Thursday, December 17, 2009

Soap Blog Coalition Thursday!

BEST OF THE NET! Last Coalition until 2010!!

One Life to Live's cast decked the halls at O'Neals in New York Cityon Monday. Erika Slezak and Patricia Elliot showed up along withexecutive producer Frank Valentini, head scribe Ron Carlivati and manymore! (Daytime Confidential)

GHOFS discusses Rick Springfield's upcoming autobiography entitled"Late, Late, Night". (GHOFS)

The PVB's "Where Are They Now?" feature has been resurrected!! Checkout our exclusive interview with William Mooney, AMC's Paul Martin!(Pine Valley Bulletin)

The cast of General Hospital and their fans contributed their timelast Saturday to Habitat For Humanity's 'The House That GeneralHospital Fans Built' event in Los Angeles. Check out the pictures andrecap of the event! (Scrubs Hub)

General Hospital has been great...every Wednesday, at least. TheSerial Drama girls don't get why quality episodes only come once aweek, but they don't want to jinx anything by complaining about it.(Serial Drama)

A new "Where Are They Now" videos series kicks off with writer ThomRacina who talks about his soap career, living with Brad Pitt and thefuture of daytime. (We Love Soaps)

This weekend in LA, Habitat for Humanity hosted "The House that GHFans Built" and Alberta Wubs, Lobster Mascot for Wubs Net was along for the build! See photos and catch up on other GH news in the SundaySurgery. (Wubs)


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