Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Word of a Cameo Spreading...

The rumors are rampant. Who might be back for a little spot around Christmas? Go to the WUBSNET and find the photo! Got it up last night in hopes...

Plus...guess who's ratings were DOWN for the big FRANCO madness debut?? Oh, yeah they were! See GHOFS for all the numbers. GH was down around 160,000! Goodness. You know it will be down during Thanksgiving week, they always are on a holiday.

See you around 4 for GH dish. Remember you can follow live on Twitter. Look for @wubsnet!!


  1. I don't wan't GF for a cameo. If Laura is alive and well Luke should be with her. I have had it up to here with using the greatest soap story in history as a temporary ratings grabber. Give us the original Luke and Laura or leave us alone.

    I am not surprised the Franco thing didn't give a ratings boost. GH viewers want to see GH characters not a temporary airhog. And Franco fans don't know what GH is.

  2. Genie Francis is returning to GH this month According to GH Happenings Two And in Wikepedia.

  3. Was it me, or did Robin look REALLY uncomfortable during her talk with Liz?

    Karen, sorry about your snow, I grew up in Buffalo, NY, the snow capital of the universe. On the local news last night (I'm now in Brooklyn, NY) there was a story with the caption, "Buffalo, Snow"--yes, I remember it well!

  4. Was it me, or did Robin look orange in her talk with Liz? Looks like she found the tanning spray!


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