Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wubster Holiday MADNESS!

EEsh, I'm super busy this week with holiday stuff and guests! No time for GH yet... I will get spoilers up later tonight, I promise so check WUBSNET for updates.

Yesterday's show: What the HELL is up with Nikolas? I mean...left field. If they had built up this great "obsession" with Liz for awhile, then I could buy it. Now? Forget it. It's just grasping at straws. They didn't do the story right in the first place, imo (gee, really, never heard THAT before). Nikolas could have started obsessing on her after Emily's death. Whatever. Just get that Cassadine story started.

Spin meeting Franco? Thoughts? What are your thoughts on Mr. F on GH? Good, Bad...boring? I'm bored at the moment. Again, block taping stretched out for 20 days is really thin.

AMC moved last Friday. I actually heard from someone that works--er, worked there in wardrobe. It is very VERY sad for the crew involved. They aren't going with the OLTL show, they are keeping their own (which makes sense). With ATWT leaving, a big hole is going to be left for finding jobs.

It's also almost time for the great 2009 Best Wub/Worst Wub Wubbie awards. I'd love to give your input. Who was your favorite couple of the year? I would do a "decade" look back but come on, with GH it's like looking at every day over and over. Heh. I can hardly remember THIS YEAR!!


  1. I think Mr. Franco is doing a decent job, and it just goes to show that film actors are not necessarily superior to those on daytime. I do feel the whole storyline suffered from what most storylines do on this show. They are so disjointed that they lose momentum and drama. When it finally concludes we really won't care, and we know pretty much that the end will not be very exciting.

  2. Favorite couple of the year is a tough one. I liked the happiness of Maxie and Spin but found them both a little annoying. Diane and Max were always fun. Johnny and Olivia were hot. I was liking the Coleman and Kate scene as well but they did not follow that one up. Mac and Alexis hold promise. Scrubs are probably my favorite...they seem the most normal.

    I think the highlight of GH this year was their tremendous casting department. Some great additions made to the cast.

  3. Sonny and Olivia could have been done so well too...someone from the old neighborhood who was more like him and understood him...but noooooo...claudia's barely cold under peculiar circumstances, and he's got the hot pants for olivia already. No build. She keeps saying no (in front of witnesses no less) and in some states that is RAPE! Of course they won't go there because this is the almighty Sonny...but it is just icky to me!

  4. the Franco storyline sucks. my mom asked me to diagnose Franco with some form of mental illness, and what i really wanted to say was bad-writeritis.

    My favorite couple is probably Spixie with Jolivia coming in second.

    I know the BEST thing this year: karaoke night!

  5. Franco is Guza's doppleganger. He is spouting all the love and obsession that Guza feels for his own creation. This is how Guza thinks all us stupid fans should feel about his hitman. What is wrong with us, why don't we love him the way Guza does?

    The only way to fix this show is to kill Sonny and Jason, period.

  6. I think the Franco story is boring; I actually don't know what it is suppose to be about except this guy is obscessed with death! Who cares and by the time they get there I'll probably be FF through it all. Favorite couple of the year is Jax and Carly, Olivia and Johnny but as usual they are splitting them up to put Olivia with Sonny. I'm sick of Sonny. Jason was exceptional with Liz this year, but here we are again with Sam, which is better this time around, but same old, same old. They do nothing for me! As for favorite story -- I agree with Karaoke Nights. Other than that NOTHING was memorable this year.

  7. I am so SICK of Sonny. I know a lot of people think he is the best thing about GH and I used to be a fan, but he is so flippin' full of himself, I can't stand to watch him anymore. Yesterday with Olivia...COME ON. How can anyone really thing that much of himself? He is so selfish. Instead of thinking about Michael (remember him, he murdered your wife and feels no remorse about it!) all he can think of is getting with Olivia! Grrrr.
    The Franco story is boring me to tears.
    Nikolas was very unbelievable yesterday. I just can't buy him and Liz.
    My favorite couple right now is Dominic and Lulu! I like the scenes with Dom/Lucky, I hate that Dom is Sonny's...I hope he doesn't worship his father the way everyone else does...

  8. I am for one like The franco Storyline
    it is funny and scary , and what he does to Jason is good cos wee See Jason acting with more emotion than ever, and I am for one want to see how it goes ..

    GH this year I think improved not as much as I like too
    but it got better we see more family balance and more humor I love the Jakes scenes with the singing....
    I love seeing the soarasd kids ... Dante is cute
    And I want to see Sonny with his family more i think MB is really good with the family scenes ...

    Jason I love JaSam they are my favorite couple.. they are so amazing this time funny and cute......

    I hope that after Rebecca leave maybe they will give Jason a story with his family the Q's I really want to see him more with Monica and Edward and even Tracy she is his aunt ....

  9. No favorite couple, really. Max and Diane would be the closest I guess. Hope Mac and Alexis happens.

    I think there haven't been any outstanding stories this year, but there have been several exceptional individual episodes. The day Michael woke up, the carnival shows, Maxie and Spin's notawedding, the couple of shows leading up to Claudia's death - all were thoroughly entertaining, I think. If only they had momentum.

  10. My two cents:

    Franco's storyline should have been started and finished within 2 months with lots of scenes of Jason and Sam and Sonny and every other mob person. The first time Dante saw the CO77x was believable, the fact that it has now been spray painted onto every surface is unbelievable (count them next time you watch the show - they are everywhere). I would give the storyline a solid D.

    My favorite couple would be Dante and Lulu. They met in July and have yet to have a real makeout session. It is refreshing to see a relationship build slowly. I can see Lulu begin to trust Dante. She has had such bad luck with relationships: Dillon, Logan, Johnny. She might have an actual shot at happiness with Dante.

    A close second would be Liz and Nik. They have a history of being friends and in-laws. There is love between them and it is slowly becoming something more. Liz is fighting it and by doing so she is losing her sense of self. She has had a dream in her mind for so long on what a true family is that she is not seeing what is in front of her.

    Just my two cents of course.

  11. My favorite couple is Mac and Alexis, they are red hot. I know that pairing is late in the game of the year of 2009!! They are totally awesome and so real!!!

    Favorite storyline, the non-wedding eppys, hands down. Have some Twitter BFFs who told me what GH eppys to watch because I don't watch this show at all anymore, bad writing/bad acting.

    Happy Holidays to my Tweet buddies and all the wubbers nationwide and worldwide.

  12. The Franco s/l gets a F because they gave it to Steve Burton and he IS THE WORST ACTOR on the show and should NOT be the lead in any storyline EVER.
    I love Dante,Lulu & Lucky! They are the best part of G.H!

  13. Can't really pick a fav couple...i like Johnny and Olivia, but they seem to be wrapping up.

    Can I just pick a favorite character? If so, Olivia is the best thing on the show right now. So glad they brought her to PC.

    P.S. This is Cyndi


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