Tuesday, December 1, 2009

WORLD AIDS DAY: GH's Past Tributes...

GH had a first...the whole Stone story with HIV and Robin being infected as well. Here he is telling Jagger: YOU TUBE and it has a nice spot with Lois and RUBY is on there too!!!
I remember after Stone died, Robin talking with her "dead" parents at Christmas time. I had the tears going...sniff.
Of course, GH had it's share of tributes--The Annual Nurses' Ball to help with AIDS Awareness. It was really fun to watch, and I'm sorry for those of you that never saw one. The whole cast did routines--singing, dancing--the works. Kat Bell and Lucy Coe would often fight over MC duties! Here's a clip from the ball in 1998 with the song "Girls Just Want to Have Fun". Little Maxie, Serena and Emily are in it! Robin sings and I see "V" in the audience. I miss V... Did you know the Nurses' Ball was canned after "Port Charles" bit the dust??

It's a shame GH won't take the time to put these shows on anymore. Not only were they an annual event we all looked forward to, it was a tradition and most importantly, it helped AIDS research. There was a toll free number to call for donations. They also sold tshirts and such. But hey, I guess having big name peeps on and building sets for them beats a good ol' time any day. :( Stunts aren't going to save GH..stories are.

It snowed today here. About an 1" on the ground. It's not pretty to wake up to. Sorry, it just reminds me of driving in the stuff. ugh. Wonder when the leaves will finally fall off trees in Port Chuck?!

OLTL: Not too interesting today I didn't think. Jessica was like "whateer" to Rex's announcement he was her brother. Roxy tried to console Nat--who had a weird hair-do. (Pony Express) Charlie with the bottle..will he? Won't he? Tea crying to Todd. The Jarod Funeral...Jared? Jarrod? Jarred? LOL. I AM SO GLAD I watched until the end!!!!!!!!! The casket opened and out POPPED MITCH LAWRENCE! wowza. NICE...I was shocked!! LOL..Me, never shocked Wubqueen. I am so glad I am spoiler free!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Liz is going to spill to Robin today! Nikolas already told her. Heh. Liz said about Nik "I never had a kiss like that EVER"...wowza. L&L2er AND Liasoners now have something to be pissed about in common. THEN she goes on to say that her sex life with Lucky is "gentle" and basically Nikolas pushes her..er...buttons and it's HOT. Whahahahha!

I hope there's some rum in them cokes...Nik/Lucky. They'll need it.

"Lisa" didn't go to speech therapy ...Just sayin'

OMG another MOBULAR guy? WTF!! Bianco? Something like that?????? ugh enough.

Jason cares that Spin might see the Maxie pic..but leaves it on the desk?

NLG TWEETED: viewed Karoake show. remember that middle aged woman @ the Bar Mitzvah that had the Long island ice tea laced w/crack ... that's me


  1. One of the first reasons I watched GH was the nurses ball. I was watching random episodes at that time. Stone having AIDS, Brenda and Sonny, but the nurses ball was what drove me to watch regularly. I remember that Luke and Lucky did a blues brother thing and I think that was the same nurses ball where they did the Wizard of Oz thing??
    It brought everyone together for a good cause. And who could forget something always happening to Lucy!?!

  2. Well, Karen, the show can hire a Speech therapist for the Lisa character to help her with her dual lisp. You interested???

  3. Mary Mae singing "Midnight Train to Georgia" with Luke, Lucky and Justis as the Pips, backing her up. That's my favorite Nurse's Ball Number, or at least the first one that always pops into mind.

    I'm honestly surprised the numbers didn't bump up. I like the Franco story so far. I know Guza, so I'm sure it'll get worse and I'll end up disappointed, but right now I'm still into it.

    If GF is back at Xmas, I'm much more interested in seeing her with JJ than with Luke or anybody else.

  4. I've always thought kelly monaco needed speech therapy. she mumbles and speaks in a very low voice. maybe you can work with her too.

  5. My youngest daughter lost her dad on July 24,1996 to the AIDS virus. She was only 4 1/2 years old. He wasn't able to be there for her first day of school, for her first date, her first heart break, for her first prom. She went to her Junior/Senior Prom with her best friend, a boy she has known since she was 6 years old. That boy was born HIV positive. I never knew so much about the HIV/AIDS virus until 1994.

    Since 1996, anytime a show would show someone living or dying of HIV/AIDS, I would watch and see how the entertainment world would show how it did affect those with it and when I watched the Nurse's Ball the year after Stone's death, when Robin announced that she had the HIV virus and how she was being treated, I was bawling like a baby. She had people not want to be near her, not to use the same things that she had used, no one to even offer her a hug. It wasn't until Jason went up on stage and carried her off to show the world there is nothing to be afraid of. That is how it is to live with the virus. It is sometimes hard to get a hug.
    Why they took away the ball who knows why, just bring them back for next year.

  6. Just when I think GH is tolerable again you remind me of better times!
    I remember crying like a baby when Stone died, it was beautifully acted by Kim, Michael and Maurice. I scheduled my college classes around GH (that was long before DVR)! I looked forward to the Nurse's Ball every year...Mac with his arms around Robin and Jason carrying her off the stage was one of the most touching moments.
    I wish Guza read this to know what the fans really think!

  7. You all have reminded me of how GH used to be...oh how I miss those stories of love and sadness and life. I cried too with Robin and Stone. I laughed with Lucy always in her underwear. And I loved the depth of characters back in the day. Our University Center had the all too rare TVs turned to GH daily, and it was standing room only. Somehow I think the class enrollment for that hour shrank a bit too, hahahah...good times, good memories...thanks

  8. In case anyone is wondering who is in the picture that goes with today's blog I thought I would help out.

    On the left is the lovely Lucy Coe (played by Lynn Herring). Man I miss her ever entertaining wardrobe. In the middle is Damian Smith (played by Leigh McCloskey). And on the right is Bobbie Spencer (played by the pre-botox Jackie Zeman)


  9. Please, stop with all the name abbreviations and combinations. It's stupid and insulting. Thank you.

  10. nanabeech, I was very touched reading your post. Thanks for reminding me of what aids day is about. It seems like people have forgotten how it touches so many lives.
    I miss the GH of the past and all the sweet moments they used to show. The characters were three dimensional and so were the stories. I was so looking forward to James Franco but have stopped watching all ready because it seems like his story is just about making Jason a hero again. Guza is definitely in charge of the writing for this because his mob love is front and center. They could have brought JF onboard as a Cassadine, too. But no. It has to be all about Jason and the fact that Guza has some big time manlove for him. Ugh.


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