Monday, November 16, 2009

General Hospital: Mac in a Grape Purple Shirt!

That's the best thing about today, folks.
I'm so tired of having Jason ANGST WITH THE MOB! WTF!? How many wasted years of this? At least Burton is tearing up now.

Jax/Sonny pissing contest. AGAIN. Jax, just hire your brother to off Sonny if he's that much of a bother ok? Then I won't have to HEAR IT ANYMORE!!!!!!

Monica was on! Asked Nik and Liz if they "managed" to get to Emily's grave. LOL. Eddie Q is on too! With a picnic tie on. Oh, Rebecily is outting Liz to Eddie.

Kirsten Storm's hair looks like Kate Hudson's do.

So, Sonny will find out DOMte's a cop before he finds out he's his kid. Interesting.

Watching JJ today I realized that his character slept with Sam. Can YOU picture KeMo and he in a hot tub? For some reason....I just can't! LOL.

Goodness, Carly brought out the St. Jasus diaglog today! and BY THE WAY Jason, YOUR OWN kid is across town!! Why can he hang around Josslyn, Michael and Morgan but not Jake??

I wonder if the GH stars have been told to stop the tweets...or at least not do them so much.They've really really slowed down. Which is sad, because I think they help Daytime not hurt it.

Dare I watch the Palin/Oprah match?


  1. Oy! I am taping Oprah but will open a glass of wine. The only way I can stomach that idiot is w/alcohol. She seemed wonderful at first but she went downhill fast.

    Speaking of idiots, I have never understood the nonlogic of Jason being around everyone's child but his own. I do like your rumor Karen about Jason leaving the mob. Wonder if that will make him claim Jake? He'll probably think of something else to stay away for. Not sure about how I feel about Jax & Kate rumor. I truly like carjax. I'm sure Guza will have Carly do something stupid to even the score of Jax trying to get Sonny arrested.

    I agree about JJ & Sam. Sam made a hot couple with Greg Vaugh IMO. To me she looks like a sister to Jason since she's so tiny compared to muscle man. And I won't forget what she's done in the past, so I will never be on the Jasam train no matter how well everyone else feels they are written.

  2. Okay, just curious, is Lucky ever going to get a scene with Lulu? I've been waiting to see how the two actors would do with each other and the writers just won't put them together. Why wouldn't she go to Lucky, who knows about Domte and bounce things off of him before going to Sonny?

    For the record, I also can't see JJ's Lucky and Maxie sleeping together. That's one thing that crossed my mind with their scene today. They do have a type of chemistry tho.

    You know the mob, mob, mob thing is driving me crazy, but I am willing to put up with it IF Jason or Sonny get out of the mob and stay out AND don't talk about it every five seconds. If this is a lead to perminately backing off the mob storylines I'm willing to endure it. And that's my two cents.

  3. Ok I have to say that I cried during JaRly scenes
    Yes Jason is talking more about mob bad but I really think it is the first time he really means it ....
    Him seeing Michael wanting to be mob boos shook him up real..
    he still didn't say leave the mob just being more the Biz side , so that Michael won't hear Jason killed that guy.....
    I think it is great seeing Jason taking responsibility on Michael and saying I will be the one who changes him
    I do think that the remorse of Jason doesn't come from the blue it is a process that was all year ..
    Now why not doing it for Jake first Liz told him give up first don't forget that ..
    And maybe he didn't came to the understanding that Mob is bad ..
    he thought he can stay and not let anyone hurt by this but now he sees he is hurting so he is making a change .....
    Steve Burton amazing amazing performance

    maxi and Lucky do I see chemistry between JJ and KS???
    also we really didn't have a scenes between JJ and JMB brother and sister without a scenes together ??

    4 days to Franco can't wait

  4. I Just finished watching todays eppy and I am OUTRAGED. SO jason can lower his "rank" in the mob for Michael but not for Jake? I give up this is CRAP. Its clear Guza is writing this vomit

  5. carly and her kids have always come first with st jasus. even sam comes after them. I don't get it. does he even remember jake excist.time to make jake lucky's son. jason does not deserve him. I did see chemistry with JJ and KS.

  6. I bet Franco is AJ out for revenge. I hope he kicks Sonny's and Jasons butts.

  7. hey karen and fellows wubbers.. i dont know if i am stuck on stupid i thought kristina's last name was corinthos? and who is step granny?? or geez i read that and was confused?? can someone clear that up for me so i dont look like a tard?? thanks

  8. Mrs. are so correct. I can never get on the JaSam train either...I won't forget all the murders Jason has committed in the past so I'll never be on board.

  9. I'm ok with JJ as Lucky, but I keep getting confused. You're right, I can't picture him in the hot tub with Sam, or getting drugs from Maxie. As a cop I see him as Columbo, not Joe Friday. (Hey, I'm

    Lulu should be talking about DOMte to her dad, he bro the cop, or Mac - anyone but Sonny. I hate that the writers make her so dumb.

  10. Kristina's last name is Davis-Corinthos (or Corinthos-Davis) and step granny is Helena, because Helen was married to Mikkos & he is Alexis's father. Confusing, eh? Lol

    I'm not loving Maxie's hair, maybe it is just the bangs. Nice to see that Johnny got his sideburns trimmed up and a fresh haircut. He's looking prettier than ever lol

    Lulu looked stunning today, spitting image of Laura. I had to take a 2nd look when they first showed her on the Haunted Star. I feel like they are doing this styling on JMB because they are gearing up for GF to come back (fingers crossed)

  11. Does Jason even mention Jake? I kept waiting for him to say something about Jake when he was in that scene with Carly and the baby. But nope, not a word. That seems so strange to me. Maybe they don't want us to remember Jake because then we'd think about Sam letting him be kidnapped and not saying anything to anyone. Couldn't have that since they're jamming Jasam down our throats again.
    Maxie looks like a young Goldie Hawn to me so maybe that's why the Kate Hudson hair.
    Can't wait for James Franco but will we have to listen to Mad World every single day? I liked it in the beginning but I'm on Mad World overload.

  12. I agree ladies, make Jake Lucky's so we can believe some of the poop coming out of Jason's mouth about doing everything for Carly and the boys. Blech. Can they at least mention itin conversation that he made the wrong choice? Maybe they are leading up to this because he WILL come forward as jake's father and rescue liz in her emotional turmoil per the rumor on soapzone?
    That would sucksicne i would have a hard time choosing between JJ's Lucky and Liason. Now THAT is a triangle.

  13. Carly to Jason: "you did this for Michael." Really Jason? You would do this for a kid that isn't yours, but you wouldn't leave the violence for your own kid. That writing is terrible. Makes Jason look really bad.
    Then to see Jason holding Josslyn. Again, he is around everyone elses kids but is own. so unbelievable.
    Still want him to be Jake's father, but the writers did that for a reason. Use it!!!
    Cant have Jason/Lucky in a triangle if stupid Nik is still in the picture...

  14. I do agree so deeply about Jason being around everyone else's kids and not even speaking of Jake. A year ago they would at least show him puu out pictures and long for him. However, at least michael is Jason's nephew in blood correct? Aj is Michael's real father. He and Aj were half brothers if I remember correctly. Susan M was Jasons real mom but Alan fathered him. And AJ's the real child of Alan and Monica, right? Or did someone else father AJ? My memory is not serving me right.


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