Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday on the Soaps: Chili is on the Menu!

OLTL: Love the fact that Kimmy's going after Clint. SOAP!! Reminds me of the old Asa highjinks! woot!! Rex..talking to Jessica! Destiny's eyeballs when Dani told her to wait in the hall. Heh. I'm also glad Sky told Gigi that the baby is his (even though it's not)--and why would Gigi get all militant on his ass?


GENERAL HOSPITAL: OMG, DOMte..get off the DOCKS when you are listening to your secret footage!! Good Lawd!

I'm already a bit sick of the tortured artist. I'm trying--I'm trying. I just figured it out though. The entire story is a total HOMAGE to St.Jason. I think Franco is Guza..worshipping Jason!! Just sayin'.

Maxie's top was so cute today.

I wish they'd mention Ruby's chili. BINGO! thank you writers. :) Wow, they are trying hard with the whole OlSon thing aren't they? DOMte, put 2 and 2 together, will ya!?
So, does Zander come back to usher Rebeicly into heaven?? Hmm...maybe he and Emily do? (David suggested that). I do think that's what happens after reading spoiler stuff. She leaves Dec. 22ndish--he's on Dec. it figures.
A few new spoilers are up WUBSNET please hit an ad to help the Toys for Tots drive! THANK YOU!


  1. I find it hilarious that Diane was giving Liz real estate advice. She's a real estate agent on Cougar Town. *lol*

  2. OLTL - that whole thing with Sky telling Gigi and Rex that the baby is his was a dream.

    GH - I watched 4 days of GH yesterday to catch up and I was happy that Franco wasn't on Wednesday. Having him back today found my finger inching towards the ff button.

    I think Maxie got her hair trimmed because that haircut I didn't like is looking way better today.

    I thought Sam was looking good today too but I can't figure out why the woman won't wear a bra. I know she had her bewbies shrunk but jeeze!

    I love Dante and Lulu but today I wanted them to just shut up and kiss, pretty sad.

    I am a bit confused... I live in Florida and it seems to me that it's pretty weird for Lulu and Maxie to wear sundress type clothes with winter coats, is that usual in cold areas? (we don't even do that down here lol)

  3. Lori,

    No, we don't wear sundresses with winter coats up north, we wear cozy sweaters and pants and boots to keep warm. The look on the women of Port Charles is upstate NY by way of LA.

    Also, women of Sam's age don't go around in off-the-shoulder shirts a la Flashdance.

    Poor Liz--all those millionaires in Port Charles trying to throw money at her! At least she has a career--Carly came to town with her trailer trash self, and every millionaire in town married or slept with her. In reality, social classes don't mix like that, not usually.

  4. Tomorrow is World AIDS Day. There was a time when GH acknowledged this event with memories of Stone. And Robin's life.

    Any clue as to whether this will be mentioned tomorrow as in past years?

    Or will we just have Sonny and Jason kill someone.

  5. A Bobby mention today! I am hoping for an actual sighting n 2010.

    Franco storyline sucks. Dark and heavy. Yeah, just what we need more of.

    AGAIN - why does the wardrobe department hate KeMo? All Sam needed was a pair of leg warmers and a boom box and she was ready for her Fame audition.

    Diane needs to move into the old penthouse across from Jason's.

  6. lmao thanks for the education AntJoan, glad to know I hadn't lost my mind!

    Someone tell me what the heck Johnny is wearing in the picture Karen has posted? It looks like a reject from the Love Boat! lmao I know I will be laughing when that scene comes up this week ;)

  7. hope everyone had a great thanksgiving.I did I was in Hotlanta visiting my sister.Don't ya just love how Sonny has almost went to bed with every female on GH except for Audry and Bobbie.Today was a joke.Loved my OLTL thought Amc just as crappy.

  8. Why bring Chad Brannon back for Rebecca?? That is so stupid! He didn't even know her and as far as I know she knows nothing about Zander! Don't get me wrong,I would love to see Zander back,but for one day and for that twit! Chad Brannon deserves better then that.TPTB screwed him big time in those final months that he was on the show!

  9. There was a lot of Jason talk coming out of Liz's mouth today. I'm glad she was reluctant to sell the house that Jason gave her. In my head, it is because of the memories, although I'm sure it is not. I do like the montage where Lucky threw money at her as I am sure all the Liz haters out there did. I'm a Liz fan though, but it is nice to see Liz always wanting to make it on her own and not living off of rich honeys like some do.
    I always liked the way the portrayed Liz and Lucky as the couple struggling with money. It brings a bit of real life into the Soap world.
    Did NOT like Lulu today. What, have the writers decided to make her act like she is 5 years old? Stupid and wasting her talent and the hope of a good romance between her and Dante.
    I absolutely loved Sonny and Olivia banter over a chili cookoff. I know a lot of people don't like that Sonny is gearing to shack up with yet another woman, but Sonny dialogue is best in familiar settings....Cooking, while flirting with a woman!
    I will refrain from writing about Sam's clothing today. That might be my new years resolution. I wonder if KM gets to choose her clothing or is it all wardrobe dept?

  10. As I understand it, wardrobe makes all clothing decisions. Once in a while they might ask which of 2 outfits a star might prefer. They actually go shopping (sometimes with the star) in search of appropriate clothes for a character. Shows what they think of Sam, doesn't it? They even pick in colors suited for the character. Sam gets the black/leather...Liz the pink to red ...Maxie wears the entire rainbow and yellow a lot...because her character is excitable and all over the place...Alexis used to wear mauve a lot, now she is going more red...Diane wears fall colors...Olivia wears black/white and beige...what the dialog doesn't tell us, they hope our eyes will. Oh and I forgot beloved Tracey...she wears expensive, loose fitting, and well made clothes with great necklines to show off that BLING! gooo Tracey!

  11. OLTL - sorry, the strippers are fast forward material. Monday was boring.

    GH - If they are using Franco like this, can we see him do crazy things to Jason, or stalking him or something. So boring. Poor Kemo w/ the clothes. Just no on that one. And Liz isn't afraid to sell the house because of 'memories of Jason' she doesn't want to sell it because she doesn't want to marry lucky.

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