Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just a Note of Thanks...AND SoapNet Watchin!

Guza's obession written in chalk!

THANKS to Geddy for filling in! LOVED her blogs!! Get this: I was driving, get a text from  Wubber Chrissy yesterday-- saying "So, do you want Gedstern to blog today"? I realized there were texts that she was going to tweet about blogging! LMAO! And I DIDN'T TEXT AND DRIVE! I was actually getting a diet coke. My fave driving drink.

Dorian looked JUST like the Queen of Hearts at the OLTL ball! What a great show. Kish-- and the teens--FORD's back! Sky and Gigi. Stacey Pee Pee maybe doing the right thing. Loved the fireworks. I am STILL in stunned silence that OLTL's ratings are lower than AMC's! If I didn't know better, I'd toally say that they were being manipulated. See, they put huge money into moving AMC, ergo, their ratings HAVE to be high. OLTL is just the last NYC soap. I smell a RAT!

Got a bit of gossip when I was gone. Which two actors are causing a stir at GH that don't even WORK there? Seems there's a bit of a choice coming up. Who will it be? Will it be either? We know it won't be both...not full time anyway.

SPOILERS are up! We know Jason saves the women--was there ANY doubt? There's not even any tension anymore. SAD. Love that photo up there with Jason Morgan written about a million times. I think the whole "Fun house Mirror" thing is hysterical. Remember Face/Off? LOL.

GH: Loved the Spin fantasy... haven't had one of those in awhile.
You'd think Robin would stay far away from the Metro Court. Just sayin' and Scrubs are TOO happy if you know what I mean.
Guza is calling DOMte and Lulu..."Romeo and Juliet"...not sure why, other than the families will be at odds. Hopefully, no sword fights.
Love how Spin looks out for Max and Diane!! Diane looks fabu as usual.
L&L2, can't watch with much wub for them, knowing the whole Niz thing.

See Ya Latah!


  1. I don't usually get your gossip hints when you don't spell it out, but I bet you are talking about Laura and Brenda. Nelson Branco claims they are both in negotiations, but how could they both be afforded? (Unless some other folks lose their jobs to pay for them.) You know, you totally know, the old Guzer would choose VM over GF. But I don't see VM doing the show long term. Maybe another six-month deal? Or she'll try to leverage a James Franco deal and make 'em shoot around her sked.

    I'm just guessing. I know nothing, obviously. But I'd like to see both of them back, especially Genie. And maybe Brenda could come back with Jax's secret son and we could see Carly's head explode.


  2. skeebob love your thought on brenda and jax.

  3. Even though I was always a Brenda/Sonny fan, I would love Brenda to come back with a son for Jax!!

  4. I also love the son for Jax notion but would want brenda with Sonny. This way Olivia can stay with johnny the way it belongs!

    Damn, why does jason have to find Sam? Either she should stay lost or Alelxis should find her and be a hero jason has to be grateful to for a change.

    LOVE Mac & Alexis. I was hating that stupid sequence thing with Spixie, sorry karen!

  5. I will start lighting a candle for the return of my dear Brenda. I truly would love to see her with Johnny, shoot if Olivia is too dumb to stay with a hot ass man. I would really love Brenda to come back as Mrs Jason Morgan, and leaving Sam in the cold yet again.

  6. Now you're talkin Dawn! Except I never saw chemistry with Jason & Brenda, except when jason was studying ot be a dr. before he became stone cold! I hate to agree that I can't get into L&L only because of what guza has done... not anything to do with JJ's return.

  7. I am also surprised that AMC is so high up in the ratings! I also think that it is interesting that SoapNet shows AMC reruns FOUR times a day. GH is shown 3x and OLTL 3x. AMC is the worst one--I don't know why they are trying to hard to keep AMC while OLTL, a much better soap is their red-headed stepchild.

  8. If I had to choose between a Laura or Brenda return, I would choose Laura. I really thought about it. Laura has way more ties to the canvas and more could be done with her. I would love her to be there for Lucky, and Lulu. She could be angst for Luke and Tracy, but not trying to break them up. She could work at Crimson or start some kind of beauty company or work at the hospital in some capacity such as a counselor. She could be a grandmother to Spencer! She could even befriend Liz and help her get a grip! Heck, while I am dreaming, either reunite her with Luke or give her a love interest!

  9. What I would like to see in 2010 will not happen. I would love to see Edward and Monica have romances. A nice older Lila type for Edward to grow old with. If TPTB gave Edward a romance, they would make her seem nice at first, then TPTB would have her swindle him! I would love Ned to come back too. I would love to see a solid couple like Alan and Monica were. They had many trials over the years ( I remember when Monica and Rick were having an affair!) but they always ended up back together stronger than ever.

  10. Skim the GH Fat in 2010! I would get rid of these characters in 2010, then maybe get Laura and Brenda.

    Get rid of: Max, Milo, Kate, Spinelli, Lisa, Matt, Maxie, Epiphany, Diane, Coleman, Olivia, Monica, Edward, Lainey.

    Most of them I say get rid of because they are not being used and they are wasted talent. There are a few in there that I named because I just don't care for the characters or they are way too overused. I thought I would tell you why so I :)

  11. I do agree Luara has more ties, but lets not forget that brenda is best friends with none other than our Robin. Throw in her past with Sonny (not to mention Jax) and it could get interesting.

    Wow I so disagree with getting rid of Maxie, Spin, Coleman, Kate, Diane and Max. Most of these folks kept my head above water when everything else was sucking at gh! you're nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Pat, what I was giving was my opinion! I am not nuts for having an opinion that differs from yours. Again, my opinion! :) There are some very talented actors on my list that are being wasted.

    I would also add Nik to my list.

  13. You guys are funny!

    I do see more storylines for Laura too. I have always liked GF. I like VM too, but have to agree more Laura has more story opportunities. If I were in charge, I would get rid of whoever I had to to get both actresses back full-time.

  14. I wish there was a dream sequence on GH in 2010 where they would undo the Quartermaine deaths, and make them prominent characters once again. They could do it if they wanted to.

  15. I hope that Alexis and Mac turn into something. It would be nice to see a mother showing her daughters that you can date a nice guy who is fun and interesting.

  16. I would sacrifice those characters to get Genie and Vanessa back! Well, all except Maxie!

  17. Happy New Year everyone!!! I love your web site even if I don't always comment. Sometimes GH is worth commenting on & sometimes not. Here's hoping that Guza gets left in the 'dust' & we get a real writer that 'cares' about all of its characters not just Jason & Sonny....which I think he really loves the most. Sad but so true....GH could be #1 'if' only certian things would/could happen. The writing is the main thing without it all soaps/shows are dead. Having all characters interact is great too. Really one show shouldn't be depend on only one or two main characters...which Mr Guza does....its dependent on all characters together as a whole.....with caring storylines...of course its all a dream really cause I'm probably talking of GH past really....yes this yr had 'small' glimpes of what could be....but Guza won't let that happen cause he likes bombs and fires & getting movie actors to come on to get the ratings up again...stunts thats all they are...not getting beloved Vets back with a show that has over 40yrs of history under its belt. He's destoryed characters(& the shows history/changed too!!) history's...or just the characters themselves. I personally wouldn't have mind Niz if only it could've been an already open relationship ....that she hadn't gotten back with Lucky to begin with. I do feel bad cause it is JJ back as Lucky instead of GV...thats the hard part....Plus I want more plausable reasons for why a character is doing something...not just out of the blue answer....I guess it all goes back to the writing again.....It would be great to have GF/VM back ...I'd take either one as long as they don't die when they leave again & there characters aren't compromised anymore but I do know thats asking alot cause it is Mr Guza....(ex: case in pt--Lauras coma!!s/l--wrong!!)...Anyway, I do agree this NYE show on GH was kinda lame & I did like last yrs Christmas better than this yrs....but I guess at least we got something. I guess with Mr Franco they couldn't afford anything else?? who knows. Anyway, heres 'hoping' GH is better in 2010!! Happy New Year again everyone!! : ) Sue :)
    *just IMO anyway....

  18. Let's keep them all (well, except for Lisa), and then give us Brenda AND Laura!! C'mon, guys, we've been watching this show, some of us for decades, and have been loyal fans, bring on the vets, and bring back Brenda and Laura. Then, sit back and watch your ratings soar!!

    I've waited all these years for a Sonny & Brenda reunion, I will wait for as long as it takes, SONNY AND BRENDA FOREVER!!

  19. Happy New Year to All!

    You know, if they didn't do this STUPID, violent and ugly Franco story, they might have had enough money to bring back our beloved actors.

  20. IMO, ICAG about the stank Franco story. TPTB can afford who they want. They have always bent over backwards for the men they love (Steve, Maurice, Ingo, etc.) However, TPTB have not been that way with some of the most beloved actresses such as VM, GF and Tamara Braun. They let those girls walk out the door without a thought. I couldn't understand that. Yet they seem to bend over backwards for Kelly Monaco? I guess everyone has their favorites.

  21. kdmask/wubqueen,

    Thank you for all that you do for us!

    Happy New Year to you and our fellow wubbers!

  22. I would like to address this "afford" thing. Unless I'm totally uninformed, I don't believe what James Franco cost has been published anywhere. For all we know, like the folks who guested on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he worked for scale. He did go on the show at his request, and worked for 3 - count um, 3 days. I think there's a lot of assuming going on when folks talk about "what Franco cost".

    Now, somebody who won't sign their name thinks that the show would be improved if we "skimmed the fat by getting rid of Max, Milo, Kate, Spinelli, Lisa, Matt, Maxie, Epiphany, Diane, Coleman, Olivia, Monica, Edward, Lainey. I do believe this post should be deleted - this person is not a fan of the show and displays their contempt by not having the courage to sign their name. This site doesn't need these posters.

  23. shirleedee,

    I didn't say the show would be better without those people. I am a GH fan and have posted before.

    I am not sure why are you are so upset with my OPINION and thoughts, but think your post in regards to me as a person:

    "I do believe this post should be deleted - this person is not a fan of the show and displays their contempt by not having the courage to sign their name. This site doesn't need these posters."

    is laughable! Lighten up! This is a pretend show! I didn't come here to "show contemp." I come here to express my opinion and read other peoples opinions.

  24. They could save alot of money if they would just cut Steve Burton,Maurice Bernard & Tony Geary down to recurring.Since the actors who play their kids are BETTER actors then they are and are now the main reason i even like the show.They don't really need those 3 any more.

  25. I have to admit I wouldn't mind the show without Luke and Tracy.

    I would love to see Sonny lose for once and be sent away for a long time--maybe to come back a broken man and make a legal living. I would like have Maurice back only part time so it would take forever to make him over.

    As for Steve Burton, we could do without Jason....but I sure enjoy looking at him!

  26. I think everyone sipped too much champagne last night! I enjoy luke and tracy (in supporting roles). Same with the others mentioned above (Diane, max, Spin, Maxie, Coleman). It would be great for there to be a consequence for Sonny for a change. How about having him go to prison and show a storyline vs the actor leaving? May be interesting and an alternative to the boring mob story or same old sonny always get the girl love story.

    While I thought it was great that they took away Michaels car, I didn't see the anger and worry a mother would have in carly whatsoever. Oh its ok honey, I will always be there for you. yes she gave him one goods line of "I'm your mother and you will listen" but how about a REAL lesson here, make him so some volunteering or something. Or at least scare the kid like Jason did. And i would like scene where they talk to Morgan the way Alexis tlaked to the girls. Morgan idolizes Michael and Michael doesn't deserve it.

  27. Mr(s). Anonymous, what I think people want to say is that the people you want to "skim" are the only people most of them can actually stand right now. By making it all about Sonny, Jason, and Carly (the top 3 for the year), you've just cut off about 3/4 of the current audience. And by bringing back someone for these three (or Laura for Luke) you're not bringing in anyone new (and the oldbies who love Vanessa Marcil or Genie Francis will pop in just for them, then pop out when they realize it isn't what it's used to be). So, basically, your proposal to "fix" GH will end up killing it.

  28. I LOVE hearing all of your opinions!

    It is my opinion that the show has already been falling apart for years, with and without certain characters. I have watched GH for 32 years and will continue to watch. It would take A LOT of things to make GH great again. I don't spend my time and energy trying to seriously figure it out though. That makes no sense because it would never happen. I may not like certain things, but I don't let it anger me. That would take the fun out of watching GH if I was upset all the time. I just watch GH and sometimes post my thoughts/opinions on it. I do think the writing and cast integration has gotten better as of late.

  29. GH80,

    Great post! I agree!

    JMO! ;)

  30. Thanks alot Anonymous!!Its good to have opinions. We or I should say most of us love GH thats why were here. I've watched GH since like 79/80...I wouldn't be here if I didn't care. I guess I'll watch it til its gone. No matter what happens...but it still doesn't mean that I like Mr Guza for what he's done. It makes me sick sometimes really. Of course its not just 'him' per say but its nice to blame 'someone' right LOL...anyway....its all good & with the New Yr we can all hope for the best. Sure I'd love all the Vets back: not just Laura & Brenda but Lucy/Kevin/Alan/Georgie/whomever else that would love to return. would be awesome. I do understand the $$ issues now for all shows but esp for soaps. Its sad. Just think of how many daytime & nighttime soaps we had in the 80' its down to what very sad...but times change as do people...My wish is that GH : for it to be its best....& that if it does leave one day its on top again...but ...I hope that doesn't offend anyone....hope not...anyway its just an to everyone!!

  31. I think that it is great that everyone has their own opinions and can voice them here. People's opinions need to be respected though and as long as everyone voices their opinions in a thoughtful and respectful manner, nobody should ever have their post deleted simply because somebody else does not agree with them. I know that my personal opinion that I cannot stand the Laura character puts me in the minority, but I would take back VM over GF any day...

    I have been watching GH since about 1981 or 1982. I can remember sitting with my friends and discussing what was happening on the show and what we thought would or should happen. The show has had it's high points and it's low points throughout the years, and yet we are all still here, watching. Many of my favorite characters have been destroyed, but I am still hopeful that they can someday be redeemed. I guess I too will be here until the end...

  32. I agree that those comments should not be deleted. You figure much worse has been said on thread regarding more rants on liz or even Sam. And usually its the same people over and over saying the same cruel things.


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