Monday, November 23, 2009

Back from's a sneak peak!

Nancy Lee Grahn's Event in NYC --
Wubbers Patty, Karen (the Queen), Nancy and Chrissy... We had a great time. Nancy was just wonderful! I'll have full story tomorrow, I just got home tonight and am tired! NYC was so great...and Jet BLUE? FABU!!
NOTE The lobster neclaces. Nancy actually had just taken the one she had off to put in her "gift" tote to take home.

C U tomorrow! Hey! how was the ol' Gallery Opening today on GH ?? I have it on DVR. Was it good?


  1. It was so crappy Karen my lord they could do a location shoot instead it looks like Johnnys garage.And Luke was there Sonny like he knows what art is and Jason too.I was so disappointed when it came to Franco.
    Loved your pic

  2. It was badly written, pretentious trash. SOOOOOOO disappointed. I should know better than to get my hopes up for something on this show.

  3. too bad they can't hear me booing that trash Franco was talking about to Maxie.And Jason knows someone from a Queen Elizabeth handwave please.

  4. I didn't pay much attention to anything but James Franco and he was good!

  5. I thought James Franco was terrible, but maybe it was the stupid writing and the stupid part he has to play. I really didn't know who he was, even tho I see a lot of movies, so maybe I'm missing something here.

    Also, Lucky said "flipping the script," (which I had commented on when Kate or someone said it recently on another episode), are they trying to tell us something?

  6. I liked the episode it was great ...
    There were parts that I didn't understand but it was good
    Luke was there because Tracy brought him there to show support to Lulu
    James Franco was great he really played well the freak guy
    and his wave to Jason was hilarious and Jason reaction was also great
    I am for one enjoyed the episode

  7. Hey Wubbers

    I'v started a Carly Jacks facebook page!


  8. Yesterday's eppy was craptastic! This Franco thing is stupid, weird, and forced. And Maxie just lost her backbone, I didn't think they could ruin her but they did.

    On the other hand, I tuned into OLTL for the first time in months and enjoyed it. Tons of reveals! Mitch L. is 50x's creepier than Franco and his dumb art. BTW, Guza definitely came up with this corpse art, it stinks!


  9. Guza is sick and twisted. He needs to be gone like Pratt is at AMC. His writing is awful and completely unsuspenseful. It's a shame with all this build up it looks like jumbled crud on the screen. Maybe on paper this looked better, but on screen it came off as violent, disgusting and homoerotic at times. He should write a series for HBO or Showtime or something. Not GH. Ack, it sucked.

  10. Actually, I thought Maxie was the star of yesterday's GH episode. She seemed to work very well with James Franco.

    I know who James Franco is but haven't seen much of his work. So, let's give this a chance.

    The wave thing for Jason was like "Holy Crap"!


  11. I liked Luke sticking it to Sonny. Sonny even looked a little bit nervous. James Franco is hard to understand sometimes. I did like the scenes with Maxie, but it was still weird, not in a good way.
    Still not liking the Dante/Lulu stuff as of late. They are going to ruin this duo too!!
    Finally. Sam's dress. Really? I have seen her in really beautiful stuff before, but they keep putting her in this dark, lingerie crap all the time. Give the girl some color.

  12. OMG - Sam's dress was like a reject from The American Music Awards. And that's not saying much. It was horrible. Doesn't Kelly realize she looks trashy all the time.

    Just saying.......

  13. I agree - Sam's dress was trashy but so is her entire wardrobe. I though JF mumbled a bit, but he was good despite the crappy writing and improbable situation. Kirsten held her own with him, as did Tony G., with what was definitely not stimulating dialogue.

  14. Must have been watching a different GH yesterday - cause I loved it. Franco was creepy - that's the point!!! Luke was Luke as always. Sonny was dark; loved his interaction with Franco. None of the characters were having the same old conversation. And there was nothing wrong with the location of the gallery.

    If viewers didn't understand what Luke and Sonny were talking about, that says more about them than the show.

  15. I think some of us just don't care what Luke & Sonny have to say, period. We're sick of it. Plus until reccently there was ahrdly any dialogue, so why care now really?

    I don't hink I have hardly ever seen Sam where beautiful stuff. KM must like to look like. Awful trash she waswearing and with awful lipstick. Lighten her up a bit, seriously!

    Lulu looked good but sounded annoying. Dominic looked so short yesterday!


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