Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Surgery: Alberta Wubs and GH Fans build a HOUSE!

Maxamista and Alberta "The Crustateous One"!!

BETTY! GHer and Wubber, who received the Habitat for Humanity House GH fans built!

That's right! This Saturday, Habitat for Humanity along with Daytime TV, had an awesome plan to have fans donate and bid to build with GH stars a house for someone in the LA area. 14 Stars participated with an untold number of fans. Wubber Gwaddie and her hubby bid with other fans to build with Kirsten Storms. Alberta was along for the ride and even wrote a note to the family that would be receiving the house. In a cool twist of fate, the lady that got the key (Betty) is a big GH and WUBS fan! How cool is that?! Be sure to check Fans Giving for updates and celeb photos this week.

Gwaddie wrote this about Betty:

Betty is a single mom of three children. She's the proud owner of a brand new Habitat for Humanity house. She's a GH fan. She's a Wubber. She's one of "us". Betty worked alongside the other volunteers Saturday as GH Cast and GH fans gathered to help build a house. For several hours fans and actors worked together measuring, sawing, hammering, lifting. What started as a pile of lumber and nails in the morning was by afternoon, the upper level framing of a duplex. During lunch Betty talked about what her new home meant to her. It meant that her daughter would be able have a bedroom without the pungent odor of mold. It meant that her two older children (both with Autism) would have the benefit of staying in a school district that understands their special needs. It meant that Betty could have peace of mind knowing that her children would have a home, not just a house, but a home for a long time to come.While she has only spent two nights in her new home, Betty was almost more excited to be there with the cast than when she got her new house keys. After all, she's a GH fan. She's a Wubber. She's one of "us". Welcome home Betty, welcome home.

Alberta Wubs has been involved now with the AIDS Walk LA, the Habitat House and will be attending the NYC AIDS Walk in the spring. She's also been to NLG's fan event and will be going to another event in March with Lisa LoCicero, Brandon Barash and others. That lobster gets around!! (she flies everywhere, btw, coast to coast!) Alberta has a fan page on Facebook (Alberta Wubs) and Twitter account @AlbertaWubs. It's a fun way for you to follow her adventures in the World of Daytime Events!
By the way, my ultimate goal? Getting Alberta on the set of GH somehow...maybe in a scene with Molly! Of course, my biggest wish would be to have Helena hold her but that's stretching it! :)

GH this week is a continuation of the the Niz/L&L2 thing...Franco taunting Jason, yada yada. The Keifer story has been languishing a bit, hopefully it will pick up. What do you think of Steven Lars so far? They'd better get AUDREY on, dang it. He kinda just showed up and started work! LOL. Lisa might be getting more of an edge with the recast--we'll see. Check out the spoilers and Christmas schedule on the WUBSNET.


  1. Read in the last thread that there is a rumor on another site (soapzone? Carol Bank Webbers site) that Liz will turn to Jason. WTF? Us Liason fans have finally gotten over (as much as we can anyway) the way they tore apart this couple. We're fine with FF thru Jasam scenes and caneven stomach some of them. DO NOT put them back as a fling or one night stand just to tear us up again. Unless they will be a family, leave them alone. With jj back he's more suited for that role vs Jason. Jason has made it clear under Guza's guidance that being with a 35 year old (witnessed)kidnapper that dresses like a model for forever 21, raising other peoples children, and killing people for a living is more important than his son.

  2. Yeah Jen I'm kind of right there with you. I would love a Liason reunion but after they have ruined both Jason & Liz it would be hard for me to accept. They would have to have a good ending for Nik and just wipe that whole storyline out and gradually show Liason angst. Viewers just wouldn't buy it. Had they of pushed her with Nik after being jealous of Jasam or something it may be believable. Not like this though. Guza you have already broken our hearts, made Jason inhumane, and made Liz unrecognizable.

  3. I am starting to Hate liz so I guess Guza wins

  4. Todays show was lame IMO. Niz just doesn't have the spark they claim to feel. Today they showed a little chemistry but definitely not more than Liz & Lucky or Liason. No good background music, nothing.

    GH is making us dislike Liz and now Maxie too. She reverted to her oldself without any happiness in between shown with Spin.

  5. GIA, ITA, today's show was LAME!! Sonny chasin' Claudia, Franco chasin' Jason, snoooze fest!!

    Can someone please explain to me why, if Rebecca wants to win over Lucky, she wouldn't tell him about Niz, what sense does that make?

  6. And they cancelled ATWTs and left GH on for what reason.I watched AMC boringggggg and then OLTL was soso the Ross and Danellia was ok but the GIGI made no sense to me.Letting Bo's brother know about him and Nora was the only good part of the show.GH was a snoozefest makes no sense that King Sonny has to get the other woman he hasn't buried well the right way yet and already chasing skirts,I think I will switch back over to Days of our Lives

  7. The best part of yesterday's show was Lucky & Dante!


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