Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Laura/Gedstern Guest Blogger for the day

Hey Wubbers!

Karen is out of town and since she is one of my very bestest, dearest friends in the world, I volunteered to not only blog-which is FUN, but to watch GH today so I know what I'm blogging about!
Sorry I don't watch any other soaps, but for those of you who do watch AMC and OLTL feel free to comment amongst yourselves in the comment section.

Just before 3PM Jonathan Jackson Tweeted: We're in the studio recording with the whole band today. An epic song. Had a wonderful Christmas, I hope you all did as well.  
You can follow him on Twitter  @JSJacksonWrites

Michaels DUI, Sonny's wearing H20, & I think I heard Dante & Lulu are going2 opera? HUH? Me paying attention 2 first 2 minutes: #fail!
Dante's "hooked on opera" Lisa at Sonny's restaurant--should be "hooked on phonics". I didn't even know Sonny had a restaurant! New?
#GH fashion: Love Molly's poncho/jacket and Spinelli's sweater! Jason still in short sleeve T- shows off muscles
Oh Lucky and Michael about their Dads. History, yeah! Family secrets!More Jolivia! Lucky brings Michael home- to a surprise 18th bday party. Tells everyone Michael was DUI!
Booze night in PC. Jolivia, Lucky brings Mikey home- Sonny thanks him, Lucky & Carly talk, mention of BJ's death by drunk driver
Lucky even brings up Jason being in the mob because of drunk driver accident (AJ) BTW- did younger Mikey kill AJ??? Wasn't watching then
Who knew the opera was "mood enchancer?" Dante!! Back to Spixie- doe she ever stop talking? Him too! It's a night of booze & many talks!

Oh boy Jax, Carly, Sonny all over Michael!! I wonder where he did get the booze- he isn't telling! Alexis had the never get in a car with someone who is drinking talk with Molly and Kristina

LOD so far: Maxie to Jason: "Have you been watching talk shows?" Bwaha- Maxie has Ann Hathaways # for Spinelli!
Woohoo Lulu & Dante busted while smooching by limo driver! Dante's shirt undone! Carly toots her own horn telling Michael he's like her!
Creepy music when Jason knocks @ Sam's door..Flowers, towels, bubbling hot tub, but no Sam. Jason's reaction: stare and blink.
PSA by Michael (sorry don't know actors name) about AA, AlaTeen etc if someone you know has a problem. Very nicely done.

So, there you have it- my GH viewing & Tweeting experience in a nutshell!  Twas fun for today but I can't imagine how Karen does it 5 days a week!  Major kudos to her for her wubbly love for wubbers to keep up with it!
Cheers! to our Wubqueen.
Real life: finishing writing sequel to "Are You Gonna Eat That Banana". I'm back and forth between editing and revision hell and actually writing the end of the book, getting cover art done etc etc.....already have a plan for the third in the series about Lana Lang and her wacky cohorts!
Ta ta and Cheerio !


  1. Thanks for the rundown of GH wasn't too interested in it today.AMC was just ok with Greenlee waking up.OLTL was ok too with Dorian exposing Bo and Noras affair.

  2. I'm sorry I thought Micheal was suppose to be 16 just a few weeks ago so how is he 18 years old already!

  3. Michael did not kill AJ. his evil shrink did and created the memory of Michael doing it through hypnosis sessions. The shrink did it because AJ had dirt on him from when Jason was in the coma--he had given AJ a drug to give to Jason so he would die; instead it made him lose his memory. The doctor also tried to kill Jason around the same time that he killed AJ. This caused him to start having weird memory lapses (i.e. calling Sam Robin), which was how they brought Robin and Patrick in.

  4. LaTanya:

    No... Christina is 16. I thought Michael was 18 but I guess not. *lol*

  5. Oh and I didn't know Jonathan Jackson was in a band! Cool!

  6. Oh, I didn't remember all that "who killed AJ history," thanks, Liz.

    My objections to today's show:

    1) Michael looks older than JJ (and he certainly is taller), so JJ the cop lecturing Michael just didn't work for me;

    2) People from Rochester don't spend the night out in Manhattan, it's much too far away;

    3) Who gave Maxie license to pimp out Anne Hathaway? She thinks Anne Hathaway will sleep with Spinelli why?

  7. AntJoan:

    Spinelli once told Maxie that he had a crush on Anne Hathaway so now Maxie thinks he should sleep with her. *lol*

    No doubt this whole thing will continue till the premier of Alice in Wonderland in March... :P

  8. Dear Dierna,

    Thanks for the history, it was kind of you to fill me in, as I seemed clueless, so I guess my comment was unclear.

    Even though Maxie wants Spin to sleep with Anne Hathaway to even the score, what on Earth would make her think that Anne Hathaway would be interested to go along with this?

  9. The whole storyline that Spinelli needs to cheat on Maxie to even the score and fix their relationship is so ridiculous that I had to FF through it all. Spixie used to be fun, now they are just annoying...

    LOVED the Domte and Lulu scenes. They are just a very fun couple to watch IMO.

    Once again Michael was let off way too easily.

  10. That was what I was thinking
    mosbp2002. Why did they let Michael off, yet again. Learning nothing, yet again. Maybe he should have gotten the speech about BJ, his aunt, getting killed by a drunk driver as a child. His behavior does not just affect him. Even Morgan and Molly, the two smart kids, shouldn't have given him such a break.
    I loved the talk that Alexis gave her girls though and I like that the drinking and driving bit was done right before New Years. Great timing!!
    I also enjoyed Lulu and Dante! Hooray!!

  11. I actually liked yesterday's episode, I thought most of it was sweet...
    - Liked that Jax and Sonny were on the same side w/ the Michael thing.
    - Liked the whole interaction w/ Michael/Lucky then when Lucky brought Michael home.
    - Loved Lulu & Dante.
    - Loved Alexis & her girls (and we even got Alexis & all her girls on Monday)
    - Loved scrubs (or was that Monday, sorry I watched Mon & Tues in a row).
    - Love the Spixie/Jason scene.

    I do agree that Michael looks older than Lucky. I, personally, am still having issues w/ JJ back. I keep thinking we could have had GV saying these lines... :(

  12. I may be in the minority here, but I disagree about GV. I think
    JJ is pure magic with most actors and I don't think he looks younger than Michael guys... yes he is a baby faced guy, but wow what an actor! I did love GV, but he just simply cannot compare.

    Loved Mondays show, loved everything about it. Go Johnny go! And loved Sam with her sisters too.

  13. I agree that mondays show was magical, but minus Olivia being Jealous of stupid lisa. I enjoy Jolivia and want this whole Sonny/Olivia thing over. Can't Sonny be alone for like, 1 month without them shoving someone else in our face? I say bring Skate back. I love the actress and they had something beievable imo.

  14. I loved the Dante/Lulu scenes! They were the ONLY fun/interesting part of the whole show.I loved that they rode the train from Port Charles to Manhattan then took the limo from the train station to the opera and back.It made it a bit more interesting.Plus i like the fact that Dante paid for it with his own money {that he makes as a cop} and that he did not borrow the limo from Sonny.

  15. I think that maybe GV could have pulled off a lot of the writing for Lucky. The writers never gave him a chance IMO. The writers wrote him as another person, and now that JJ is back, they are writing for JJ's Lucky. JMO. I missed JJ's Lucky. I cannot imagine him with Sam though!

    I like the talk that Lucky was having with Michael. (I think the whole Michael killing Claudia and the cover up was a terrible plot point since it was not a cold hearted murder.) I think that the character of Lucky could relate to Michael in a way that no one else on the show can.

  16. I know that I am in the minority, but I don't care for Maxie at all. I don't think that she and Spinelli are a believeable match. Winnifred was his match.

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