Monday, December 28, 2009

Scrubs One Year Anniversary on GH

ALBERTA the Wubs Lobster watching her fave movie.
Speaking HAVE to watch the most joyful flash mob ever. It's the Sound of Music at a Belgium train station on YouTube. Restores my faith in humanity!

AMC-hey, the 40th reunion show looks fab, doesn't it? Glad someone gets a really fun nostalgia trip. If I recall correctly, last of GH's anniversary shows we had a 5.5 minute montage.

OLTL--Not a lot to comment about, other than I do love Kimmy and Clint. Sick of Sky and Gigi and Rex-- I think Gigi sounds so much like LIZ when she talks about her love for Rex but lust for Sky. Dorian needs to get away from Mitch! Stacey PeePee and the baby kicking. Oh REX walk away!! Can't wait to see Dorian dump another bomb on the town at the Mayor's Ball!

GH:  Scrubs 1 year anniversary is interrupted by PREZ about the underwear BOMBER..of which I am so happy he got a crotch fire. Heh. UNDERWEAR. Sorry, I know it's serious..I realize that but the president saying UNDERWEAR cracks me up. Underwear. OMG. I am like 12! LOL Strange to have Diane Sawyer breaking in and not Charlie, isn't it? How's this? I remember when it was Frank Reynolds..then Peter Jennings. That was a big transition to make. 

Spin got a hair cut. I guess he tweeted that awhile ago. Loved the Sam, Alexis, Molly and Krissy caper!

GOD did Target throw up all over Lulu's apartment? Lulu's forehead is almost as large as the Wubqueen's. Hard to break my record though.

Robin's hair is all boofananni! Or she has on a bumpit.  Robin to Patrick "You gave me the courage to be happy"....then it was a Scrubs love scene. 

The whole Lisa, Olivia thing? Ewww. Like you'd ask a guy you just met how they'd "afford" their house. :eyeroll: 

Hahaha. Sam in the hot tub. Love how she stretched out her boobalations before getting in!!

NEW Spoilers are UP! Get in there and take a gander!! Click on something too! Just show some WUB...


  1. I am not sure of the correct spelling but I think bumpit should have a "-". When I first read it I saw it as bum-pit not bump-it!

  2. I saw that flash mob in the train station awhile ago and LOVED it! Glad it's making the rounds again!

    Can't believe I watched GH to see one thing and totally missed how Sam gets into the hot tub- leg up and over or steps! Thanks for telling me it was steps!! If we ever get one, even a portable one, Mike's going to have to build sturdy steps with railings!!!

  3. Anything with Sam and the hot tub is just another "look at me spoof" imagine that. EVEN HER BIKINI IS BLACK. I never will undersatand the low self esteem of beautiful girls that need that attention 24/7. Guza feeds it like no other.

  4. When I read bumpit, I read bumpit--not bum-pit! Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe.... Any other corrections you wanna (want to)share? )

  5. Right. The Sam in her very tiny bikini left not much to be desired. Is she the only one the writers allow to get that underdressed? Or is she the only one willing to do it?
    Also, the GH commercial that said Jason had to choose between the love of his life and his best friend...well, we'll just say that I was pretty ticked about that. Not just a year ago, wasn't Liz the love of his life? I know you can have more than one, but they just recently just said I love you again, didn't they? Or they are getting ready to? I can't remember because I ff through their scenes.
    I, for one, had to take a deep breath after watching that or GH would have been forever off my DVR list.
    Can't wait to see where Dante takes Lulu.
    Not very happy about the Olivia, Lisa, Sonny (eventually Johnny) scenes, but I loved Johnny punching Jason right in his kisser. I even liked the dialogue that Johnny had about how Jason now knows how Claudia felt after she accidentally had Michael shot.

  6. Double ewww on the Olivia/lisa thing. How crass was it of Olivia to stick her nose in there anyway esp as she DOESN'T have a thing with Sonny. A wife would be less obvious!

    I also noticed the "pose" before she got in the tub and had a good laugh.

    And I also liked the little speech Jonny gave after he smacked Jason. A great little reality check and a few home truths.

  7. I LOVED the scene with Jonny and Jason. Loved Johnny being in control instead of St Jasus. Loved that even though Claudia was awful, Johnny loved her and Jason kind of honored that a bit by actually letting johnny know what happened and giving him closure. Why he shares that Michael did it is beyond me though. Esp cause Michael is not an innocent sweet kid (ala Morgan) he'll probably brag about it again soon at Jake's. As for Sam being the love os Jason's life, I'm sorry I just ain't buying that one. Maybe wording it his newfound love or some crap like that but love of his life? How? When? oh and WHY? Everyone knows jason loves Carly more than anyone else anyway. She always comes first. And besides Carly has 3 kids to think about, you know he will choose her. He has to. I say let Sam get blown up to kingdom come and put us viewers out of this misery guza has created wirh Jasam.

  8. Just because you are all homely looking women, lets not bash the actress who plays Sam for having the goods. Jealousy is no more than feeling alone against smiling enemies.

  9. "I could hide out under there -
    I just made you say underwear"
    Barenaked Ladies

    Kelly Monaco looks GREAT. I can't see the actresses who play Carly or Liz or Robin or Lulu ever being convinced to wear something so revealing, so if Kelly is willing and able, more power to her.

  10. I don't see who you are talking about Anonomous. Nobody bashed Sam?? I know I could have done much worse with what I said, but I didn't because she is attractive and that is what we should expect from soaps. Don't get your panties in a wad. The only thing I am jealous is about is that she gets to kiss Jason and nothing else.
    I'm all good with what the good lord gave me!!!
    Andrea/Anonomous #2

  11. i don't know if the sam/km bashers are homely looking but do think they can't distinguish the actress from the character! it's the writers and the wardrobe people who create "sam" not kelly monaco. though what has been negatively posted about it now isn't anywhere near as bad as some of the negative "can't tell between real people and the characters they play" comments i've seen

  12. Is she the only one the writers allow to get that underdressed? Or is she the only one willing to do it?

    Thats the comment from one person on this blog...doesn't sound like that person thinks Sam and Kelly are the same?

  13. I have to say I thought this blog was for opinions, venting, etc. Having said that, I think KM is a beautiful girl. But it is pathletic the way she is showcased on GH. The clothing is at times borderline slutty.. when she was more conservative oh port charles I couldn't believe she was the same girl when I tuned into gh. And yes we saw her in the peep show in vegas, & the skimpy outfist on dwts. This girl likes attention, and she is gorgeous so it is not jealousy it is simply demeaning as a woman imo. There are several beautiful soap stars that don't need to showcase their bodies in revealing clothing DAILY. And for the record I like the character of Sam.

  14. I think that KM can act. I think it is a crime that TPTB have made her such a skanky character. I wish they would make her over and transition her into a different character, still being adventurous, but less hooker looking. You can be sexy without showing the goods all the time.


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