Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Spoilers up for GH into January!

We're gonna party like it's 20-09!

A new year is coming, and I have some great new spoilers for you! Wait until you see who Kristina decides to blame for her latest beat-down! Wow. Franco takes the ladies of Port Charles in a deadly game of Cat-and-Jason.

Other news? Sarah Brown will be guesting on an eppy of "Castle" opposite Nathan Fillion, another one of my faves! That will be in the spring.
Vanessa Marcil is doing a new web series called "Bannon Way". It premires Jan 6th on

Also on Jan 6th? Recast Lisa appears.

I thought Franco taped 20 shows in 2 days. Tony Geary says it was 19 shows in 3 days. Oh well, it's still choppy-choppenstein.


  1. I am with you Karen I like Ethan & kristina. Now they will ruin it bu doing this and blaming Ethan?

    Anyone else think whay a hypocrite Jason is being around Carly's family when Franco is clearly after anyone he "cares" about? He can be around everyone BUT Jake. I say kidnapping skanky Sam will teach him a few lessons on family and morality (not that my once fav Liz knows anything about that either these days).

  2. Kristina does what now?! She blames ETHAN when it was her jackass boyfriend abusing her? Does that girl have a few screws lose in the head or what? I hope Luke & Ethan both give her a piece of their minds.

  3. Sorry, I'll be fast forwarding thu the Kristina saga. Ethan has been nothing but kind and supporting to her and this is the way he gets paid back? no thanks.

    I am usually not a Sam fan, but today her scenes with Jason were sweet and tender and I found myself rushing though Liz and Lucky. JJ just has no sex appeal for me. He is paler than Rebecca (if that's possible) and he over emphasizes his "s" sounds so he comes off sounding feminine. And I cannot see the grand attraction Liz swears she has for him. Gratefulness, affection, and a great deal of guilt over her own behavior, but no passion or love. This cannot end well.

  4. I've read that the Wards are coming back and the Q's will be back on the canvas more. Guza killed off most of the Q family along with poor Justice but must realize now it wasn't too smart. Sigh. Why doesn't he ever leave well enough alone?
    Kristina blames Ethan who has been nothing but kind to her? Nice. Just like Leesy, I'll be ffing through that debacle, too.

  5. I won't be FFing thru the Kristina/Ethan scenes, reason being it is a juicy piece of story. We will watch Luke, Tracy, Alexis, Sonny all protect their child. Both actors that play Ethan & Kristina have promise and have really grown on me in the past weeks. I realized the only time I enjoyed Ethan was with Kristina, and Karen was right when she said it is SO like soaps to have the young girl pining for the older boy and somehow we root for them! We surely wouldn't if she were our daughter, however.

    I will be fine not seeing Sam with Jason for a bit. They could have done things right and made many fans be willing to covert but they never even mentioned what she did and that they can get pst it (ala Luke raping Laura cause in my opinion what Sam did w/ Jake is right up there watching him get kidnapped and hiring people to threaten Liz & the boys then not saying anything for days when jake was missing).

    As for JJ, I absolutely love him. The emotion he shows is amazing. THose who knew L&L from years back know that there never was passion. This was a sweet, gently, lvoing story of how he saved Liz. Lets not forget when Liz first joined GH she was a spitfire. She only turned into GH's sweetheart after Lucky influenced her. Let's hope he can save her once again, cause I can hardly recognize her and I'm disgusted.

  6. Of the many articles I read on Franco's GH gig, most said he worked three total days on set.

    Yes. They're streeeethcing his episodes over two months but I'm liking it and, again, it beats TOXIC BALLS any day.


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