Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Surgery: Already a Cut!

Get the scalpels out---guess who's leaving already? The chick who's playing Lisa--Patrick's old flame is being recast! Brianna Brown will be taking over, according to Read all about her on the link.

I've been trying like heck to get some info on the Cassadine storyline--but again, it's pushed back and given that Tony Geary is on vacation and Connie's in a play in January, it may be the Feb sweeps story? I'm also thinking that they won't be able to resist a Liz PG story, right? A fight for a Cassadine heir? Then again, how could they make poor Lucky think yet AGAIN he's having a kid and it turn out not to be his?!

I think Rebecca's leaving will be a bit tongue in-cheek. Can't wait to see Chad Brannon, that's not until Dec. 22nd though. I hear a big New Year's party is planned!! woot!

Wondering: What's going to happen to both Johnny and Ethan now? Johnny loses his sister--Ethan doesn't have the Rebecca tie anymore. We know Krissy has a crush on the boy..and I did hear he's fitting into the Cassadine story at some point. Sonny's going after Olivia with full-guns, will she give into temptation? We know even if things start to look good for them, when he finds out about DOMte all bets are off. "YOU BETRAYED ME" (I can hear it now--probably find it on YouTube too).

Steven Lars is on next week, watch for Liz to confide she's been having a trist with ol' Nikolas. Maybe they've been emailing all these years? Who do you think Steven will be paired with? Hmmmmmmmm.

Movieline has "5 Brilliant Moments From James Franco's GH Odyssey" Which is from November but I hadn't seen it.

That's about it. Susan Lucci is the Grand Marshal this year in the Hollywood Christmas Parade and other soapies will join her. The whole AMC team is movin' on in to LA!


  1. You know what all five of those moments from the Franco story had other then J.F?
    Kirsten Storms that's what!

  2. I'm so glad Lisa is being recast, she was TERRIBLE!! So unlike TIIC, because, although we know a lot of their writing and decisions suck big-time, they usually have an amazing ability to choose WONDERFUL actors! Just think of Michael, Kristina and Molly, plus DOMte, Olivia, etc. You could see right away that they hit it out of the park.

    Lisa, besides being terrible, did not look like a doctor at all, just like a Charlie's Angels wannabe.

  3. I just have some thoughts that I have to get off my chest...I do not like the fact that they brought JJ back to play Lucky. I feel that GV played a much better "grown-up" Lucky. I have watched GH for a long time. I do remember the time when JJ was there and he and Liz first got together and it was great then, but he was recast and it was going great. Why do this? Are they expecting better ratings? I don't think they are getting them. I think JJ looks like a kid and GV made the grown-up, dad role more believable for me. Also, someone said before that Liz didn't want to love Lucky the way she loves Nik. I think she does want to, she just doesn't and she loves him like a friend. Well, I don't understand this because he loves her unconditionally now and he is playing daddy to two boys who aren't his! He is a great guy and she is just stupid. Liz slept with Jason because she was upset (not a good excuse in my book, but). I know a lot of people liked that pairing, but I didn't it. They did seem to work and they did just stop their romance abruptly, for no reason other than the mob. Other people do it, why couldn't little Liz be involved with a mobular man? And, now there is Liz and Nik. I don't like them either! I mean gross! I think this just shows that both characters are whores! I mean who sleeps with their fiance/father to her children's brother and who sleeps with their brother's fiance!
    I do like Jason and Sam together, but I do agree with whoever said that it should never happen. I mean what she did to little Jake is inexcusable!
    Dante and Lulu--I like! They are cute together...I hope it continues and becomes something big!
    I like Olivia with Johnny, not Sonny!
    I think the Franco story is creepy/weird/stupid. What "artist" would have an obsession with a mobster hitman and why would his recreations be popular "art"?
    Maxie makes me so mad! She is also a whore! Poor Spinelli! I feel so sorry for him! He needs someone who really loves him and not just someone who doesn't want to lose him as a friend.
    Jax has been a real jackass lately! I do not like him right now.
    Aside from Sam bringing Jason coffee, why do they always show her boobs? It is cold outside...cover those things up!
    I do not like Kate! She is boring to me. Maybe she would be better if they did show her more.
    The girl who played Lisa was not a very good actress and she was not very pretty in my opinion. She had a huge gap in her teeth and she just didn't seem like someone Patrick would go for.
    And, as a side note: Dave Franco on Scrubs--weird! I didn't really like him!

  4. I am excited they are bringng Dr. Webber back. I am not pleased with the rumors that he will be the new chief of staff...we hardly see Monica as it is.

    Is there nay rumors of Audrey sittings given his return?

    IF Carjax are split up perhaps he could be paired with Carly. Otherwise there are not many options in terms of single women unless they give him an older woman. Alexis? Bobby? Monica? Kate? Big Alice! What about Laura or are they somehow related in an icky way?!?!

  5. Regarding Steven Lars, the character should be around 30 years old based on the whole Jeff/Heather/Diana story back in the late 70s. Scott Reeves is 43 lol I think they might put the newly recast Lisa with Steve Lars once she shows up on screen but that is just an idea. I can't wait for Wednesday to see how he does.

  6. Dr.Webber should be paired up with the girl that plays the shrink.


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