Monday, November 9, 2009

BOOM! Down Goes a Cassadine!

Nice article on new Detective on GH....handsome McKinley Freeman! It says though that he's only on for 4 eppies! I hope he stays longer.
AMC, how stupid to have Scott put the ring on Annie. ugh. DIDN'T like that!
OLTL!!!! let the MADNESS BEGIN!! WOWZA. I was so hoping that would be Nash's body sitting there, rotting! eeeeeeeee! Poor Jess...will her mind snap? Lordy, MINE WOULD! Great suspense. I knew Natalie would be in that closet. Nice ending.! Rex knows, John "the brain" McBain figured it out (on the plane LOL)...and Mitch steps out from the shadows. :THUD:
BORED with Christian and Leyla...BORED.
GIGI... she needs Drunk acting lessons, just sayin'. LESS Gigi today would have been welcome..they dragged everything out too much.
GENERAL HOSPITAL: Liz and Nik in the storage closet? Okayyyyyy. cut to soft-porn music.
Ok, so Jax was wrong--but come on. To blame him for the WHOLE THING!? Not fair. Just sayin'. I'm feeling badly for Jax, just because he finally gets a kid and it's ruined.
Mayor Floyd is looking a bit like Don Drapper!
At least JASON says killing someone is wrong.
Donte is the same height as Lulu. Lulu was looking like GF today--maybe it was the hair? And, Maxie was seen on Media Net visiting Lulu..did she do that? WOW..Mike talking to his grandson DOMte! :)
Hey, are so stupid if you don't run far far away from Krissy!!
Nice ending. I gotta say it's a dream though. Liz' guilt coming out. BOOM! Nikolas goes down...Lucky shot him. (dreamwise)
NO NEW GH OPENING!!!!!!!! WTF are they doing??????! BBarash has been here for two years! No Dr. Matt...Claudia never got in. God, my KID could do a new opening! They are toying with us people!
OK, Enough with the Mad World.
LINK TO NEW ABC Promo: Night of Passion (their name, not mine!)
MAURICE BENARD'S Movie: Confessions On Demand! VOTE To have it in the LA area! (I used zipcode 90027)--get the word out and let's get his movie on the move!
LISA LOCICERO: New Official Fan Site up! Has info on joining her fan club and tickets to the FCW!
HOW FABULOUSLY Groovy was the MAD MEN finale last night? Swoon. Loved it.


  1. Lady Jane is on before BOBBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UUUURRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    I loved it when Olivia was talking to SOnny and said she was worried about his kids and "all their VARIOUS mothers...."

  2. No one looks like Don Draper! (*sigh*_

  3. Hey Karen -

    Dominic Z is on the short side but I think Julie B wears spikes most of the time. According to imdb Julie is 5' 3"....I don't think Dominic is that short. But I still love them together!


    she is taking care of Liz's abandon children and not her own grandsons ???
    Ok Liz is great but comon her daughter needs her ...
    I am sorry But I was on Carly side it did seem that all Jax was concern was that Carly will have the baby he didn't say a word about Claudia he ket her be near Michael and morgan///
    I hate that he takes all the blame on Sonny This is not the time get over Gi Carly kick him out ..
    Michael is not acting like Sonny he is acting like AJ!!
    I know it is a dream LOL
    Steve Burton was amazing today He really moved me !!!!!!
    Poor Jason he really want to help Michael But I don't see this as his fault , he was amazing father and he would have been better than Sonny ..... I did love that he was truthful with Sam and talked about all his guilt , he does Love Michael.....
    I am really starting to feel bad for Adam lambert I HATE NOW MAD WORLD
    And I liked that before

  5. olivia is on my last nerve!!!! they've turned her into an annoying, hypocritical idiot! love that lady jane is here. bobbie (jz) has become an eyesore with all the plastic surgery. honestly don't miss her onscreen. her looks are scary! just when i want to scream at carly because she's unfairly blaming jax for all of michael's woes, it's "almost" as if she knows she she not toally right when she's talking to the baby. i love laura wright in this role!!!!!

  6. Karen you're right on the money, Jax was wrong but everything is not his fault. This is bull crap!
    Guppie face or not, Carly needs her mother (lol). We need a 3 generation picture!

    Sorry Anonymous I could not disagree with you more about Jax.
    Who could blame him after losing Spencer to Nik, losing the baby Liz carried as a surrogate(mind you that was CARLY'S fault for wondering out in the road and she caused the accident). Carly would lay on top of rail road tracks for sonny or jason (even if she was pg she would, she's an idiot when it comes to that). She is a spoiled brat, period.

    I cannot fathom looking at Scammer sam much longer. I have tried as I promised and I can no longer sit through her scenes. I AM DONE!

  7. Carly has reverted back to her lack of an open mind unless it has to do with Sonny or Jason once again. She is pathletic! Jax should take that baby far away from her until she agrees to keep the mob away from her kids.. Same goes for Jason, stay away from every one else's kids since you can't go near your own ya big fat loser! Now they are hinting that Carly will be po'd about not telling her about Olivia/Sonny/Dante. Why not? This does not concern her. It is none of her fricking business. She kills me how she has to know everything about everyone just because. This is mainly becuase she has never been a friend to anyone in her life, never kept secrets, etc. Bobbie should slap her into next week so we can watch Carjax enjoying their baby the way Jax deserves. This storyline makes me loathe sonny & Carly the way I used to before Laura Wright came into the role. Someone needs to remind her that she mariied more than one mobster (Alkazar & Sonny) not to mention her mothers husband out of spite for heavens sake!
    Of all people they're making Luke warn Nik about Liz? I love that they're showing luke actually give 2 shits about his children, especially finally Lucky, but come on isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? If Laura was here she would know exactly what to do even though both of her sons are involved. I used to marvel in the scenes with Liz & her boys and now I cringe when I see Liz becuase they are destroying the sweetheart of GH. No she isn't without her flaws but her & nik is just wrong on so many levels. Bring us classic Liz & Lucky love, or throw us a Liason bone. That would be a better traingle if Jason came crawling back after doing nasty Sam for weeks. Bring him to a real woman that can have her own life and career and 5 minutes without being in his prescence!

  8. What bothered me today was Liz and Nik trying to do the nasty in Scrubs playroom.Carly I think was right on Jax.Michael is trying to be a little Sonny.At least when Sam dated Lucky she had better looking clothes now all ya see is a leather jacket.
    OLTL was rocking today.AMC was crappy except for the Hades scene cause David is just like the devil to me.

  9. The Mad Men season finale was fantastic.

  10. OLTL was fantastic today. All the storylines were relevant and played to perfection...oh is Mitch evil or what??? hahahaha...As for GH, I guess Carley is back! What I saw was a spoiled, self centered, childish pouting brat today. It's always me me me with her. Jax might have been wrong, but his intentions were good. How would she have felt if she'd stroked out or lost the baby? Somehow he'd be the cause of it all yet again. It is time to get on with this mad world thing, enough already...throw us a clue. Liz? She needs some time on Lainey's couch to find out why she has to sleep with every man she comes across and seems to have lost any tinge of a backbone she ever had. Sheesh, woman, just say NO!

  11. Okay, I'm confused...didn't Lucky shoot Nic today? Why is no one talking about this?

  12. Lol Lucky didn't shoot Nik today but I think we were all wishing he would :D then the magic bullet could hit Liz and Rebecca as well. Lmao

  13. The Mad Men finale was great, but I hate to have it end already for this season. This show is soooo good and deserves all the awards it receives.

    LindaV - who can't seem to log in.

  14. Linda V after you type in your comment go down to where it says Name/URL and check that box then it will come up to Name again and type in your name.I had such a hard time figuring it out teill Queen Peng helped me out.

  15. Yesterdays show wasn't very good. Carly not allowing her husband to be with his brand new baby? Really?
    Nic and Liz are not as good as I thought they would be.
    I did like to see jason have is flashback with baby Michael, but remember Jason. You have your own kid that you obviously don't even think about...

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