Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday: Will GH Knock The Socks off--AGAIN?

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Fell asleep during AMC. That about says it all. OLTL was great for the Bo/Nora thing alone. David and Destiny are awesome still. Loved KISH! VERY nice acting. If they have Matthew fall for Danella after Rachael dumped Sean for Dr. Boring-face I'll scream! If BOTH Destiny and Sean get dumped? I'm screaming. Looks like it's happening. I say it's a WEIGHT ISSUE and we need to protest!
Roxy kissing Mrs. Burns full on the lips at the end of the wedding? HEH

GH: "The role of Lucky Spencer..." UGH WE GET IT! Just give us a new damn opening already. JJ is way small to be in that room next to Jason...give him some Monavie Juice!! He's also too soft spoken for a cop so far. I like he and SBu together, always have. Just hard to see him as a policeman just yet.

Sonny at Alexis' house!! Molly wants to write a report on the happenings for extra credit! I LOVE Sexis!! Sonny's face listening to Molly. :) Molly is a doll. Alexis was great telling Krissy that Sonny loves her.

Johnny runs into the police room, says he'll 'vouch' for Jason with the commissioner. Uh, you are the son of a giant mobular man! LOL that was weird.

Sam's all leather and gun. LOL...

The pace isn't up to Friday, which I understand a bit, but today was a big let down from that show. They needed to keep up the pace another day or two, imo. It just moves a bit too slow.

AND of COURSE Jason gets out! LOL...Poor Mac.

Kudos to Laura Wright today who had to crawl thru fake mud and tons of "rain" AND have contractions! Good job. The Open cabin complete with wood and Yankee Candles is a bit funny but WTH.


BTW, Rena Sofer is going to NCIS! She's also on a Hallmark Movie this weekend.


  1. I'm more than ready to give JJ a chance as grown up Lucky. He's a grown man with a wife and kids, just lucky (no pun intended) to look young for his age. I'm sure he can go toe to toe with Steve Burton if given the material and the opportunity. It will take time to get used to the change but I have faith in the guy.

  2. I have a feeling that the vibe between Jason and Lucky is changing it was not the same ....
    Lucky was like Jason's friend not the cop ....
    we will see how it goes
    Steve and JJ scenes was like before .. .

  3. I'm totally disgusted with Sonny. He just goes crashing into Jax' house demanding the boys get dressed and come with him to his house! WTF In what world are they going to be safer with him? Sonny is really being written 'over the top'. You'd think MB was on his way out the door with this awful stuff!

  4. Shirleedee only today was Sonny out of character. Fridays show he was fantastic and most agree if you read the older posts! Having said that, I think they should show Sonny react that way to Jason, Johnny and Olivia then to since the all knew. Why does everyone only crap on Jax?

  5. Haven't watched the show yet, but I have a reason they may all crap on Jax. It was his brother that was in charge of the Metro Court fiasco and then he was in charge of Michael getting shot. Jax knew about both and still defended his brother...Probably not good for his image at all...


  6. Does Jax ever fly his helicopter when it's not raining?

  7. Well if anything Lucky can now do the whole 21 Jump Street thing and go undercover at a High School....

  8. Jax never defended his brother during the hostage crises nor the shooting. He was ashamed of his brothers actions. He only hid this from Carly because of the baby. Yes partly because what it wold do to his mother, too.

  9. Mrs B, I don't agree. Fri. Sonny taunted Jax because he "couldn't control his own wife", when he was never able to control Carly when he was married to her. He called Claudia both a "whore" and a "bitch" even though she never cheated on him. I stand by what I said - Sonny is being written 'over the top'. The fact that MB's performance is truly marvelous does not change that. (I can separate the actor from his character.) Jax is also up to his eyes in this mess because he keeps covering for Jerry, who is a worse 'nut case' than Claudia. SJB quit over this fine mess and SR has another gig - exit stage left - can't blame them.
    This does not mean that I did not enjoy Fri's show - just hated these cringe factors.

  10. Shirleedee,

    Claudia did indeed cheat on Sonny, with Ric, his brother. Although Sonny did not know it, she also tried to cheat on him with Dante, his son. She apparently likes to keep it all in the family and she deserved being called a whore...

  11. ShirleeDee I guess I see more your point but maybe he & Claudia deserved one another! Liked Alexis today, she rocked. Love her w/ Sonny! Sam grossed me out changing from one leather jacket to another chasing Jason as usual. Here we go again.. and of course the spoilers have her helping Carly so now Carly will be on board w/ Jasam.

  12. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY do not want Alexis with Sonny. Keep Alexis single or Mac or Jax or the Mayor or bring Ned back or Johnny or Edward or anyone but Sonny.

  13. I don't want Alexis with Sonny either, but I like that they're part of each others lives. I like that there's some admiration. Its much more believable and we've all been there whether as a child or an adult watching adults trying to raise children together (but not being romantically involved). Its nice not to see hatefullness.

  14. Ok, defended Jerry was the wrong word. Covered for his brother is a better word. Carly wasn't pregnant during the Metro Court mess, so why was Jax covering for him then? He shoots Robin, gives Alan a Heart attack (that kills him eventually) and trapped many people that Jax knew and loved!

    The show yesterday was good.
    Did NOT like how Jason used Liz/Cam/and Jake to get Lucky to help him. You know that if something had happened to any of those three, Lucky wouldn't be the one working to get them safe, Jason would be. Or Lucky may be working, but Jason would be the superman in the end, as always.
    Lulu in some trouble and two men to fix it. Love it!
    Sam and her leather wearing tiny coats in the pouring rain? you don't have a raincoat? Do those wet, leather coats really help in action? And the shirt she had on underneath? Yuck.
    Sonny against Jax. Liked it with Brenda and liked it now.


  15. the only thing I do not like is jasam. they remind me of comic book characters.the only time I liked sam is with GV. now she is back to being jason's side kick.

  16. Jax is plain wrong. He shouldn't have kept the secret so long. Even now he's trying to help Dante take down his stepsons' father. What does he expect will happen. His character is just a big disappointment. He protected Jerry during the hostage situation and he's protecting him now.

    I'm loving Lante and I hope they get together but I like how it is slowly progressing to the next level.

    Olivia and Sonny may actually be the first pairing I like of his since Carly...since they won't do Sonny and Carly.

    Other than that, I hope Carly's baby is healthy and that she gets to spend some time away from Jax because she's become a snooze.

    I'm happily awaiting the next villain.

  17. Wait let me get this straight some how this is all Jax's fault..WHY???

    Last I checked Jerry didn't shoot Mikey crap and in fact he wasn't even the one who hired Ian, that was all Claudia. So Jerry was in on a plot to kill Sonny, he was in fact on his way to the warehouse the moment he found out that Michael was in the building, and if not for Alexis would have made it.

    Jax did not know his brothers involvement until after the fact, so he kept that truth from Carly. Shoot Sonny kept Ric alive even after finding out that he chained her in a secret room. Hello're black

    Why is it ok for Sonny ro protect his brother, and Johnny to protect his sister but in no way shape or form was it ok for Jax. Wait that's right its because said incident happened to the golden child - Mikey the great.

    Please I for one wish he would go back into a coma, because if the rumors about him are true then Guza has managed a way to make this kid into his non-father's son. so pathetic

    I won't even get into JaScam because they are dead to me

  18. Jax covered for Jerry becuase of Lady Jane. He couldn't bare to tell her the truth. If you add all the Heinous things Carly has done over the years its no worse. NO one knows what they would do to protect a sibling or other family member unless you've been there.


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