Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Geary and Stamos. Other GH news!

"Blackie Parish" gets a Hollywood star and look who shows up to support him! Our own Tony Geary, representin' the GH gang!

Look what Aaron R tweeted this am: Were heading out - can;t wait to get filming... Location is at a huge park - i think we are having a horse on set today too!!

Can GH be doing ANOTHER location shoot? :thud: Oh wait! LOL, someone says that's for a MOVIE he's doing! D'OH! See what can happen with rumors? BTW, an ABC site actually had James Franco LISTED as playing Valenine Cassadine for awhile! no lie. So, it happens everywhere. I Thought I'd leave it up for a laugh.

A few new Spoilers are up. BIG MAXIE Franco sprumor...seems that SOD is reporting she's going to have 'relations' with the man! Hmmm. Lucky Kirsten!

WUBS NET is now on FACEBOOK! Just put Wubs Net in your search box and find us! It's a total place for you fans to DISH!! I've not done anything on Facebook before because I have enough going with all of this. I figure we can share photos and videos there though, so join on in!!

Had an idea today when I saw Sarah Joy Brown on twitter. Why don't we all send her a card at her new show B&B? I think we should send a post card or regular little note to say "miss ya but good luck on B&B"--here's the addy:

Sarah Joy Brown c/o

The Bold and the Beautiful

7800 Beverly Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90036USA

If you are feeling wubulous you can always put wubs net at the bottom too! :)

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