Friday, December 4, 2009

Franco's Mug Shot

Here he is! All rough and ready for you! Thank you

OLTL Today: Spooky good...Mitch and Dorian! Dorian looked terrified. Loved the All American Rejects...they sound just as good live as on CD. They are great and sing naturally.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Quick, name the seven deadly sins?? Just try. What's YOUR worst "sin"? I have to go with Sloth. :) I'll sleep any day, any time.

Think about Nat and Tyler doing those break up scenes....ouch. Just with their history IRL.

Mercedes mention!

Liz was just begging today, that whole thing was off to me. Didn't like the whole scene.

Niz..anyone else reminded of Monica/Alan/Rick? Just her back and forth, my family but I want you..lust stuff? Niz is gonna do it again. boom chicka wow wow

Olivia's suit today? Fab.

BEST thing on GH today? Lulu and DOMte's Rock Band! FUN.. DonALu? And please for the love of all things good, REDECORATE that apartment! I hate it!

So, Genie's interview was all about her CD--not about GH. Hmmm. Interesting.


  1. Favorite GH moment is when the writers remembered Lucky & Carly are cousins.

    Ewwwwwww to Dante/Lulu.

  2. Today's ep must have been sponsered by Guitar Hero.... *lol*

  3. I wish they would hurry up and tell Lucky them dragging the crap out forever makes me dislike Nik even more.Sonny hes clueless nowadays.Jason boringggggggg

  4. Hate Jason. Hate Sonny. Hate Sam the most. Hate Nik while I'm at it too.

    I am open to Donta & Lulu as long as she keeps her big nose outta his beexwax. She has a whinyness to her once she starts budding in. She isn't supportive like Laura. She meddles.

  5. 7 deadly sins (sans google):

    okay so i managed 6 without

    7. Greed (how the hell did i forget greed and remember gluttony?)

  6. I agree with CJ, Lulu is fine as a side show. When she's front and center she just doesn't know how to tone it down. Today her & Donte were fun.

    Did not like Sonny & Olivia. She should run, and not walk to the nearest exit.

    Why Liz went to Nik after pouring her heart to Lucky is beyond me (of course she forgot to pour out that she has been screwing nik for weeks). Liked the Lucky/Michael confrontation. That kid needs to be knocked off his pedestal.

    I don't mind Lulu & Maxie's apartment asdie form the awful wallpaper.

  7. Loved the Dante/LuLu scenes. They were fun.

    Like how they are making Sonny like Dante and Dante like Sonny before they reveal what we all know. Just getting tired of the wait already.


  8. I can't believe the Franco mug shot. Don't know if many actors would want to be photographed looking that bad! Published in someplace like the Inquirer people would think it was for real.

  9. Here's something that came to me today. Are the police looking for Claudia's body??? Donte was at the cabin and he got the photo of her dead body and seeing as he made a copy for his mommy, one would assume he also gave a copy to his superiors. Which means the police KNOW Claudia is dead and should be searching the woods for her body....

  10. Good point, but now that Lucky made that comment to Michael I guess they assume we forgot Dominic sent that pic. Wish they would not make Jason so boring. While I'm at it I also wish he was pining for Jake (even a little during the holidays). I'm not buying it that Rebecca will be looking at Lucky now. What the hell? Is this outta left field or is it just to piss off Liz? Maybe it will make Liz realize she does want and love Lucky in THAT way. Then of course Lucky will kick her to the curb (like she deserves at this point even as a liz fan I say this). I am also not liking that no matter what Carly will choose Sonny over Jax.

  11. I agree, I don't think Rebecca would go after Lucky. She's hurt and upset, so I think she would turn to someone who wants her - Ethan.

  12. wasn't able to watch the whole ep but caught the lulu and domte rock band scene and LOVED it!

    i kinda like lulu and maxie's apartment! it's straight out of urban outfitters! (don't get me wrong though, i definitely would make some changes!)

  13. james franco on general hospital and performance art (wall street journal):

  14. I have waited for a long time for JJ to come back as Lucky. I am glad they are writing better material for Lucky. I gotta say his teary eyes and/or crying is already getting on my nerves. I am thinking that will change as the story heats up.

  15. Liz has been a favorite of mine since she came to town as a sassy troublemaker. There was a period of time when I was working that I didn't see GH. I never saw the Jason/Liz friendship begin a few years ago. When I started watching GH again Liz was with Rick. I gotta say, when I saw her hook up with Jason, I thought they had great chemistry! The writers were going full force with Liason. Then all of a sudden it changed. I have not been able to get into Liz and Nik and it seems ridiculous to me. To me it is forced and contrived. And Jason and Sam? There is no way Jason would be with her after all she has done. For her to be with the man who threatened to kill her is strange too.

  16. I actually thought Dante and Lulu were cute on Fri.

    I don't get the Olivia appeal. Boy, Sonny just goes from one woman to the next.

    I like how Lucky is being written truer to the Spencer character he once was.

    Liz/Nik: I just don't buy it. She says the sex is better than with anyone else? Hmmm. Looked pretty hot with Jason. Nik looks bored. I can't see Liz and him having a relationship. At least his kid would have a mother!

  17. Is there anyone besides me that is not enjoying the Franco story?

    Maxie was just being Maxie. Her and Spinelli just don't work. JMHO

  18. What the heck. Lucky gave Liz an out on the wedding and she pleaded with him that she wanted to marry him...Then, she goes to Nik right after that and has sex with him? Stupid and something Liz would never do.

    Loved Lulu and Dante. I am glad they had Lulu apologize to Dante for acting so juvenile. That was my main concern in their relationship and now I hope it isn't an issue anymore.

  19. FYI Liz and Jason have been friends for more than a couple years, more like more than a decade!

  20. So sorry I said "a few years." about Liz and Jason's friendship. I don't keep an accurate record on how long made-up people have been friends. Thanks for taking the time to give me the heads up.


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