Tuesday, December 8, 2009

General Hospital: "Sex Obsessed Pigs"!!

Mitch..to Marty: "I don't know what you see in him. He didn't even rape you"! about John Heh. He also mentions Hope and says he'll babysit!!

On the heels of the ATWT cancellation, (see below) there is some good news about OLTL to report. Cassie and Adriana are coming back in the New Year!!
Kimmy is the bomb. Love her hair (looks like mall hair)--and blouse. GIANT earrings. She's so perfect to get in with Clint! It's such a 'ASA' story! Loved her finding out about the BO/Nora thing!

What if Mitch and Helena married? ooooooooooo. Can you imagine? Faison could come back as their BFF!! LOL. Start combining all ABC soaps into one MEGA-soap! Hey, anything to save them.

Nice shot in the heart, Natalie! She nailed Mitch Lawrence. Hoping he doesn't have a bullet proof vest on or something stupid.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: OMG, there's nothing worse than sitting thru local commericals waiting for soaps to come on!

WOW...Loved Rebecily!! Taunting Liz..you go girl. She says "Maybe your boys would like to know where you were tonight"...Cam says "I want to know". I love that kid!! She also says: "You are banging Lucky's brother"!! She's leaving and just getting good!! and she calls them "Sex obsessed pigs"! woot!

Ethan/Lucky: Soul Patch beards...LMAO. So '90's grunge. I really wish they'd do the Spencer story UP! Maybe when the Cassadine stuff gets rollin? Can I dare hope!? They could all live in Bobbie's Brownstone. Just sayin'

CarJax: Baby Cutie Josslyn!!

Jason and Maxie. I think sometimes Jason is going to haul off and smack her one. heh....
Luke gets ready to tell Lucky the truth and in walks Nik..and then Ethan attacks him!!

Franco's studio. In walks the doctor, in walks the nurse...in walks the lady with the alligator purse! Heh...everyone BUT Franco. This story is getting so boring so quickly..it's pathetic. Poor Franco...all those lines to learn and they stretch it out over such a long period we don't really care what he's saying after awhile. *sigh*

BTW, doesn't look like Genie's making an appearance on GH for Xmas after all. Guess they still can't get those terms ironed out!

Hey, I might be on Soap Opera Source's show tonight! I'll have to find out the details...cool or what!? It will air on blogtalkradio.com at 10pm.

Loved Coleman telling Michael OFF...that little turd thinks he can threaten COLEMAN! HA! AS IF!! Michael can't even BE in a NY bar he's too young! oy! Lucky tells him, then Michael rags on Lucky about being a cop!! Thank God Jason can get him under control. dang it.

Liz's dream...heh. Sam and Jason in leathah...heh.

Biggest Loser finale tonight.

Who's your fave GH couple lately? Who do you think they are going to try Steven Lars with? Will he completely shove Dr. Matt off the canvas?


  1. loved how Rebecca kicked Liz to the curb.And loved Ethan going after Saint NicK poor Luke couldn't tell Lucky.OLTL was great and I hope Natalie done the evil one in.I stopped watching AMC its getting so boring.

  2. Now ya'll know I am not a fan of Rebecca... or Liz... but I absolutely LOVED the way Rebecca told off Liz today. Lawd little whiney Liz deserved that and 100 dump trucks more! lmao

    Did anyone notice Sam was wearing her shirt sleeves down over her hands like Brenda used to do? Jeeze!

    I thought TG was stellar today. If this was block taped you would never know. The man is amazing.

    Did anyone else laugh when Jason came in and yelled at Michael. Nice to see someone not letting Michael get away with that crap!

  3. Can't wait for the rippage, Lori and Mamaspat. All that I can say, it's about dang time this witch gets what's coming to her. Hooyrah for Rebecca!!!

  4. every couple on GH has been ruined beyond repair. it is time for everyone to move on. liz and lucky, jax and carly, jason and sam, spinsilly and maxie. how can anyone have a favorite couple on this show.

  5. On GH/Sam's sleeves - thought it was a bandage and asked myself, when did Sam break her hand?!?

    Sneak peak of Chad Brannon's guest stint on GH (on Entertainment Weekly website): http://popwatch.ew.com/2009/12/08/general-hospital-chad-brannon/

    LOVE that the soaps are continuing to get more mainstream coverage!

    So sad about ATWT. I only watched it when Sarah Brown was on a few years ago... I find it so ironic that P&G wants to get out of the soap opera business - soaps and their dramas built their entire company! Who do they think bought all those bars of Ivory soap?!?

    I'm worried about OLTL. ATWT and OLTL are always at the bottom of the ratings... I sincerely hope ABC hangs on to OLTL! It'll be the only soap left in NYC!

    PS - Les Moonves on ATWT's cancellation (notice his smile): http://gawker.com/5421720/classy-les-moonves-just-told-a-cnbc-reporter-hes-firing-his-mother+in+law-on-live-tv

  6. The only couple I am into is Dante and Lulu! so cute!

  7. I liked Rebecca's dialogue for once. She was right on about Liz being selfish.
    I am a big Liz fan and you would think that after that nightmare of Sam raising Jake, she would learn her lesson. I will not be a happy camper if she goes back to Nikolas and they have another tryst after this. They are ruining Liz and I for one am NOT happy about it.
    GH needs to learn to move on. We have done Lucky and Liz so much and Sam and Jason and so on, that they need to try something new. Integrate characters. Always said I would love to see if Matt and Liz have chemistry.
    Maybe try Sam with Steven, but he may not be rich enough for her...
    Dante and Lulu are my soap couple to root for right now. They are getting back on track and hopefully they stay there.

    Loved Jason getting after Michael. Obviously, his parents won't so someone needs to step in. I think Sonny and Carly need to realize they need to take care of the kids they have now before they procreate ever again!!
    On a sidenote. Saw the University of Missouri banner in the background at Jakes. Yeah!! I am from Columbia, MO and went to Mizzou, so I loved seeing that!!

  8. Steven Lars Webber and Alexis. Keepping it all in the family.

  9. The last two days have been boring. The same conversations over and over again. I do laugh everytime Sam and Jason (then Spin & Maxie later) are just hanging out at the 'psychos' studio. Seriously, why are just hanging out there?!!!

    Everytime I start to root for a couple, they get ruined. Jax & Carly, Dante & Lulu, Liz & Lucky, Liz & Nik... Re: Sam's sleeves - I do that all the time.

  10. My biggest problem with Steven Lars is the fact that I know the actor is quite short. Alexis would tower over him...I'm hoping the new Lisa is a tiny one (as are Sam, Liz, Robin, and Kristina)and will visually suit him. Alexis needs a tall, middle aged, mature (and tolerant, lol) man to challenge her and keep her in line. Max is being written as a buffoon these days. Jon Lindstrom is available now...ahem...ahem...they'd be wonderful together!

  11. OMG, I also thought that Sam was wearing a bandage, and wondering if/how she broke her wrist/hand!! Then I saw that it was the Brender sleeves!

    As far as couples, ITA w/a previous poster, they LOVE to ruin all the favorite couples. So, if we mention our fave couples here, TIIC will be sure to trash them.

    That said, my favorite couples are Sonny and Brenda, and Liz and Jason, they are still couples in my mind. Currently, I like Jolivia, Maxie and Spin are OK, Patrick and Robin are nice, I'd love to see Mac and Alexis (they really have nice chemistry). Luke and Tracy also are cute, I think.

  12. Fav GH couple: Johnny & Olivia
    Of course Sonny will ruin this too.

    Most overdone: Jason & Sam

    Person that should get slapped vs who Karen mentioned: JASON (and MAXIE should do it!)

    Worst and disgusting slaughter of a character: Liz

    I don't like Rebecca but I loved the scenes with Liz. Let's ask Mommy wheree she was! Loved it. They had better redeem our girl Liz. They are writing terribly for this storyline. I can only guess that its guza's idea to make more people like Sam vs Liz. Just not gonna happen A hole! Instead you'll ruin both fan bases.

    Oh Queenpeng, you hated Liz before she ever dids anything Witchy. Get off your high horse.


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