Tuesday, December 22, 2009

CHAD Brannon DAY on GH!

That's what Twitter has declared! Here he comes people! First up, the other soaps:

AMC: Guess that's how Kendyl/Zach go....all frozen over. Plus, if they are never found, we know they can come back. Just think, you Ohioians can go look for them.

OLTL: Mitch was in top form today. My newest thought? Stacey is really the granddaughter of Mitch and Helena! Can you imagine? LOVES the idea! I told you Kimmy was the new Asa-like Chicklet. Natalie should have harvested Jarod's spermies before he was put into ze ground. What do you think about Gigi? With Rex or Sky? (I still say those two are brothers). I like them both, hard for me to choose! Tweets say about 4:1 for Sky.

GH: JaSam haters must be hatin' on the new promo! Gee, wonder if Jason will save Sam from Franco.  :eyeroll:  Pool table Christmas tree.
It's OlSon full steam ahead. I just really hope that Johnny doesn't get totally lost in the crossfire. I Love JoLivia. I hope for ONCE Sonny doesn't get the GIRL!  Goodness, Italian enough dinner? LOL.
I have to say the whole Niz thing is going to make me gag and Liz saying that Rebecca lied about EVERYTHING? Uh...hellloooo Liz. You are a liar liar pants on fire too!
Nikolas didn't move me at Emily's grave.
FAKE snow. You could almost see the box.
Zander!! Well, ok, not Zander-- but two people on a plane who used to be one character now they are another. Is that it? Did you blink and miss it?
Yankee tawk...sigh. God, when are they going to FIGURE IT OUT?! We both know that Sonny/DOMte aren't that stupid.

A FEW NEW SPOILERS are up. Including Franco's supposed leave date.  Hit an ad for me. Thx.

Doing the Wub Awards for this year. Here's my fave scene of the 2009. Not only for the content but the acting by EVERYONE in the room. I also felt the most shocked and just plain glued to the set during this whole thing. BRAVO! Much more to come about 2009. It was a very interesting year in very many ways!


  1. I am not able to see what scene you chose as your favorite for the year. What was it??


  2. The scene was where Sonny exposes Claudia at her b-day party.
    As for today's GH, I loved EVERY bit of it...except for the Elizabitch and Nik parts.
    OlSon and Domte, CarJax, and Zander were amazing.
    I also loved JaSam (and I know I'm gonna get trashed for that but oh well) JMO

  3. JASAMFAN, can't trash you too much since you answered my question. (thanks for that!!) I will not watch those scenes, but that is only my opinion.

  4. Why do they have Lucky talk about Laura to the kids today like she's dead or still in the catatonic state? The same thing with tomorrow with her "spirit" at the Christmas party.

    Does Guza forget that he recently established that she's alive and well living in Paris, studying to be a chef?

  5. Oh jasamfan you won't get trashed. They have ruined Liz and Jason individually so much that I could care less if she and jason ever speark again. You're entitled to root for who you choose! I personally cannot watch, but you are free to watch over and over in your glory. its just not for me, having her follow him everywhrere and all. She becomes too dependant. I say show them in a different light and more people may be on board.

  6. I can't watch Jasam at all! And I'm heartbroken over what they have done to my Liz!


  7. Did anyone notice today when Robin came into Ronnie's room and said all they could do was keep on transfusing him, there was no IV bag, no IV stand, no blood bag of any kind near the bed? How's he getting this transfusion? through the mouth pipe they have on him??? CONTINUITY POLICE!!!

    What I hear all of us saying is that the writers have changed the characters we've grown to love so much, we don't even recognize them anymore. Sam, Jason, Liz ,Lucky , Nik (to name a few)...shadows of their former selves...and Mr Guza..nobody cares about them as they are now. It isn't the actors as much as it is their characters. As they say: Learn from your mistakes, or you are doomed to repeat them. Or maybe just doomed?

    Happy Holidays to you all...and God bless us every one!


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