Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alberta and the Wubqueen IN NYC!

I'm here! The hotel is really nice and only 2 blocks from Ground Zero. Which, I didn't realize--it makes me very sad. We went and looked it over yesterday. I tell you what, it's a shame it's not further along. I think it's taking way longer to do the memorial than it did to do both Trade Centers. S
*sigh*....I cried :( Very moving place, even if it is all fenced off and all you can see are cranes.


You are NOT going to believe this but there is a BUBBLE LAMP in my hotel room!! LOL Two of them to be exact! I forgot my stupid USB cable so I can't so you the Alberta the Lobster photo I got of her with the lamp. It will have to remain a excitement for when I get home!

NLG's thing is upstairs, in a conference room. There are a lot of people milling around and I have no clue who's here for it. I think I'll see people at the registration. Wubber Chrissy who runs Lisa LoCicero's Fan Space on FB is meeting me. I am going ot rely on her Twittering abilities from her phone during the actual event. Maybe I can get her to sign in under wubs net, we'll see. If not, I'll have a full report probaby Tuesday.

BTW, I'm more interested in how the whole thing is set up than the actual "Meet Greet"! LOL. Know what I mean? I'd love to have a Wub Event someday, but have no idea how to coordinate it. Of course I want to see Nancy as well. I have a great item for her to sign that will be going for the AIDS WALK NY in the spring. We are getting a bunch of GHers to sign it and we'll either raffle or auction it off.

Aren't soap fans the MOST involved with charities in the entertainment industry? Soap Stars too..I mean what other show(s) does what soaps do? Check out all your all your soap stars charities and events on FANS GIVING BACK. Wubbers I know have already helped paint a school, walk for AIDS in LA and are going to build a house for Habitat for Humanity with other GH stars.


  1. Well, Karen take plenty of pix for those wubbers who haven't been to NYC!!! That includes me!! You all have a great time, and tell NLG, a big "Howdy" from the Texas crew!!

    Glad to hear that GH is including the Q's traditional T-day pizza, it just isn't T-day without the Qs. May have to tune on that eppy regardless of fearsome and loathsome creatures that are on the show now.

    Have a blast in NYC. Wishing I was you right now.. :)

  2. Oh yeah tell NLG that we are all hoping her character gets a hot,ferocious love affair with Mac.Can't wait to see your pics.I too QueenPeng have never been to NYC .Have fun Karen

  3. I have never been either, would LOVE to go though.


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