Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hello, Wubbahs! Happy Day before turkey day! Or in Geddy's case, TO-Furkey day! I won't be blogging tomorrow--and anyway GH will be a repeat of the big "shoot out" with Joey Limbo.

OLTL: OMG, Dorian is mayor! Clint catches Nora and Bo kissing! But he didn't. Those fakers!! LOL. I was all ready for a show-down. Dang. Love The whole Destiny family. Still hate Greg.
"Nerve Regeneration"!! Okay... maybe they cloned a whole new spinal cord for him. :) DORIAN goes to Vicky's for a feast. awww. OMG, Ok, having Bo, Nora..the gang get to Seattle in 1.3 minutes on THANKSGIVING is a riot. I guess they do have a jet but still. Shheeze.
Loved the poem Vicky read--sniff.
GH: I have to say Wubby Hubby sat in the room while I was watching the end of OLTL and he made the funniest comments. "LOOK! I can WALK" when Matthew wiggled. To see our soaps in other's eyes? It do seem silly!!

Line o' the day: Spinelli: "Looks like someone raided your horn of plenty" to Milo!

YEAH Diane!! She looked ravishing! Carolyn Hennesy has been tweeting that she is sick with a cold :( Get better soon! Her new Pandora book is out in January, btw!
How perfect is Molly? I loves her. The whole Milo/Spin/Max thing was priceless. Max in the plumming gear. heh. She tells him to bring the rubber gloves and plunger! heh! I love them!!!!!!!!!! Her looking at his package...wowza.
GEESH almost EVERYONE is on today! Thank you soapy extended family goddesses. (cause you KNOW Guza took the day off!)
The Q's: Big Alice has a buzz cut!! Luke tells us Bobbie is in Seattle visiting LUCAS-- :thud: he's still alive!!?? Leslie is off cutting a turkey with Audrey I think he said. heh
Scrubs House: Mac's here! Mac "Is else coming that I don't like"?? Robin: "No, but someone that's coming you DO like"... Mac: "COLEMAN"?? hahahhahaaa. Oh, fun line. I think that Lisa chick looks a bit too young.
Maxie: Too funny. Spinelli has Ann Hathaway on his "DO" list hee hee. And not for nothin' but Lulu/Maxie apartment is FUGLY. bleck.
Oh, I am diggin' Krissy and that wrong? Loved him telling her about Aussie thanksgiving. Hey, Laura was a youngin' when she fell for Scotty. Just sayin' jailbait's been around a LOOOOOOOOONG time on soaps.
Aw CarJax. You can tell Laura wanted to be there with Ingo. hee hee. Aren't I cute? Maybe she'll bring the WINE next time!
TOTALLY Guza's day off today. LOL....Family history, bullets, blood, dead chalk marks on the floor. Loved it! *sigh* The nod to the audience at the end? :) woot!

I AM THANKFUL for you, wubbers, I really really appreciate that you read my stuff. Much Wub and Grub tomorrow!


  1. Well, I guess I'm your first comment. Just finished the show. I'll bet I was not the only one crying my eyes out! I LOVED them wishing us a Happy Thanksgiving!!

    If only GH stuck to more family and less mob--did miss my Sonny today, but did not miss all things mobular.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

  2. Happy Thansgiving to all I myself am headed to Hotlanta to spend it with my sister.Our dad died on Thansgiving 16 years ago and she said she felt honored I wanted to spend it with her and her family.She and I are it now our mother is gone too.Enjoyed GH today even Edwards singing.So enjoy yall.

  3. I liked how nobody joined in with Edward's song. Made me laugh. Also liked Luke's line toward the end about how (paraphrasing) inside Tracy's dark, crusty exterior, there was a dark, crusty interior ... Lots of good, funny lines today.

    We get a classic episode tomorrow. Remember the good ol' days of last Friday? Let's all watch and see how everybody's changed. I mean, would it have killed them to show an episode that wasn't still on many people's TiVo?

  4. Sweet episode
    I was sad that we didn't see Jason having a good holiday maybe Xmas


  5. I was happy bot to see Jasam personally. My tv is sick of her although today was welcome (although out of left field to be at Scrubs house, really?) oh well. Poor Jax! And for spin, nice guys finish last, especially in soaps and with a hottie like maxie.

  6. This show can still deliver when it comes to family and smart dialogue...Too bad it only happens on a few occasions like today's episode.
    Seeing the Q's at the end eating pizza made me nostalgic for the days...Gotta admit it brought a tear to my eye as well.

  7. General Hospital is rather educational. I had no idea that Australians had their own Thanksgiving! Doing some research I found that it's only celebrated in Queensland in what is known as the Granite Belt and is called The Apple and grape harvest festival.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Karen and all the Wubbers out there. Thanks for running a dynomite blog!

    Kirsten Storms wanted to know last week if she could deep fry a To-Furkey lmao. I hope she enjoys it as much as Geddy enjoys hers ;)

  9. Dare I say I loved todays eppy? Loved Morgan with Michael (michael was more than tolerable with a little light heartedness, ey?) A little far fetched inviting Sam and all but hey I'll bite. Loved Diane which is always a given, loved that Maxie was sad but wished she showed more emotion to Lulu when she told her. You would have thought she was sharing shoe sizes versus telling her she cheated on Spin. Hated that Lisa was there w/ scrubs. IF the ruimors are true about her having patricks son, why wasn't she w/him?

    I cried when Edward sang. Remined me of my grandfolks! All in all, what a nice episode. Thank you Gh for reminding me why I love you.

    And we're thank ful to you Wub queen!

  10. omg!! JAX is wearing JEANS!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Loved Edward's singing...I remember that song from when I was a kid back in the 50's. It did bring tears to my eyes.

    I love Katrina and Ethan. I do think he will respect her and be a good friend. She really does need one - Kiefer is awful, and mom is too busy. I will be uber upset if the writers mess this one up!

  12. GH was such a treat for us longtime viewers. It's about time someone remembed how much we love the sentiment of the old days. Wonderful to have Diane back again, and why wouldn't Alexis want to be paired up with the most gorgeous man in PC? Happy Thanksgiving Karen and all!

  13. spoilers:

    Nikolas offers Elizabeth the money to build her dream home, and he gets more than he bargained for in return. Lucky asks for advice from Nikolas about Elizabeth. Elizabeth admits to Robin she can't get Nikolas off her mind when she tells Robin all about her affair with him. Lucky reconsiders asking Elizabeth to marry him because he believes that is why she is so upset. Nikolas encourages Elizabeth to tell Lucky the truth. Lucky comes to a decision about marrying Elizabeth. Lucky inadvertently pushes Rebecca back towards Nikolas. When Rebecca visits Nikolas with the intention of seducing him, Nikolas rejects her advances and tells her, he will never love her. Rebecca sees Nikolas and Elizabeth making love.

    After seeing Sonny and Olivia together, Dominic makes the firm decision of turning over all his evidence against Sonny. Olivia regrets allowing Sonny to kiss her. Jax forewarns Olivia that Sonny's downfall is inevitable. Dominic is told the evidence he turned in isn't enough for an arrest warrant for Sonny and he tells Lulu he's beginning to question what he's doing. Olivia tells Johnny he's the one she wants to be with, not Sonny. Olivia decides it's time to come clean to Dominic and Sonny, but Jax encourages her not to tell them. Dominic asking too many questions about Claudia's death raises suspicions with Sonny. When Jax overhears a phone conversation, he fears Olivia is not heeding his advice and is going to tell Sonny the truth.

    Jason, Sam and Spinelli are on a mission to find out all they can about Franco. Jason receives a disturbing photo of Maxie. When Jason shows Maxie the photo he received, she panics. Maxie tells Jason that she believes Franco views him as an artist. With the intention of tracking down Franco, Sam and Jason go to the gallery. A piece of Franco's artwork is delivered to Jason. Jason questions Maxie about the time she spent with Franco. The clues Spinelli and Jason think they have discovered in the piece of art, leads Jason to Franco's studio.

    Sonny and Olivia share a kiss on Monday, November 30.

    Elizabeth confides in Robin about her affair with Nikolas on Tuesday, December 1.

    On karaoke night at Jake's, Mac and Alexis end their duet with a kiss on Wednesday, December 2.

    Olivia decides it’s time to tell Sonny and Dominic the truth on Thursday, December 3.

    Rebecca sees Nikolas and Elizabeth making love on Friday, December 4.

  14. Thanks for the spoiles. Now I know what days I won't be watching!!


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