Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Luke Throws Fruit: GH Today 12/16

TABLE for Three? Hmmmm, what WILL they tawk about?

So...OLTL! I love being Spoiler FREE on OLTL...Delphina and that chick Dorian married? How fun...heh.

GH: Luke going crazy. Loves it.

Maxie's "I always screw up, so it's ok I screw up" is a little old.
Is it me or does it feel like Lisa's just "stuck" in here? I like the idea of building up the hospital with Steven Lars...and more people but it's just not developed. (big surprise). I really feel like Steven is just shoved in there. If you didn't know him from before, you'd have no clue other than he's Liz's half-bro, you know? BTW? Don't you have to fill out tons of paperwork if someone dies that you operated on? Meetings and such? Going to Jake's to get drunk? Hmmmmmm.

They are playing up Sonny and Lucky's history today! wow... I guess they can now because we remember it. It works. Show some dang flashbacks. AND LukeSon scene! wow...Time for a LukeSonRita (to all the fans who followed me through the years!--click on "cigar lounge" to get recipe!) Loved Luke defending Lucky today to Sonny.
DIANE is at Alexis' house! yeah!! Love it...Carolyn is a gem. Did you she has a blog as "Barb" on for "Cougar Town"? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Ethan and Krissy but why did he show up at Davis' house?
Franco storyline is running at about 2:1 on FAIL to an B or higher. I think many people think it's going at such a chopped-up snails pace, it's just not flowing or keeping our interest.
DOMte talking about the 7 Fishes Italian Christmas Eve dinner. I go to one myself on the 24th. Our fave Italian friends include us. Our bellies grow like Santa's that night!
I enjoyed today a LOT and there was no FRANCO DRAMAZ...nice. I know that James Franco brings a lot to GH but the story so far? SLOOOOOOW...SLOOW. Chopped up and slooooooooow.
Things I liked about GH today:
Diane with the Davis Girlies
DOMte and Lucky
Lucky/Sonny history
Jacks Family ornament hoo ha
Spinxie Pain (done well)
Carly telling Lucky he's Michael's cousin.
Not so much: Jake's/Lisa/patient dies story. Darts.


  1. i really liked today's episode too, but it felt like it was a little early for the tree decorating stuff, but then again the speed at which time flows over in Soapland is so slow that starting today for next week makes some sense.

    I thought it was a little weird that Ethan showed up at Alexis's place, but i figured that it was about the Luke thing and that he thought that Alexis would be able to help.

    The dead body storyline thing kind of took me out of the episode each time they came on, although looking at Steven Lars helped a little bit. Am I the only one that can't wait until they pair him up with someone so we can see him without his shirt on? yummy.

    If we want to continue grading the show, I would give today an A- (get rid of the stupid Lisa s/l and it would have been an A).

  2. i agree steven is some nice eye candy!!

  3. Heavens to betsy how long will we have to endure Michael a year maybe 2 talking about killing Claudia ? Seeing Luke broke the monotony of Sonny and Michael.Glad to see Diane and Alexis saw where Cougar Town got picked up for next season.Christina's boyfriend Keifer make me want to hurl.

  4. While I agree about Steven being a cutie, I just can't see who they will pair him with. I am a HUGE scrubs fan, but he would look good with our Robin since she's also small. So glad not to see Francos story today. Thank you Santa!

  5. lol at Liz, our tree has been up since the day after Thanksgiving! I'm still putting out stuff and by the time Christmas is over, I'll be more than happy to put it all away again, lol. Notice we never see that part??? hmmm...and I agree about Steven, a little hunk of yummy if you ask me.

  6. I wonder if tptb have considered bringing in Scott Reeve's wife, Melissa, to be a love interest. The size is right, the age is right, and she's a darn fine actress too!

  7. Jaime, I have the same problem. Who could they put him with? there aren't all that many single women on GH, and I would not like to see couples broken up to put together a new one. Maybe the new Lisa would be good, but i thought they brought her on for Matt. He and Robin do look good, but as I said I don't want current couples broken up. TPTB might just bring in a newbie for him.

    Lesey, I have my tree up too, but it is a little weird to see them setting up their trees on tv when for most holidays they do nothing. It just felt more like a Christmas Eve Eve episode rather than a week before Christmas episode.

  8. I liked everything about today's episode except for the fact that Lisa was on. I can NOT stand her! I think it was pointless bringing her in. Is it just me, or does this Lisa remind anyone else of Nadine as well? I miss her. I much prefer her and Nik to disgusting Niz.

  9. I can't stand Lisa either - not sure if it is the character or the actress. Loved the Sonny/Lucky talk, which brings back some fond and real memories. This Lucky is being written so unbelievably better than GV's. Love anything with Diane, Alexis and the girls, and it was great to see Mac show up. I really like Steven and I think SR is a great recast. Nice to not see Franco stuff.


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