Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Does the Flu ever hit Soaps?

Get away from my CAM if you don't have a flu-mask on!!

I don't mean MASSIVE Flu's...or big poxes, I people ever just get a dang cold? I'd love to see Nikolas lounging around with a box of kleenex, drinking Thera-Flu that Alfred just brought him. I wish for once they'd have a flu-shot clinic at GH.

NIZ is driving me insane. Just stay AWAY from him Liz!! Oh, it's all a dream...okay. Those fakers. LIZ says she's sorry to SAM? :thud: LOL.
I can totally see this whole "so Michael killed Claudia and when will everyone find out"?? going on FOREVAHHHHHHHH
And when the hell did Johnny start taking photos? LMAO He's all of a sudden a photog. GH YOU slay me. Give me a break. They at least could have had him taking some pics before now. Brahahahahaha. He was a piano teacher, Christmas Tree Saleman and garage owner. wowza.
Lisa. Geesh, could she BE any more soap looking? FOR ONCE I'd love to see a real person on this show. (much like OLTL does). I've seen a LOT of surgeons in my life--none had hair like that. Most can't take the time for much of anything but their work. Just saying she looks a
OMG, didn't Rebecily look like Emily today? Sounds like her too.
Remember when the rumor had it Sam had a guy from her past coming to town? Looks like she knows Franco from the past. SPoilers
"Kill the Beast" Says Anthony..."Cut off his head and right arm and bring them to me on a platter"..
OH NO! Johnny finds the photo of his sister!!! :(
My friends on Twitter talked about doing a web Reality Bytes or Gotham. What should I call it "As the Wub Turns"? "All MY Wubbers"?..."Wubbo Hospital"?? "Wub is a Many Splendored Thing"? That would be so fun. Wish I had more time, more know the usual.


  1. Haven't seen the show yet, but don't know if I want to if they have Liz apologizing to Sam for anything....

  2. actually, remember when spinelli had the flu, and lulu or maxie brought over soup.

  3. So I REALLY REALLY love Lucky and Liz together talking about old times. So wish Niz wasn't going to ruin this. *sigh*

    I also love Jolivia and wish they could just be together. They are lovely!

    Is Rebecca an idiot? Nikolas says he wanted revenge and she asks why? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Isn't there enough dum dums on this show?

  4. WUB in the Afternoon :)

  5. I thought it was funny when Anthony called Sonny Mr Dimples.I love Anthony of course I loved him on Hill Street Blues.
    Johnny is pitiful I wish he wasn't in the mob.

  6. the mr dimples was me I hit the wrong button go figure

  7. The Edge of Wub ... (Watched Edge of Night in junior high, back when they had junior highs. Sky & Raven were only surpassed by GH's Robert & Holly for my favorite couple back then.)

    So L&L2's last scene today was him wandering off from the picnic to see if there was a for-sale sign off in the distance? Wow. I mean, save some of that seat-edge excitement for Fridays, Guza!

    Also your Chris Berman homage on the spoiler page regarding Maxie and Franco made me smile.

  8. skeebob!! Thanks for the Chris catch, I wondered if anyone would get it!!

    Also...The Edge of WUB.
    LOVES it!

  9. Robert had the flu -- or a bad cold -- leading up to Robin's Nutcracker recital/Sean and Elsie Mae's wedding. Shocked that I'd use a Robert reference, right, Karen? ;-)

  10. Iduring L7L's picnic I kept thinking Lucky was going to stmble upon Claudia's grave....looks like the couple who were just complaining about having no money might buy a piece of land instead?

    Didn't Lucy's duck (Sigmund?) have the flu once?

  11. LOVE the cold references: Sigmund! Sean and Tiff's wedding! Priceless GH writing! Some of us have been watching a LOOOOOONG time! hahahahaha...sigh...those were the days!

  12. Wow. Jason remembers he has a son. Well actually, Sam brought Jake up first. I wonder with this Lucky/Liz marriage reference if they are going to start pursuing Jason stepping up as Jake's father. I think Sam can keep her nose out of it though. I think it was bad enough that Liz apologized to her...
    Rest of the show wasn't noteworthy.

  13. How about "One Life to Wub".

    Okay did anyone notice that when Lucky questioned either Maxie or Jason (I'm not sure now) but he asked where they were on the night of November 5th? Thought Claudia's death night was October 29th???
    Even the writers can't get the timeline right and they right the stuff.

    Karen - Argh - I thought the same thing when Johnny suddenly had a camera that Claudia gave him. These writers always backtrack on their ideas. I didn't buy it for a second.

  14. WTF would Liz apologize to Sam? Are you fricking kidding me? Maybe she is just understanding how sluts feel lately since she is bedding (or couching/closeting) Nik. Next thing you know she'll apologize to maxie, too. This is Guza writing for sure to have that apology happen. Why the heck would L&L buy land when Jason paid her house off in full when he broke things off after Jake was kidnapped and "saved" be scammer Sam. This is right back where we started scratch that, where we were.

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