Friday, November 6, 2009

Soapy Friday! AMC, OLTL and GH

See the new scoops. Carolyn Hennesy (Diane) will be singing for us soon on GH!

First of all, thoughts out to Fort Hood. AND now, Orlando. What is the world coming to? I meet so many fantastic people on the net--from all over the planet and forget that evil lurks around the corners. Best wishes out to everyone in those areas.

AMC: Annie/Adam-- ewwwwwwwwwww. BUT! Loved the colors and flowers! :) Talia is on there too as the inn keeper. Adam is on his 10th marriage!! LOL. I'm going to DVR B&B so I can watch Ms. Brown. (she's newly blonde!)

Liked having Stuart there at the wedding.

I did tune into the end of B&B...Sarah doesn't disappoint. YOU KNOW her character is going to have an edge. You know it! eeeee! Great outfit.

OLTL: Marcie!! ;) Loves her!! So glad they had her come back even for a catch-up. OLTL is magical that way. Dorian's dress looks so nice. Hope's Bday. Seems every kid is born for November sweeps on Soaps! LOL.

Todd doggin' on Dorian and Amelia...heh. "which one is the groom"?

I can't wait for MITCH TO SHOW UP! I hope Jarod is all innocent in this!! I'd love it. I like him. I know he's leaving the show, but I still want him to be a goodie.

MARCIE! :twirling: Loved that they used the whole election/baby thing as a reason for her to visit!! I wish they'd put her back on the show.

EEEEEEEEEE! Nash's coffin is empty and I think HIS BODY is in the chair in the SHED!! ooooooooo. Gross! Leave it to Mitch to be that creepy! Monday should be wild! I hope we see Nash's decaying body! I hope Mitch laughs and laughs! woot!


Flashbacks: Claudia's death oooooooooooooooooo. spookay

Josselyn Jacks looks like she's about 7 months old! LOL.she's even babbling. BIG AND SMART! I really love Olivia and Carly's friendship too. And now it's out that Olivia knew too. Ouch.

Don't like that chartreuse color in The Jack's House. OMG, and Carly FORGIVES Jason..even though Jax's motives are the same as Jason's. To protect her. NOT RIGHT!! :stomping foot:
Oh, DOMte caught at the Jack's house! LOL. And Jax..trying to make DOMte think that Sonny or Jason did it!

OMG....Lucky says To Jason : "Is your fave color black"?? You wear it all the time. What's your fave music? "Are you an emo kinda guy"?? LOL! Great scene. I want to see Jason singing "HEY MISS MURDER CAN I? HEY MISS MURDER CAN I"? He's a TOTAL emo!!

Michael is looking way older to me than 16-17 lately. GREAT acting from Drew Garret in that scene with BB. Genius to put them together right after the shooting.

Brandon Barash was awesome today talking about his "sister"!! "I want to bring her flowers"...wahhhhhhhh. OMG. I want to hug him. He's the WUBULOUS Actor O' the Day for me!

I'm going to a FABU BEER TASTING this weekend! How fun is that? 30 breweries! Snacks! My Dad's bday too! My whole hometown is going or almost the whole town. Can life GET any better?! Nope.

Here's a great blogger site that has almost ALL the verified soap star tweeters: SOAPSTARTWEETS! (link fixed)


  1. Sonny looked so short in his scene with Jax.

    Still no Bobbie...or Luke or Lulu or Lucky or any other family visiting the new baby. Not even Molly or Kristina who were fixtures at Carlys house just last week.

  2. Carly is a fricking HYPOCRITE. Saint Jason is forgiven but her own husband isn't? WTF? Carly won me over the past several months and just like that it went out the door. Yesterdays scenes were like seeing a spoiled brat demanding to break the law sonny & Jsson's way. this should be a big wake up call for Jax not to forgive carly instead of the other way around. this is how their child will be raised. This is how her twisted mind works. This storyline makes me sick. It would have been so much better had Johnny done the kiling (accidently). I love BB and it will will really be a sad day if they get rid of this actor. He shines in every single scene no matter who he's against.

    Love the thought of Alexis & MAc per your spoiler! woohoo!

  3. I think Carly forgives Jason because she expects this kind of thing from him (covering up things, etc). She expects Jax to be honest and not lie to her, especially since they'd promised to each other no more secrets.

    And Jax is so angry at Sonny for trying to protect Michael and for covering up for him, when he was doing the exact same thing for Jerry. I do believe he was trying to protect Carly too, but above all he was trying to protect himself and his brother. And he doesn't even see it, no matter how many times people try to point it out to him.

    I did feel bad for Johnny though, like he said right or wrong, Claudia was his sister. Though I expected his reaction to be bigger. I figured he'd fall apart when he found out Claud was dead. But that's JMO

  4. Why was Sam so smug and rude to Johnny in yesterdays show? As i he did ANYTHING to her? She is the biggest wech bag ever. And Guza insists on showving her in our face every flipping day, Can anyone show Johnny a little compassion?

  5. But Saint Jason never lies Kelly!

  6. carly should kick jax out for good. too many things gone bad with this couple. jax put jerry first. as far as jason goes this behavior is to be expected. JJ was good with SB, he stood up to jason in that scene. JJ did not look like a dumbie.

  7. Ok Lucky and Jason scenes so much different vibe between them it is amazing .
    Lucky was not acting as the cop who just wants to arrest Jason he was like his friend looking after him , and Jason treated him the same way.. I wonder
    what it means and maybe it is because Lucky is not the same actor??

    Jax and Carly , I am sorry all but Jason only knew after Carly got pregnant that Jerry is involve , he didn't know all , Jax knew all in march a all month before Carly pregnancy .........
    Jax knew and he knew Claudia is bad and she is close to Michael and Morgan , he knew that she is dangerous and didn't say a word he endanger the kids, Yes Sonny was the one who married her , but that was before he knew what she did .....
    Jax stood there and let Claudia be part the boys life and said nothing ...
    in a lot of ways he did only care for his girl and not the boys ....
    Jason suspect Claudia involvement but didn't had proof , Sonny knew of Jason mind of Claudia but didn't want to act before he knew that Jason is right
    And all along Jax knew ..
    I would forgive Jason and not Jax .....
    Jason wanted to protect her really , if he would have known and had prof of Claudia he would have not let her near Michael and Morgan.....
    Jax knew and still let her in...
    he let her in and she sent Jerry after the kids in Mexico .....
    if he would have said something Claudia will be not around Sonny and the boys .....

  8. Hey all sorry if this has been asked and answered already but does anyone know what song keeps playing when we see the mysterious loft? thanks!

  9. WHERE'S BOBBIE?? This is CRAZY, where is she, this makes no sense.


  11. Jason and Sonny are Bob Guza's husbands they can do no wrong.

  12. My take is that Jax knew for a FACT because of the DVD's that Claudia was involved, whereas Jason was only speculating & was trying to find solid proof. Jax was only concerned about protecting his brother (before Carly was pregnant) & then his baby girl. He let Claudia into those boys lives with the knowledge that she was involved in the shooting. This is why I believe Carly forgives Jason but not Jax. Btw, someone asked why Lulu hadn't visited Carly & the baby...Lulu was in the hospital after almost drowning. And noone had gone to visit her at the house because she just barely walked in the front door today. Nobody (not even Jax) even knew she was leaving the hospital. I thought all involved did an amazing job these last few weeks! Great performances! I love GH!!!

  13. I hated the scene between Jason and Lucky. JJ is back and they are already rewriting history. When JJ was on the first time, he and Jason were friends. But it has been a long time since the motorcycle shop and TPTB can't just revert to this friendship just because JJ is back now. IMO, they feel that they have to revert to this old relationship, however, because JJ cannot play the hardened cop opposite SB. He is incapable of pulling it off, so the dynamic has to change...

  14. I think Carly just invented a new drinking game. Take a sip everytime she says Jocelyn.

  15. the fact that Bobbie is not in any scenes with Carly, who just had a baby is really starting to get on my last nerve

  16. Oh yeah they are all hypocrites Carly included. She has done just as many crappy and bad things as Jax could ever come up with. Sonny was the one that took him to the warehouse but he can do no wrong.

    jax should never have hidden the Jerry connection true just like she should never have screwed Sonny in the limo and lied about it--a lie is a lie. I want to like Carly because I like LW but tptb make it so hard because they let her lie and do all kinds of stupid things for Sonny, Jason but Jax lies to her one time and he's satan.

    why not get it all out in the open? would that be so bad? it would probably do Mykill more good than all this covering up.

    I have no problem with Sonny or Jason going to jail for this they deserve it--they are criminals. Jason should finally man up and tell carly she has a husband and to work it out with him. I'm sure they;ll manage to have one of those BFF scenes where they make fun of jax like the rape thing-hell they should have both been shot for that.

    I don't think for one second Jax was trying to help Jerry above carly or his child-he made a bad decision he still loves Carly after all she has done so she should do the same for him after they have talked it out like real adults.

    I actually feel bad for JZ yes his sister was a whacko but he had feelings for her and he should not feel bad about wanting a little retribution. Sonny & Jason don't feel bad about it no matter what jason pretends he feels--he has no feelings otherwise he wouldn't be sleeping with that pig every time the door opens or they have a little murder to cover up.

    This is stupid and if tptb had any sense they would just pretend it never happened and go one o something else they are good at that.

    Yeah JM is EMO and then some or he could be Goth with all the black. He is actually anti-EMO no emotions at all. jason is such a good criminal and he so deserves to be forgiven please by all means for give the cold blooded killer and not your husband. Jerry is his blood brother Sonny is just a guy to Jason and he would do the same thing in a heart beat if it were Sonny involved. This show is so twisted--the criminals are good and can do no wrong but people like Jax, Lucky, are made fun of .
    Okay LS has been an ass in the past-hey maybe he finally grew up. Jason is a stunted personality and the best thing that ever happened to Elizabeth is the day the asshole walked away from her and his son and ended up back with Sam the one who had put him in danger--maybe they should have M=the kid whack her in the head also-god knows she deserves it.

    Lucky doesn't need to play the hardened cop he can play a man who has recognized he screwed up and wants to fix it and maybe he wants to start with the hardened criminal. I never saw JJ before he came back and so far I like him and I'm sure all that past will come out it always does for everyone except Saint Jason can a saint be a deadbeat dad would they take away your sainthood for that. Who's raisnf that child oh I remember it's Lucky.

  17. Not only has Bobbie not been seen since her daughter was kidnapped, gave birth, etc. but has Anthony been seen since his daughter was killed?

  18. Carly kick Jax out for good? The way Jax should have kicked her out for sleeping with sonny (IN A CAR?) Please. Carly puts EVERYONE first over Jax. Everyone. She's white trash that happened to get lucky and we all know it. Laura Wright is so classy we forget where Carly really came from and what she's about (self satisfaction). LOVE LOVE Original Lucky back! Thought the show was good Friday but I am sickened that we have to watch them make it sound like its no big deal that a kid killed someone.

  19. OLTL was off the charts good yesterday. I was totally delirious with joy over Marcie being on the show. I want her back in Llanview now, especially with Mitch L. back in town.

    I was totally grossed out over the empty casket, Karen. I thought that is one creepy whackjob who did it, knew that Mitch would be seen then. I love Roscoe Born, he has a unique flair of using the English language to make it ohh so ever evil. Michael Zaslow, Roger Thorpe on GL, had that ability. They are truly EVIL villians, and man I love it. Jessica and Nattie are going to get theirs very soon.

    Loved the Dorian/Vicki's mayoral race, and watching the returns during Hope's First birthday was a real crowd pleaser. Absolutely adore OLTL!!

  20. Rumor on soapzone:
    It’s starting to resemble a Y&R porno without the hot hook-ups. Jason and Sam will have a major falling out, because of the drama surrounding Elizabeth (where’d she go?) and the turmoil to her children. Lucky and Elizabeth break up because of her whoring around with Nikolas who’s gone off the deep end. Lucky maintains custody of Elizabeth’s children out of spite, and Jason knows it. Lucky may wind up in Maxie’s orbit again, threatening her good thing with Spinelli. Jason rescues Elizabeth, and Sam reverts to type. Sam notices the new character James Franco takes on. The two of them hook up. Look for this reversal to wrap up and do everybody in by December. By February of next year, Guza will have successfully massacred Patrick and Robin’s marriage

  21. You know what I realized? When Lucky was questioning Jason in lockup he asked him where he was on Nov 2nd. Uh...Nov 2nd?? Didn't Carly go into labor on Oct 29th?? *lol*

  22. Ok, someone please help me! Who is Mitch on OLTL?

  23. Guza better stay away from My Scrubs!

    I am utterly disgusted with Carly making it sound like she has made ANYd ecisions to benefit her children in their entire lives. Gee, lets keep Michael form his real father even though he wanted to and deserved to be part of his life (yes AJ was a twirp but he was STILL his father). Let's let a mobster raise your child instead! wow that sounds like someone putting their children before yourself. Hmm. Amd I agree that jax made a mistake, but Jerry didn't order the hit (lets not forget he tried to stop it) And Sonny knew what kind of woman Claudia was. Lets not place false blame here. Jason tried to tell him and Sonny would have none of it. This is not Jax's fault.

    Sam with her self ritouesness can kiss Johnny's ass. What right does she have to treat him so rude? He lost the only sibling he had, and yes he knew she was not a good woman but she was still his blood.

    I hate that they are going to break up the Carly. Olivia friendship. Carly has NO GIRLFRIENDS PEOPLE! No banter, nothing. No good relationships with any women (no sign of bobbie has me steaming mad). Lulu is all she has and don't get me started on that idiot. Yes Dante is showing us a different side but of course she will protect the all great Sonny (when will this stop as far as the glorifying of this killer?)

    I love the possible spoilers about Jason saving Liz. My heart will always be with Liason first, no matter who plays Lucky. She is disgusting me with Nik of late, but put her in a scene with Jason and I melt. Sam could probably make some magic with the new villian after Jason. Of course Guza gives Kemo the scenes with the hot new guy, go figure. I was starting to like Sam in her scenes with her sisters and all and they have totally stopped those scenes and reverted to the old boring puppy dog Sam. HATE WHERE THIS SHOW IS GOING ALL OVER AGAIN.

  24. I agree CJ, we are going to the same ole same ole. I too am sickened about how Carly forgives all except Jax. Jax is the least guilty out of them all IMO. Still guilty none the less but after everything he has gone through to have a baby she is kicking him out?
    Where is her campassion or is it only for Sonny/Jason/Michael?

    Hate Niz, want them to stop already and just put original Lucky back with liz.

  25. I agree, Carly, should forgive is so wrong that she can forgive the likes of Sonny & Jason forever 'they' do no wrong ...but she can't forgive her own husband for wanting to protect her & his brother. Jerry is his brother. Like someone also stated Jerry did 'try' to stop it but he was too late.Now I know how 'bad' Jerry is he any worse than Jason, a known killer for the Mob, really I think there equals. Same for Sonny too. He makes me sick. Act all rightous when he is far from it. I don't blame Jonny for being upset , Claudia was his sister. He might not have always agreed with her but this was family just like for Jax, Jerry , is also family. I also don't care what Sonny tells Michael it was still wrong for him to have killed Claudia even if it was self defence of his mother. He shouldn't feel good about himself at all really. Sam was disgusting with Johnny too. I've not ever been a big Sam fan anyway. Getting back to the Carly/Jax thing. She just had his I guess that means nothing to her expect her pride in being right & him/Jax being wrong. Yes , it was wrong to keep it from her....I can see her being mad at him for awhile but if they divorce over this and she goes back to Sonny....than she's a joke and a hypocrite/which she is right now anyway. If you love him she should have the same compassion for Jax that she has for Sonny/Jason/Micheal period. No if's and's or but's. But Mr Guza is writing all of this.....he doesn't like any meaningful relationships....expect that of Sonny & Jason's ......prove us wrong for once Mr Guza.....I doubt you can pull it off.......but you can try......time will tell....won't it??

  26. Those are some very interesting rumors on soapzone!

  27. Karen pls do good updates the next couple of days - TS Ida is heading this way and I will be without power and more imporantly a DVR so I can't watch my soap!!! I'll have lots to read when I come back!

  28. Stay safe Stephanie...take care!

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