Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Surgery: Franco in the Soup!

Fantabulous!'s hysterical, just watch it. And they also see the WUB between our Jason and Franco. He was also on SNL...I will have to catch it on hulu or something. I hear he did some guy on guy kissing. heh. Anyone see it? What's your review? Did they mention GH?

Next week we get 3 days of GH...hopefully all holiday happiness. Mistletoe kissing, parties-- can't wait. We'll see Olivia, DOMte and Sonny all together at dinner. Ronnie's in the hospital.

I am working on the 2009 Wub Awards. It's tough, let me tell you. A very uneven year. I have to sit and think for awhile!

I hope you're not in the area of the giant snow. I almost feel badly for the south, you are just not used to it. At least if we got it, we have the means to take care of it. (and ignore the stuff). Stay warm!!


  1. Yeah -- he mentioned GH in the opening monologue but no mention of it afterwards.

  2. He was talking about going back to school, he said he didn't have a movie to promote, but he was on the soap opera General Hospital - been on it for a month. He said "show a clip" and they ran the one with Maxie where she says "you really know how to charm the pants off a girl" and he says "your pants are already half way down your thighs". It got a good laugh. He said some stuff about all the people who were questioning his career move, including the people on General Hospital. Some of the skits were kinda silly, but it's worth the watch.

  3. If I remember the guy kissing stuff correctly,he was part of that family who is overly "affectionate" and kiss each other excessively and inappropriately. JF kissed his mom and dad and I believe I saw some tongue with the dad or brother. It was kinda funny that a UPS driver came to the door, gave the dad a package and the dad thanked him, they kissed each other and then the ups guy left.

    I don't know why, but I didn't care much for JF on SNL. I don't care for him on GH either! I was thinking I would like him in a different setting, but I didn't.

  4. It was the grandpa that JF tongued on SNL last night. Lord help us! yech.

    I didn't think he was so bad on the show over all, but I was shocked that such a low profile guy hosted the xmas eppy. JMO...

  5. Franco did awesome on SNL..He is just so yummy with his smile and *sigh*...super hot he is

  6. I thought he did a great job on SNL. The affectionate family skit, which has been on before, is hysterical. He was very professional and fit in well.

  7. Just got back from PA. I was stranded, thanks to the snow. Haven't seen any GH for a week and a half. I will be reading blogs to see if any show was worth watching while I was out.

  8. Yay! Just heard Sam is going missing. Can't wait!


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