for the world to see. OUCH!

Sonny: "I can't think of anything worse than your own son investigatin' you"!! Oh, the irony. OH THE ANGST!!!!!!!!!! heh. THEN he tells Dante he'd die if his son was ever a cop. :thud: get ready!!


Jon/Kate: Jon, buy a clue. I thought it was so sad when he said "That was my 20's....now I'm free"..uh, only beItaliccause KATE IS WITH THE KIDS, you idiot! God, does he think it's just ok to take off? What if she would have left, gone to France with some 20 year old druggie and partied topless? What would people say then? YOU DON'T GET A BREAK WHEN YOU HAVE 8 KIDS! Good Lord. He sounded like a typical guy that has NO clue what it's like to be a father 24/7. No wonder Kate had to kick his ass so much.

Glad the whole thing is over. Good bye. See ya.

The Adam Lambert hooplah is HYSTERICAL! SO, #GMA cancels him for being to "provocative"?? After the skanks they've had on ?? Brahahahaha. Then again, they've done him a HUGE favor. Talk about coolness factor shooting up 900%!!


  1. What did Kelly Monaco do to piss of the wardrobe department? She always looks like she forgot to put ont he top layer of her clothing.

    I love the historical references being made lately. The box car, ear piercing, Maxie being asked about her parents. With all this history popping up any day now Carly will remember she has a mother!

  2. oh, and the Aunt Ruby mention today. thud.

  3. I think that Kemo's outfit was handpicked by Frons, wet dream central.

    Damn my Maxie is back. They are HAWT.

    Let's not even talk about McCall & Jackal PI I mean really that outfit and the fact that you take a date to work. They left the minute Jason said boo.

    I do love that this whole Franco thing is moving along nicely.

    Love that it is the killer with the heart of gold crap. People he kills I don't care the reason but he murders.

  4. sam's outfit looked like there should be leggings with it and she forgot to put them on...or she stole it from molly cuz the top was two sizes too small!!

  5. I loved JaSam part they are so better..
    and the all ambush was killing out of self defense !!
    Jason didn't had any other choice ..
    I loved how Sam just out him out of the crisis and put him back in shape ...
    Ok yesterday I thought Sam dress was amazing but today her boobs were out..LOL and that I didn't like and it..
    I was really hating Lucky JV but now in JJ version I like him more and more amazing scenes with Sonny it was amazing nod to history because Lucky did like Sonny.
    and it was amazing scenes between both actors
    And I love Franco S/l it is really good writing ...
    ANd that Lucky Lucky Maxi .....

    And in many ways it was the real Maxi but I feel so bad for Spinelli because he is a wonderful guy that will never cheat on her ....

  6. kelly monaco must have had her implants removed. what is left was being smashed together.and yesterday she was totally flat. JJ and maurice were great. JJ rules GH. he should be lead actor.

  7. Mercy! That was a hot scene between Franco & Maxie. That was my fav line of the day too. I actually went back and watched the scenes twice (which I never do). Love this storyline so far!

    Lucky sure was in alot of scenes yesterday. He was everywhere. I'm still trying to get used to JJ.

  8. I almost watched the entire show yesterday!!
    Liked Maxie and Franco. Maxie has chemistry with any guy when she is being bad.
    I love the interaction between Lucky and Sonny/Jason now. Why couldn't they have done that with GV though?
    Still don't know why Sam was in that dress? If she was working, wouldn't she need to wear pants, or at least something to kick butt in? Why make her skanky all the time?!?

  9. Franco and Maxie were soo hot. Great acting from both actors. Loved JJ/Sonny talk. I think the history was lost with GV's Lucky and I'm glad they are reviving it. Good writing yesterday, too.

  10. Hey -- do you guys think that dress like the tan part could have been one of her old peepshow outfits and they threw the black underneath so it could be tv friendly? Also, wonder if Franco was a good kisser hmm?

  11. Did you know that it was James Franco who came up with the idea for his character to be a artist who is "a little off",NOT Bob Guza?


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