Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Zander on a Plane...

EW's POPwatch broke this story about the Rebecily Exit:

It’s always nice to see old flames together, like in this shot from Chad Brannon’s Dec. 22 return to General Hospital sitting next to his former onscreen love, Natalia Livingston (Emily/Rebecca). In his one-off appearance, Brannon’s not playing Zander, Emily’s great love before Nicholas and also Elizabeth’s baby’s daddy, but rather an airplane passenger who has a conversation with Rebecca as she leaves Port Charles


  1. Hmmm not Zander. This seems kind of pointless to me other than than seeing two actors who used to be a couple on a show together.

  2. I see this whole thing going un noticed and nobody caring. Not many of the viewers remember Zander anyway, so unless they explain it (and how could they do that since Rebeccurp doesn't know Zander), it will fall flat...waste of time and pointless as J said.

  3. A total waste of Chad Brannons time and talent! I'll be happy to see him but not as someone else. Why did they even bother.


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