Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No Frills here for New Years Eve...

Hey Wubbers!

By no frills- I don't really mean GH (well sorta), but here.  I honestly meant to find a cool New Years Graphic or a GH picture to put up, but, well things got out of hand (or foot) when I decided to dunk my feet in parrafin wax as a way to make self sit still while watching GH.  Ok- and it was pampering myself too, lol.  So- sorry no graphic...

I did watch almost all of the show except for when I had to take the grocery bags off my feet and somehow peel the wax off.  Enough on's done and I'm not going to slide around the floor and wax the kitchen floor as I thought might work...hmm:  Housework Skills : Fail

GH today was all about couples!  They did one of those b/w Spinelli daydreams with him and Maxie in period clothes but the same situation for the most part.  Then reality barged in: Maxie herself with her silly ideas about Spin having sex with another woman.  What is wrong with that young woman?
Max was all worried that Diane had cheated on him.  Seemed to come out of no where and was quickly resolved.
Robin was all dolled up talking to Epiphany while waiting for Patrick.  He cleaned up nice too, but of course he was needed in ER and ended up in surgery- with that crazy Lisa broad.  Have to say that late in the show she mentioned to him that "there is no high like surgery".  Seems like I heard that same statement, almost word for word on a rerun of Grey's last night- their first eppy in fact.

Keifer showed up to stay with Kristina and Molly while Alexis went out- except she didn't know she was going out, let alone with Mac.  Had a chuckle when Alexis yelled "Molllyyy" It reminded me right away of Beaver Cleaver yelling "Wallllyyy". Heh.

Looked like Maxie had the hair bump it today.  Yesterday Robin, and I think Karen mentioned someone else b4? Liz maybe? Or Sam? Doesn't matter- I just think the hair department must have bought them in bulk or at a BOGO sale. 

Back to Alexis- I missed a lot of the hijinks with her and the girls because I was trying to figure out what book she was holding. Not that I'm a book junkie or anything.  Never could quite read the title and the author's picture was no help to me.

Liz and Lucky at Coleman's was kinda cute-- too long a story about why they were there.  Best part was the guitar. Yup, JJ can play and sing very smoothly.

Keifer, really thought he was gonna get some with Molly there? What a creep.  What a creepy horn ball jerk head bully abusive sob.

The My Girl montage was good- loved Mac and Alexis dancing in the snow. JJ's rendition really sweet- why couldn't they have played his version for the whole thing? Really now. Hrumph.
So what the heck was up with Franco? Where was he that he had a spotlight on his table for one?
I was so sure he'd take the cover off his dinner plate and it would be Claudia's HEAD!  I guess it was chicken....or something.....

Cute show, light hearted for the most part.  JJ's music was my favorite part of the whole thing!

Over and out Wubbers!  Have a great New Years Eve manana- and while I know you won't drink and drive (being goodWubbers and all), please be careful on the roads if you do go out!  Hubby and I and the kittehs will he home, by the woodstove with our bottle of sparkling cider and the jumbo box of Lindt chocolates he brought home yesterday.
Peace and Light,
Laura (gedstern)


  1. i was watching that grey's too, and that line was delivered by Mer.

    I agree about JJ's singing.

  2. Yes, JJ's singing was nice, I think they switched the song over so that they could show them dancing together.

    I couldn't wait to write in and say that I was SURE that Franco would remove the cover and have Claudia's head on that platter, I was trying to write it before someone beat me to it, but you got there first, Laura!

  3. The book was Nabokov's Ada. Interesting choice; I wonder if Nancy chose it.

  4. Happy New Year - keep up the good work in 2010 - we all love this!!!

  5. Hey Liz- yes, Meredith! She looked so young in the first eppy!!!
    AntJoan- your point is quite right- so they could show them dancing, but I for one, would have suspended disbelief and just smiled listening to JJ. And yes, Head on a Platter screamed out to me before the let, unless it was her head, er, cooked and chopped up andcovered in gravy? LOL;
    Thanks ANON about the book! That may well have driven me crazy trying to find out! If you are on Twitter- follow Nancy and ask her! Or, if I remember, I'll have Karen ask her or Chrissy as they both know her.
    Hey Ocean Park Girl! Happy New Year to you too! I have fun when I fill in for Karen now and then..she is the Queen of Awesomeness!

  6. I have to also weigh in here, about it being Claudia's Head under the cover; that was my first thought as well! It looked to be a Lamb Chops/Roasted Potatoes type of dinner instead.

    Actually, I have been waiting for Claudia's head to show up ever since Franco came home that day, after digging her body up, with that Burlap Sack. I kind of wish that they would show it already, just to get it over with!

  7. I love JJ's cover of My Girl and was bummbed when it went to the original. bah

    As for Franco....I wasn't expecting Claudia's head to be on a platter I was expecting her to be propped up at the table as his guest ala Weekend at Bernies. *lol*

  8. Actually, even though I viscerally expected Claudia's head, intellectually I didn't, because I don't think they can show heads (or corpses propped up having "dinner" either) on daytime TV. At least, I hope not, I don't think I could stand it.

  9. P.S. I had noticed that Alexis's book was by Nabokov, but I didn't see the title.

  10. Is it just me or does anyone else think that the writers got really lazy writing the new year's eve episode this year? Some parts were fun and cute but this is a step down compared to the new year's eve eppisodes of the past few years and GH can't exactly afford to go down.
    I know that nobody will really care about this but Y&R's new year's eve eppy today was done really well. I really think Guza needs to take some lessons from them.

  11. Maxie used to be on of my favorite characters, but they are ruining her just like they did liz

  12. Personally I thought it might have been Sams boobs under the cover:)))Happy New Years Yall.Having us a shrimp ring staying at home with some grandkids and my lovely daughter and her husband and of course my husband.Loved me some Max and Diane

  13. Claudia's head never occurred to me; my first thought was that it would be a human heart. i don't know why...maybe i have been watching too much True Blood (thinking about Marianne's pie that she made for Tara and Eggs last season).

  14. while I love max & diane, why do they have to make it so immature that he thinks she's cheating once again? how about just give them a little storyline?

  15. I absolutely loved Liz and Lucky in the episode yesterday, but...Why? Here they show a great couple who have had chemistry since they were teenagers, but I can bet you that an episode next week will feature Liz pining over Nik again.
    Now I am true Liason, but yesterday gave me some hope that Liz and Lucky could be on again.
    Not liking Lisa at all.


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