Friday, November 20, 2009

Franco Friday on GH: Bullets over Port Charles!


Lest you forget just how dangerous PC can be, the bullets were flying in fine form today. Franco watched and had a chicklet gum. LOL... Franco's stupid wave was hilarious. Then they have him stomp on the wounded guy and pose him! WOWza. Gross, yet effective. Guza is having a complete love-fest with this material! Lucky got to say "WACKED"!!!!!! Brahahahaha. GH: even more dark than you remember!

POOR Lucky! God, can they make it any worse? Nikolas over hearing him ramble on about the house and borrowing money? OY! Liz' little red toenails trying to hide Feta evidence? LOL

Kate Howard, how de doo! Why did they shove Megan Ward to the background? She has great potential...she runs Crimson...she looks faboosh. I loved how Kate basically told Maxie to do whatever to get Franco to cooperate! :) that's a boss for you!!
Maxie and Lulu's hair: exact same color.

JoLivia...BREAKIN' MY HEART! Both Lisa LoCicero and Brandon Barash were perfect in those scenes. I give them WUBBA award of the day. I think Olivia needs a lobster statue in her apartment. Just sayin'... Still hard to see DOMte as Olivia's "baby"...:)

Great Maxie promo...MOREBLOODGORE! You know what that is right?

NEW SPOILERS ARE UP! There's going to be Thanksgiving all round Port Charles next week. Family Dinners just about everywhere. Pizza at the Q's! Thursday will be a repeat of today, btw--and there's no show Friday.

RUMBLINGS that Pratt is out at AMC as headwriter.

Does anyone else think it was Tess that was coming to see Mitch?

I WILL be at the Nancy Lee Grahn event this Sunday in NYC. If you are attending, please look me up. I'll have lobster beads on. For realz. And carrying Alberta the lobster too!


  1. this is what a viewer thinks that just started watching GH (thanks to Franco). Note the take on the Olivia storyline at the end.

  2. I thought today's show was fairly good. I loved JoLivia, but I worry GH may want to get rid of Johnny. I'm loving BB lately, so I'm going to write lots of letters to TPTB.

    How awful for Lucky that Nikolas was listing to his ever so personal conversation with Liz. Really creeped me out.

    What in the world was with Sonny and the drinks? He puts out two glasses, pours himself a double and puts this stupid half shot it the other glass for DOMte, the guy he says "saved his life". I think DOMte could have used a drink too, after what they'd just been through. The whole scene looked like MB was totally 'out of it'. Made me really uncomfortable.

  3. Was the Brownstone set Bobby's Brownstone?

  4. Loved someone's comment today (can't remember just now who said it), about "ripping up the script" or something. Were they referring to all the dropped SLs?

  5. Yes Frisco that was Bobbies Brownstone where was she.

  6. Pratt is officially out at AMC. I hear he crossed AMC's creator and grand dame Agnes Nixon.

    Can we get Guza on Agnes' bad side and save GH?

  7. I think Kate said, "Flippin' the script." That was interesting. I thought today's episode was well done.

  8. Why should the drink thing be out of the norm for Sonny.. This is the same man who walked into Olivia's apt and poured himself a glass a wine, never asking and never pouring a glass for Olivia

    Man I wish more actors would do a passionate kiss like Franco did today. My TV melted

    I hate that the writing appears to be on wall in regards to Johnny, and that pisses me off. No one on this show sells a scene like BB

  9. was not able to watch live... going to watch tonight on soapnet. please tell me gh did james franco good! he's gotten them so much mainstream press!

    exhibit a :

  10. Dawn, I had forgotten the wine thing in Olivia's apartment. Someone is working overtime to get me to hate Sonny.

  11. WubQueen,

    Your Majesty!!
    I love reading your take on each episode. They always make me smile. May I say that after 3 margaritas and a class of wine they are down right hilarious!!! I love you!! Loved today's episode as well.

  12. oh, and have a wonderful time at nancy's event this weekend! i live in nyc so if you need any help/advice about getting around or where to go, tweet me! (you know me as @janicedotkay on twitter) take lots of pictures!

  13. I noticed Sonny's lack of manners at Olivia's too! What the heck are they doing with this character? He used to have an underlying goodness way back when...right now I'm seeing a rude, crude, mannerless clout! He either has to be saved as a person, or he'll be killed off eventually. And we won't even miss sad.

  14. What a stupid wave!
    Who does he think he is Queen Elizabeth!!

  15. So it was Bobby's Brownstone?!?!?

    Sonny took a mob meeting at his former mother-in-laws/his kids grandma's house?
    Luke set up a mob meeting at his sister's house?
    Jason went to a mob meeting at his mother's best friends house?

    Since when has the Brownstone, former home to nurses (Bobby), lawyers (Jake), police (Frisco), P.I.'s (Felicia), shrinks (Kevin), etc been located in a bad neighborhood?

  16. i thought the show was crappy for me.Throw in a little spinelli and a little maxie thinking that would help but it didn't for me.And James Francos part is really stupid.But everyone has a opinion like aholes.Think I stick with Days of our Lives.And I loved OLTL except for Stacys conniving butt.

  17. frisco, neighborhoods change. people move out, and others move in. where you once lived there may now be a ghetto or a slum. Anyway, it might just have been a brownstone like Bobby's, but in a different neighborhood. we know how GH likes to recycle sets, especially ones that they think the viewers won't remember. I have been watching for more that half my life and I didn't recognize it at first.

  18. I think they were saying the set was Bobby's old brownstone made into a new brownstone.

  19. Mamaspat, I agree, I think the show sucked. I am not a James Franco fan- I think he plays the same "character" no matter the role and it is the same with him on GH. I liked moments with Dante- you can tell he is somehow trying to understand Sonny. For me, the show had slightly improved for a short time, but that time is over...

  20. Obviously they are trying to attract new viewers by bringing in Franco, but shouldn't they do something to keep their old viewers first?
    I didn't like this Friday's episode. yes the Franco kiss was hot, but both those characters are brand new, so their hotness was short lived in my memory. Lets have some of that hotness with our MAIN characters!!


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