Thursday, December 3, 2009

SO, Nikolas 'awakened' Liz' sex drive? Brahhhahaa

OMG..really? She said she could have lived without sex..until Nikolas?? Well, come on, I'm not a L&L2 fan OR a Liason fan per se but that was just plain STUPID. She certainly LOOKED passionate with Jason and Lucky. And Zander...and RIC! She sounds like she didn't get any for about 5 years. LOL.

They are making Jax really mean lately. I know he's always hated Sonny, yada yada but the dialog is just nasty.

Megan Ward...*sigh* what a waste. Waste. She looks wonderful. Her skin is to die for.

Maxie calls Spin/Jason "Bat Cave Dwellers"...I loved Jason trying to "interview" her. I so want her to redecorate the PH. It needs some spiffin' up. Loved Spin telling Jason to stop being an idiot to Maxie.
How's that Cassadine story coming? Well the guy hired to play Valentine (Matthew Borlenghi) just said on Facebook that he's not starting until 2010. I know Connie Towers is in a play in Canada all of January and TG is on vacation. Here's hoping the writers use the time to do a decent story arc.


  1. I thought today was kind of BORING .....
    I hate Jax and he does seem more mean but it will just hurt him more and more and I enjoy it ....
    Olivia was stupid of all people she tells Jax what she feels Comon the guy is not your friend he is using your son ....
    Kate happy to see her even when it was for Solivia .. wished she was yesterday episode ..

    Jason - I love him but he was not OK with Maxi yes sometimes she deserve that but comon ....
    I am happy that Spinelli stood up and told him he was wrong and I am also happy that Jason knew that, he knew the minute Maxi left he was over the line .... and he did apologize for that and that made me like him today ..
    because it takes a lot to say that you were wrong ..

    We will see about the Cassadine S/L

  2. Ya know I never saw Passion with Liz & lucky. Liz & Ric? Nope. Liason, yes. Maybe I just wanted to see it since I love the pairing. Having said that maybe they are using this dialogue since many women feel the way Liz explained. They need emotional sex but not passionate sex. They need the holdin and closeness but no intercourse. and they also think its the way to keep their man and assume its just the natural thing to do. This is how young girls get pg! Me? I need it all baby! Not that anyone's askin. : 0

  3. Did you hear that there is another Batman movie coming out in 2010. Here is the cast:

    Maxie-Poison Ivy
    Mac-Commisoner Gordon
    Max-Chief Ramsey
    Franco-The joker
    Sonny-the mayor

  4. Promo for the new 'Scrubs' on ABC...Dave Franco, brother of James Franco...

  5. Why does every episode of GH have Sam bringing Jason coffee? To show that she is now his beotch again?
    I didn't watch most of the show. Didn't care to.
    Loved seeing Kate giving Sonny the what for.

  6. So nice to see Kate - what a waste of a good and popular actress. I could have sworn Liz and Jason had more passion than she had with anyone else, but I guess the past has to be altered. Tyler looks like he is bored to death lately and certainly that doesn't make him appealing.

  7. I love Liz and would have bought this excuse if she wasn't with Jason but the writers are doing everything in their power to kill any inkling of what Liason fans know.

    Sorry writers but you can't have Liz saying in one breathe that she climbed a bazillion stairs the night of the blackout to have sex with Jason and in the next say that Nik is the one awakening a fire. Please I am not walking up all those steps for boring ass sex. So you might be forced to write this drivel to keep Frons happy in his delusion that fans will accept Sam as Jason's true love. Sorry, while Jason and Sam might be compatable she will never be his dream.

    I for one am thrilled that the ratings for this Franco gimmick are in the toilet because maybe it brings Frons and Guza one step closer to the unemployment line

  8. I don't think everyone thinks about why Jax hates Sonn so much. The guy is an A hole and always gets what he ants. Just look what he's doing w/ Olivia even knowing she's in a relationship w/ Johnny. he just goes and kisses her at any given moment as if he's god's gift.
    I don't blame jax for hating him, and eveyone has forgotten that Yes jax knew the involvement of Claudia wih Michael's sooting but hello.... Sonny was the target and it wazs Sonny's life that put Michael at risk and continus to put all of his kids and loved ones at risk. Same with Saint Jason. The way Jason talked to maxie was crap. Jason along with Sam are dead to me until they bring back some good story writing for them. They were showing Sam with her sisters and tat was great, but being Json's lap dog is dull.

  9. I thought Liz saying that about Lucky was EXTREMELY forced. In fact, I find anything coming out of Liz's mouth these days to be utterly ridiculous!! And I used to love this character.

    But it's making me LOVE Lucky more, which I didn't think was possible since JJ came back.

    And I hate Jason these days. Not sure why. Just could care less. I care more about Ethan than Jason.

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